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Abandoned Blog…Sorry

Been away sighhh…This sem has been so super hectic and busy, what with longggggg days (8am to 6pm sometimes =/) pracs everyday, dating etcetc…the priority to update this blog has been relegated.

Anyway….updates! 2nd sem is so hectic…I come back knackered almost everyday….and I used to have Fridays off last sem…but this sem we have animal handling pracs on occasional Fridays. They are held at the Gatton campus so we drive down there. So far our group has done horse handling, poultry handling, pig handling (this one was more like a super long tute with observing the demos done cos we weren’t allowed to even go inside to where the pigs were for fear of us spreading swine flu to them) and a visit to the abattoir at Dinmore which is the 3rd largest meat-producing plant in the world. In fact, I just came back from the abattoir visit…and I got quite traumatised, impressed as I was with the hygiene and scale of the whole operation. I mean, there’s an abattoir in Penang that I pass by sometimes and that one looks like a freaking hut >.<

Spring break officially starts tomorrow and I’m going to Sydney woohoo! Heh it is kinda siao actually cos I have prac exams for Digestion and Locomotion after the break .

Aite…gonna pack now….been procrastinating long enough..ermm gonna bring some books there to prepare for the prac exams (maybe?). Flight’s at 5pm tomorrow =)

ps/ being a vet student is soooo very cool….tell me you’re jealous =P

pps/ I think I’m getting fatter….my platypus is such a good cook…and he feeds me big portions lol

ppps/ I love my platypus!!!!! hehe



On a hiatus…because I desperately need to study (need versus want eh?)

Anyway…4 courses but 6 papers because VETS1022 Veterinary Biology and Histology has separate theory and practical papers and VETS1018 Veterinary Professional Studies has 2 separate portions examined.

Whatev…starts on the 16th June and ends on the 24th. 1st Swot Vac now…9 more to come lol. BTW, is it Swot Vac or Swat Vac? After exam, woohoo Seaworld here I come. Ahhh the glorious prospect of winter break stretching in front of me. But I’m no longer going to Melbourne due to the worsening swine flu situation..I am THAT kiasi haha. 5 years here anyway…plenty of time

Oyea…my family is coming over at the end of the year and then we are going back to Malaysia together! yay!

Okay…metabolism…non-protein nitrogen, transamination blahblahblah =/

Damn, like the shinkansen time freaking zooms pass

I was on the shinkansen (bullet train) once when I went to Japan with my family..and when you stand outside and the train passes you it’s like ‘whoaaaaaa awesome cos it’s just sooooooooooooooo fast’ and it’s just a blur but when you are inside, you can still see everything clearly and it really does’t feel that fast when you are inside. And I think in essence, this is what my whole 1st sem of being a uni student has been like.

I had noooo idea time would fly by like that…really…today (as in tomorrow as in thusday) is the last day of classes for this sem OMG. OMGOMGOMG. where did all the time go? I remember the wednesday of the first week of classes where I sat next to this tall ang moh dude with curly hair that you just feel like sticking your hand into (haha it might be just me) Angus who said to me, after that lecture ‘Yay, we’re halfway through the week!’ and I laughed and he said ‘…of the first week, of the first sem, of the first year haha’ lol…and it did seem like such a long time to go didn’t it?

It’s 2 am now and I’m still awake because I keep falling asleep at 10 something when I have to study. Sheesh, wonder why when I facebook I can facebook till late at night. And anyway, I wanted to skype with my parents and they were waiting for me but I had already fallen asleep. Arrrgh I need to study……..Swotvac starts next week…how can I put all that information into my brain? =(


This post is just pure rambling sigh. I wished I could have known that time would pass by so quickly when I was watching movies at South Bank, or eating at Korean restaurants in the city, or going to the city just for the hell of it, or eating dim sum at Sunnybank etc

Oh, hi there doggy bones that I loaned overnight from the AD lab…let’s study for skeleton now and hopefully still wake up in time for 10am classes tomorrow!

Walkabout Creek

Last Friday we had a Walkabout Creek for VETS1022 at Brisbane Forest Park. Tina, Jillian, Nellyn and I arranged so that we could be in the same session…which is a good thing cos seriously, I think I would have gotten lost if I had to go there myself haha

Initially when I heard ‘Walkabout Creek’ I thought it would be a creek creek..images of us traipsing around and being all outdoor-sy flashed in my mind haha. But it turns out it is actually just a small forest reserve with an outdoor and indoor place where they house animals like quoll, platypus, wombats, wallabies, snakes, birds etc. And my lecturer, Shan (yup we address our lecturers by their first names…which was quite weird for me at the beginning cos some of them are old enough to be my grandparents haha) actually told me that people even have weddings there…lol. So anyway…not all play and no work cos we had to fill up a worksheet that was part of our mini-quiz assessment on taxonomy…joy..haha. And apparently there’s a fee to enter this place but we just followed Shan in and didn’t have to pay hehe.

The first place we went to was the aviary…

Sleepy Tawny frogmouths…which look like owls but aren’t. We could have patted them if they came down but there were too busy sleeping lol

Heh…sorry for not taking the picture of the real deal…but ahem I have a story to tell haha. I remember in the lectures I was laughing away cos of the name…like ‘HAHAHAH Wom POO hahaha hahahah Wom Poo so funny the name’. Juvenile, I know. Heh anyway…as we were about to leave the aviary after gathering the information that we needed for the worksheet suddenly I felt something drop on my head and I screamed. Yup, kena bird crap. And not just any bird….but the Wom POO itself…jeez how ironic could it have been haha. But then after that my friend told me that if a bird craps on your head it’s supposed to be good luck lol..

Sleepy green treefrog..but yeah, they are nocturnal what..


Sigh….why didn’t I take pictures of the platypus swimming around with its eyes closed while it shoved around using it’s bill for earth worms…very funny cute haha

This here is a spotted quoll..which is a marsupial and the closest you can get to a Tasmanian Tiger that is now extinct. Yup… *nerd mode activated* You know how different environments have different animals that pretty much fulfill the same role? Like a tiger or lion would be the top predator in its respective environment…well, the quoll basically fulfills the same role too, now that there are no Tasmanian Tigers. And it’s quite fascinating actually, because these guys are small…not what you would expect the top predator in it’s niche to be. Haha ok *nerd mode off*

I couldn’t get a nice clear picture of the quoll cos it was running around…apparently the keepers had hid some food around for it to find..

Itchy wallaby hehe

‘Ho hum what’s that?’ Hehe this wallaby was very friendly and let us pat it and get near to it. When we first saw it it was busy eating the serai-like-plant that you can see from this picture haha. There were not many wallabies there..probably less than 10..unlike Australia Zoo. But these ones don’t just lie around and wait for hapless visitors to feed them haha

So pretty, eh? =D

Tina the pembuli wallaby hehe

They are pretty small right? The kangaroos we saw at Australia Zoo were around this size too…maybe a bit larger. But what about the stereotypical depictions of male kangaroos who stand up to their full height and fight each other by punching and kicking? I haven’t seen any that huge yet..

Another species of wallaby…these ones are grey while the previous one was reddish (incidentally for the red one, it was only the one of its kind…so kesian)

The grey wallabies were more wary of humans and if you get too close they quickly get up and try to get away from you..

And now…for another species of animals haha

I posted this picture cos Jill looks funny-horny and we kept laughing when we looked at this picture XD

Hehe being a vet student is pretty darn awesome…we get to go for field trips and stuff while my other friends from another major (hehe major not disclosed) have to design toilets =P

A Week in My Life

Since Pinky Pong said that people who are not in my Brissy Gang might be interested in what I actually do on a day-to-day basis, I have decided to start a personal project called- not imaginatively- Project A Week In My Life. The whole point of it is to chronicle random stuff that I do here because I am self-obsessed like that Just because la haha =D

Monday (11-5-09)

I was very semangat in taking pictures on Monday haha. as you can see i’m definitely not a morning person =/

Healthy breakfast =D But sometimes I don’t have time so I just eat a granola bar while walking to catch the bus..sometimes I have yoghurt but don’t think I’m so healthy cos I snack a lot in class haha

I go through all these products when I get ready every morning…is it even a wonder that it takes me such a long time to get ready >.<

Mondays usually I only have class from 1 to 2pm (heh heh envy me right? no classes on every Fridays too muahaha…eh I know I keep bragging about this but let me have my fun while I can cos no more free Fridays next sem =/) but this Monday we had bone prac. I love studying about bones…it’s just really interesting. I know it is a pain learning all those names and remembering the functions and what articulates with what…but it’s all really interesting (muahaha I sound like such a nerd)

My prac partners: Diana from Singapore and Cindy from Hong Kong. Cindy’s getting married in June! She’ll officially be my first friend who gets married haha

Kitty cat

Hehe very cute la the horns…this one’s a goat

Piggy with a dislocated phalanges (?) haha. By the way…I seriously did not expect the pig to be so hugeee. Like for this one, if I stretched my arms from 1 end to another the length would still be shorter than the length of the pig skeleton


Moo moo

After that I had a 3-hour-break before the class at 1 and Cindy was going to Sunnybank which is an Asian suburb to have a hair cut so I followed her too..supposedly to check out the price

But I got a hair cut too! The hairstylists there were all Korean and only 1 of them really spoke English haha. It was $23 which is not super cheap la but I felt that it was worth it cos I was so happy =D

My new hair cut ❤ Whee I love how she so expertly made my hair curl inwards using a hair straightening iron. I was so unwilling to wash my hair that night lol. The following morning I actually semangatly woke up early and attempted to curl my hair like the hairstylist did using Shen’s hair straightening iron but I failed miserably and commencing from that day I was like ‘screw it sleep is more important’ hehe

Oh this is Phoenix from Hong Kong whose studying wildlife…he got a hair cut too =D After everyone had their hair cut we went to wait for the bus back to UQ but there was still some time so we went to yum cha =DDDD It’s my first time yum cha-ing in Brisbane cos I never followed all the times Shen and Koo went lol. We were all very happy after nice hair cuts and yummy dim sum =D What better way to start a Monday eh

Saw all these cockatiels near the UQ Lakes bus stop when we came back from Sunnybank haha

Had class and went to play with the cats I’m volunteering with…forgot to take pictures of them though. Will post them up when I have them haha

While waiting for the bus to go back to Indooroopilly

Wednesday (13-5-09)

In BIOC1011 which I am totally blur about. This is not my whole class though cos a lot of people already have credit for Biochem. Comparatively, vet science it quite small…my batch has around 120 people only

We went to Woolies to buy groceries after class and Sara Lee ice-cream was only $5.92 (originally $8) and the three siao char bors bought a tub each (yup…even though I already have another tub of lemon sorbet ehe…and the rate that I eat is wayy slower than Shen and Koo)


Obviously the tub on the right belongs to Shen..who else can eat at such a fast rate hehe

Thursday (14-5-09)

During our break Tina, Jillian and I had nothing to do so we went down to the lakes

Tina’s a happy girl when she sees the cute ducks haha

‘ Talk to the hand’ XD

Quack quack

Eel-like fish lol

Friday (15-5-09)

Went to Southbank for Ghost of Girlfriends’ Past with Tina, Jillian, Nellyn, Kai Xiang and Tina and Jillian’s housemate Connie. I have been going for movies like once every week with Tina and Jillian for the past few weeks…Woo and I wonder why my money disappears so quickly =/. But I love movies though…and I’m going for Angels and Demons with the Brissy Gang tomorrow lol

My favourite place in Brisbane is Southbank =DDDDD

Nellyn and I ❤

Heh heh heh…we eat Cold Rock everytime we watch movies at Southbank. Incidentally, I found out from Oriana that it’s called Cold Stone in US. Cold Rock sounds so much nicer la haha

Lotsa people enjoying the sun

There were quite a lot of seagulls at Southbank that day. I was so jakun-ly excited haha. I don’t remember whether I have seen seagulls in Malaysia. There are seagulls there right? haha

Huhu sho see I’m so jakun =.=….but seriously though…cute right? haha

Koo’s hubby City Cat!

Saw this building from the bus on the way back to Indooroopilly…so cool right? It’s so geometrical haha. The bus was moving but the picture turned out pretty good eh =D

I guess that concludes this week’s randomness hehe. It’s not really a week pun…cos it’s only Monday to Friday ehe

No One Reads My Blog Anymore!

Hehe it’s true…I checked the traffic and it’s akin to Brisbane at 2am on a Wednesday night. Ahem.

Anyway…I am still alive! And the reason I haven’t blogged in ages is because I don’t have internet (am currently using Koo’s internet key hehe. Thanks Koo <3). Internet connection in UQ is awesome (we each have a download quota of 400mb per month) but I’m not the type of student who loves carrying my laptop everywhere I go and it’s just weird uploading photos and stuff using the comps in the various libraries hehe.

I desperately need our own broadband internet here, the landlord’s apparently in Japan so last week his employee came over and said that they will set up landline and internet..but no news yet so far. le sigh.

I am really having an awesome time here and I have so many pictures that I wanna post here but I guess Facebook serves the same purpose lol (Shen and Koo are very semangat in posting and tagging photos on Facebook hehe). The first 2 weeks that we were here we just basically went exploring around Brisbane. We went to Brisbane city which I absolutely adore by the way, Indooroopilly, Toowong, DFO etcetc and we took the City Cat so many times. There was even a time when Koo convinced Shen, Ong, Tkc, Danny, Kai Xiang, Gabriel and I to follow her to take the City Cat from the last stop (UQ…yes my uni has a ferry terminal!!! hehe) to the other end (Apollo Road) and the whole journey took 2 hours and 20 minutes to and fro lol.

We have since started classes this week which is interesting and all (ahem have to remind myself that my main purpose here is to study and not anything else ehe) but I really missed that laziness and spontaneity and fun and randomness of the first 2 weeks. Now everyone in the gang has different timetables and take different courses so it’s difficult to just meet up and hang out like we used to. Sigh. How I miss the time when we could just all meet at Our Tree at the Great Court and laze around, lie on the grass and talk crap. Le sigh.

The Veterinary Science program is so packed (but for this sem I get every Friday but one off! Yays to 3-day-weekends!) and I am oh-so-intimidated by my fellow coursemates, most who already have their first degrees or have done a year in Science or Vet Tech. In contrast, I am considered as ‘straight from school’..Ausmat or Year 12 is what Aussies do in the last year of high school. But the seniors (Guy! haha I have an immense admiration for this third year who I barely knows of my existance lol) constantly reminded us that ‘This is after all a medical degree, it would not be easy’. Oh well, it is what I have wanted to do for such a long time so Imma work my ass off to get this degree. We are dissecting a dog in May and it kinda freaks me out cos I love dogs so much =( Also, there is a place called the Pot Room which houses loads of animal specimens in jars of formaldehyde. Everything there is really cool..but also very disturbing at the same time. There is even a tiger’s paw! ehe

Oh I am over my fascination with Aussie guys lol. I met some QUT girls just now during the MASCA BBQ at UQ lakes and they told me that they always cuci mata cos there are so many hot guys in their course but for my vet science batch 85%  of  the students are female =((((( Boo

I have a new phone lol…Samsung f480. I bought it for $499. It’s a touch screen phone so I’m still getting used to it. I used to be able to text super fast and not look at the screen while I do it but not anymore ehe

I really miss char koay teow, hokkien mee and oh chien..oh what I would do to get authentic Penang hawker food here

I wonder if Pepper notices my absence and whether she misses me =(

I know I’m gonna sound like a bitch when I say this, but I don’t really miss home. I mean, I only cried at the airport…which is surprising for me cos I thought that for my track record I would be crying for at least two weeks lol (I cried for a week when I first went to Shah Alam btw). I think it’s because Brissy is so much more awesome that Shah Alam and I have such amazing friends here that I have lotsa sampat lame fun with hehe. ❤ Shen, Koo, Kai Xiang, Danny, Gabriel, Haziq and Chong Hao lol. I felt guilty at first, for being this way but when I told my parents they said that it was a good least I am adapting well here.

Oh yeah, I am addicted to Pods! I blame this on Su Ann who doesn’t even know me lol. I occasionally read her blog and once she mentioned Pods while in Singapore. I happened to see them in Coles the other day and taught ‘hmm I’ll try these’ and bought the Twix one. I finished the packet in a few days and I have since finished another Mars one. Argh heavenly gooey caramel encased in chocolate on a pod-shaped-biscuit….ahhhh

Sien…Boh Tian

Wokay…here’s the thing…you know how excited I was a few days ago saying that I would move in to our new house etcetc?

Well..the thing is…we did move in but the house doens’t have electricity! WTF…I am dead serious. We moved in on Monday with the help of Shu Ning, Swee Kee, Danny and Kai Xiang. Manatau when we reached there was no electricity at all! We then walked back to Elite Real Estate Agency at Hawken Village and the person said that they would get it settled on that day. Well, Monday came and went and when we came back from Indooroopilly at night it was pitch black so we had to borrow a torch light from Swee Kee and go back and pack our stuff and walk all the way back to the senior’s house again. Kak Huda is awesome by the way! Not many people can be so tolerant and kind and patient =) ❤

Repeat cycle 4 times. Yup, this has been going on for so long. I’m sure those people at Hawken Village St Lucia are already used to seeing 3 Asian girls walking up from Hawken Drive to Highland Tce in the morning carrying bags and walking back down again in the evening,

Finally, today the real estate guy asked his friend who is an electrician to hook us up with a generator. Yeah, a typical oh-so-noisy generator. But the thing is, our house finally had electricity! But the joy was short-lived…about 2 hours or so? Cos at 7 a couple who was our neighbour came and knocked on our door and told us that it was very very very noisy and in suburbs like St Lucia you can’t be noisy after 7 (unlike Malaysia’s 12am huh?) They told us that if we still didn’t have electricity we could find them and they would help us complain. So here we are Huda’s house…we have been sleeping here every night since Saturday. I feel oh-so-paiseh >.< but we really don’t have a choice.

The thing is, I don’t understand how hard it is to contact an electricity company and ask them to come hook us up with electricity. I never expected myself to say this, but I’m sure Malaysia’s TNB would be 78979878 times more efficient =.= In Aussie we had to find the real estate agent, and then they had to contact the agent for the electricity company who then had to contact the company. Geez..what’s with the many many channels???

Oh by the way, you know my Aussie number +610430378936? Well, it’s not mine anymore…that’s cos I transferred it to a girl from Taylor’s who is in UQ too. And why would I not want such a good capped plan that even includes a phone? Well I’m moving to Gatton (85km west of Brisbane) next year as the vet school is relocating there next year and my contract for 3 (both phone plan and mobile broadband) lasts 2 years. Apparently, Gatton is super ulu (WHY?????????? I already feel that St Lucia is too peaceful for my liking and I have to go to an even more ulu place?????) *sob* and 3 doens’t have good coverage there. I would still be able to talk and text there but through Telstra that 3 automatically taps in. Whatever. I was super worried I called back home and asked my parents to come online and we video called and I cried and cried and cried and cried T.T cos I felt so foolish. However, in my defence when I asked the people working at 3 Indooroopilly whether 3 has coverage at Gatton the person said yes.

Anyway…I worried for quite some time until I met a Singaporean senior who told me to chillex and just continue using it and worry about it later. Well, I had the intention to do so..but yesterday a girl who was from Taylor’s told me that she would be willing to get my whole account transferred to her (phone plan and mobile broadband) and I thought ‘well, since someone wants both I’ll just settle it la’. Oh probably wondering why anyone would want my used-for-a few-days thingy? That’s cos my phone plan is a promo thingy whereby I pay $19 per month for the first 12 months instead of the usual $29. I happened to get that deal on the last day of the promo haha. So whoever gets mine saves too. So I met the Taylor’s girl at UQ just now and we called 3 care to settle it. We talked with the 3 personel for more than an hour =.= I’ll still be billed this month but she has already paid me cash. Just hope that there are no screw ups and that the following bills will be billed to her bank account instead of mine.

So I no longer have a phone nor do I have internet =.= Help!!!!!

I am using back my basic Nokia phone that I used for my secondary Maxis number back when I was at INTEC. The phone just has all the basic functions. I regret giving my better phone to Bro =.=

I’m using Optus prepaid now..don’t know what’s the number yet but will inform you guys soon =) Optus is freaking expensive but it has better coverage (yes, even in ulu places). Now I just worry how I am supposed to get internet =(

Le sigh

I’m So Excited I Think I Can Spin Cartwheels

I just browsed through the course list for Bachelor of Veterinary Science at UQ and omg I’m really looking forward to studying it =DDDD

I know this sounds so typical of me..being oh-so-idealistic. But when it’s something you have wanted to do for such a long time…you really can’t help but feel psyched. Primary school, high school and college were just stepping stones in order to achieve this dream. Besides, we didn’t actually have any choice as to what we wanted to study then, did we? Everything was already structured and planned for every student. Whereas we have the prerogative to do what we want to do for tertiary education.

I remember Cyc saying ‘I don’t need to have sex, medicine is my orgasm’ LMAO hahaha I want to be as enthusiastic and interested as him too…but I don’t think you’re gonna hear me say ‘I don’t need to have sex, vet science is my orgasm’ haha. is necessary ok..well, maybe not for everyone lol, and definitely not for me NOW yeah. But that’s not the point..the point is ‘Woohoo UQ here I come!!!’

Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) – Course List

Information is valid for students commencing in 2009

Not Applicable


Course Code Notes No. of units Course name


Year 1, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
ANIM1024 2 Animal Husbandry
BIOC1011 2 Molecular Basis of Life
VETS1018 2 Veterinary Professional Studies
VETS1022 2 Veterinary Biology & Histology
Year 1, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
BIOL1028 2 Cell and Tissue Biology
VETS1003 2 Digestion, Metabolism & Nutrition
VETS1021 2 Functional Anatomy of Locomotion and the Integument
VETS1023 2 Animal Handling, Behaviour and Welfare for Veterinary Students
Year 2, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
ANIM2501 2 Applied Animal Nutrition & Grazing Management
VETS2006 2 Principles of Disease I
VETS2011 4 Structure and Function I
Year 2, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
ANIM2503 2 Animal Breeding & Molecular Genetics
VETS2007 2 Principles of Disease II
VETS2008 2 Veterinary Reproduction
VETS2012 2 Structure and Function II
Year 3, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS3010 4 Infectious Diseases
VETS3011 8 Pathophysiology, Pharmacological & Clinical Principles Used in Diagnosis of Diseases in Body Syst
VETS3012 2 Animal Production Systems and Welfare
Year 3, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS3010 4 Infectious Diseases
VETS3011 8 Pathophysiology, Pharmacological & Clinical Principles Used in Diagnosis of Diseases in Body Syst
and #2 elective from Part B.
Year 4, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS4010 6 Companion Animal Clinical Studies
VETS4011 4 Ruminant Clinical Studies
VETS4012 2 Principles of Clinical Practice
VETS4022 2 Equine Clinical Studies
Year 4, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS4010 6 Companion Animal Clinical Studies
VETS4011 4 Ruminant Clinical Studies
VETS4021 2 Intensive Livestock Medicine
VETS4022 2 Equine Clinical Studies
Year 5
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS5011 2 Practice Management & Professional Life
VETS5012 2 Veterinary Public Health and Pathology
VETS5013 4 Small Animal Clinics
VETS5014 4 Livestock Clinics
VETS5015 2 Equine Clinics
Year 5 Electives
Course Code Units Course Name
[ VETS5016 2 Clinical Veterinary Elective
[ or
[ VETS5017 2 Research Veterinary Elective
Part B
Course Code Units Course Name
AGRC1016 2 Food & Fibre in the E-Landscape
ANIM3016 2 Captive Wildlife Husbandry
BIOC3002 2 DNA & Protein Technology
BIOL3000 2 Conservation & Wildlife Biology
DEVB3002 2 Molecular Mechanisms of Development
MGTS1960 2 Business Management I
MGTS2604 2 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MICR3004 2 Microbial Diversity & Biotechnology
MKTG2960 2 Agriculture & Food Industry Marketing