Chero Chero!

Byron Bay Day 1

So I guess I was wrong…I did indeed step out of QLD this winter break haha. When Tina asked me whether I wanted to join James’ lifegroup to go to Byron Bay (which I thought was in QLD but is in fact in NSW hehe), I was quite hesitant, on account of me not really knowing a lot of them. But anyway…since I really had nothing better to do, I just said yes in the last minute hehe

The meeting place was Joel’s house. Check out Nellyn’s huge-ass luggage bag…keep in mind that it was only a 2-day-1-night trip haha. I packed super light..didn’t even bring shampoo and toothpaste lol

According to Nellyn this is me ‘possessively holding on to Tina saying ‘My Tina!!!!” but I can assure you that I was not…that’s me cold lol

We piled into 5 cars and drove southward bound. Heh heh want to go to Sydney, anyone?

Reached Byron Bay approximately 2 hours plus later

Our backpackers called Nomads Byron Bay…looks quite castle-like hey?

The lobby…the furniture in the backpackers was funky-modern

Crap…fat arms =/

Room 204 which was the room Jill and I was in. We were separated from Tina, Nellyn, Yen Mii and Li Wen…but it was ok la I guess. Honestly, the place exceeded my expectations haha…this was my first time at a backpackers so I don’t really have any bench mark to compare to..but Becky said that if this was 10 the others would be like 4 lol. Also, the toilets were unisex…but fortunately nothing embarassing happened hehe

Lunch for Day 1- fish and chips from Jimmy’s…recommended by the backpackers staff. It is apparently the nicest fish and chips in Byron Bay but I reckon the best and most worth-it one is Salt & Battery at Hawken Village =D

We headed to the beach after lunch

Joel saw a dude lying down on the grass like this and said ‘This guy’s got the right idea’ and proceeded to lie down like him haha

Check out the lighthouse in the distance =) We went there the following morning to see the sunrise

Our ‘dream guy’ LMAO

Puff-uped seagull

Seagulls lining up to beg for food from the little boy. So guess what…remember my fascination with them at Southbank? Well I’ve changed my mind..cos they are so freaking greedy and they keep fighting for food and I even saw one stealing some stuff from two surfer dudes’ lunch haha. At least they are not as ugly as ibis lol


I love this picture…makes me look artistic hahaha perasan

After that, everyone went to another part of the beach where it was less crowded for activities. I don’t know the name of the beach but I shall call it Dog Beach…you know, like the one in Marley & Me haha

Them playing Captain Ball…I didn’t join in cos if you know me you would know that I’m athletically-challenged. And also, I didn’t bring enough clothes haha. Seriously, now I know how it feels like going to beaches in winter- When I’m under the sun I feel overdressed and when I’m under shades I feel underdressed haha.

Aww…the golden retriever that Tina, Jillian and Nellyn calls ‘Cheryl’ =.= even though he is a boy haha


Another golden! And I don’t know why…but it seems like almost everyone at Dog Beach had that ball thingy lol

Hehe nice huh =D Uhhh…I was NOT stalking whoops

Tina and I memang Siao Char Bors haha

With ‘Cheryl’!


Us making ‘Pepper’…This Pepper is Pepper Sand and not Pepper Choong…cos I don’t want my Pepper to be washed away lol.  Anyway…Pepper Sand generated a lot of publicity because random people came to check out what the commotion was about (us screaming cos the tide was getting higher haha) and apparently they liked Pepper Sand cos many of them took pictures of her =D

This has got to be the cutest picture of the day =DDDDDD Real doggy checking out sand doggy hehe

James going ‘build a wall!!! build a wall!!!’ hahaha

And the wall plus drains apparently succeeded =D

Ahh….James falls victim to the ‘toss-in-ocean’ game XD

Them semangat-ly building other animals. Uhmm…of course I didn’t have the patience haha. I mean, even the sand castle I attempted to build with Yen Mii was a disaster lol

Jillian’s bunny

Bye Dog Beach =) How I wish I could bring my Pepper Choong here lol

What did I tell you about the design in the backpackers haha

Barbeque for dinner

Tina and Nellyn playing ping-pong while waiting for the food to be cooked. After that, Nellyn played against James and James played against an Aussie dude who was playing sambil holding a bottle of beer haha. Then James played against another Aussie dude who was younger and looked quite cute and was super holiao. The 4 of us girls couldn’t take our eyes off him XD

After-dinner drinks haha…Smirnoff Ice and Bundaberg rum & cola

Games before we went to sleep hehe. Oh and for the record, we won =D. Fine la it was a nerd game… but

ps/ a few pictures courtesy of Li Wen..thanks =)


Dreamy Sleepy Not!

Can someone tell me why exactly Dreamworld is called Dreamworld? The thrill rides there are so awesomely-scarily-mind blowingly-thrilling adrenaline pumping that I wouldn’t imagine anyone would be dreamy afterwards lol

I didn’t really manage to take a lot of pictures that day, especially the ones with the rides.

Dreamworld’s at Gold Coast too and I went with my vet gang. It’s $69 for a daily pass but because we are UQ students it’s $58.65. It really pays to be a UQ student in QLD haha…for example, in cinemas here, UQ students pay the least…even less than high school students or students from other unis here =D

The 3 of us were supposed to meet Tina and her cousin Samuel who is from Melbourne

Jill trying to reach Tina

The Claw! This is the second ride we took…holy crap! It’s one of the top 6 scary rides there

Cyclone which is another one of the top 6 rides

Wipeout which was the first ride we took haha…also a top 6 ride, but it wasn’t really scary, honestly haha

Nellyn’s turn to try to reach Tina lol

After taking Wipeout and The Claw back-to-back, we (namely I) felt dizzy and nauseous so we decided to slow things down a little. We took the train in the park to the wildlife place

Tina and Samuel

Us three…and I look sleepy lol

Murky waters haha and ducks, pelicans, storks etcetc

Can you spot the mandarin duck? and check out the other ducks sleeping curled up in balls =D

Tassie devil with a botak patch on the tail lol

Koalas!!! ❤ Sleepy heads they are…they sleep like 22 hours a day or something like that haha

What a precarious position lol

Crocodylus porosus haha nerd mode

Red kangaroos! This is the first time I’ve seen red kangaroos here, you know, those huge ones always depicted in movies and documentaries. Previously, in Australia Zoo and Brisbane Forest Park I had only seen wallabies and the other smaller species of kangaroos


Heh heh imagine the poor dingo waking up to find another dingo’s butt on its face =P

White tiger

Holy crap this must have been the scariest ride in the whole park!!! It’s 39 stories high =O There are 2 rides on that huge-ass pillar, namely the Tower of Terror and the Giant Drop. And I’m very embarassed to say that I chickened out of taking the Giant Drop…. =/ Me!! Who took the Superman ride in Movieworld back-to-back. Oh well, I reckon if Chong Hao and Haziq were there to hype me up I would have taken the Giant Drop lol

But I did take the Tower of Terror ride though, it’s freaking fast and I reckon it looks scarier than it actually is haha. Of all the top 6 scary rides in Dreamworld, the Giant Drop was the only one I didn’t take

*Ohhhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea???* hahaha I like Spongebob…but I can only take small doses of him…I remember falling asleep when watching the movie at Julia’s place lol

Jillian, Nellyn and I took this non-scary, non-chikek ride to chill haha

Remember Chuckie from Rugrats?

Bye Dreamworld haha. I think I won’t be going to any theme parks in a while though, can’t believe we actually covered 4 theme parks in just 1 sem

Exploring Brisbane City!

I’ve been here since February this year, and at first sight, I loved Brisbane city. I was awed at the sight and the sounds- you know how much I love cities. However, after the novelty has worn out, ‘going to the city’ mainly means going there to shop/ eat/ hang out. I hadn’t even really explored much of the city other than the usual places we go to. So one fine day (heh heh like an essay), nero, tino, jiro and chero went exploring the city, with the help of a map and our trusty human GPS =)

First stop: Albert St Uniting Church

Only Tina, Jillian and I went there because Nellyn woke up late lol. We didn’t go in because it wasn’t open yet. A pastor (I assume) came out and invited us in but we were paiseh…and this may sound really bad, but we were also afraid that we would be stuck listening to him preaching and not know how to politely excuse ourselves ehe

Brisbane City Hall. This picture taken from the pavement outside Albert St Church

Inside city hall. The stairs lead up to the Lord Mayor’s office hehe

Old-school lift buttons. We were going up the place to take another lift up the clock tower

Old-school telephone booth and the girl who likes to take pictures with every single thing =P

We went up the clock tower on this very old-school lift (no kidding! It’s been around since 1930)

Check out the Albert St Uniting Church =)

The bells

One of the clock faces taken on the way down

The MOB (Museum of Brisbane) is also situated in the city hall (admission is free! in fact, all the touristy places we went to that day did not have admission fees…which is what I love about here hehe)

Scary much? XD

Next, we went to the Anzac Memorial Square (Tina and Jillian had planned the whole itinary for the day). I had been there before but they hadn’t

This flame never goes off

Central station opposite memorial square

Koala House? Haha wonder what they do in there…

Tina and her metallic foxy boyfriend XD

St John’s Cathedral =D My first time going to a really old-school church…you know how most churches nowadays are only normal buildings? Especially in Malaysia. I’m no christian but I really think old buildings are cool haha…uh except haunted ones T.T This church is so old-school that the bishops and other people whose titles I don’t know sorry ehe wear those ceremonial robes during service..that’s what I heard la haha.

St Martin’s House opposite the church. I reckon the bishop or whoever important lives here lol

Me loves this kinda architecture =D There were pews too! Pews!

OMG a real pipe organ!

The cathedral is an Anglican one and even Queen Elizabeth attended service here in 1954! Please excuse my use of ‘!!!!’ haha

Stain glass windows

Crap I am short T.T

Us cloud-gazing while waiting for Tina to go to the toilet haha

View of the cathedral taken from the park where we had lunch prepared by Tina =)

Remember how I always thought that this was City Hall? On account of how the city halls in Batman and other superhero movies always look like this. It’s actually Customs House

See? Haha and it belongs to the all-awesome UQ! I don’t know the purpose of Customs houses though…but there are restaurants and function rooms inside…that’s all I know lol

After that we took city cat from Riverside to Southbank

The Ferarri that so many people were clamouring to take photos with. People! It’s just a Ferarri (muahaha berlagak..haha just kidding) Anyway…I reckon the stretch pink hummer was cooler =D

We went to to Queensland Museum at Southbank. Heh I know it makes us sound so nerdy…going to two museums on the same day. Some people who think they are cool wouldn’t even be caught dead in a museum right? Anyway…let me tell you a little secret…we are boring nerds who are secretly very very very awesome XD

Jill and I doing nerdy stuff ie trying to remember the different types of dog bones we learnt and trying to apply them on dinosaurs >.<

I reckon Queensland Museum is pretty amazing =D Much more interesting stuff compared to MOB. But the cool thing about these two museums is that they change the exhibits, which is more that I can say for the museums back home. Also, I don’t remember….but we have to pay to get into museums in Malaysia hey?

=D I love taking this kinda pictures lately haha

Clouds on fire!

We went to the casino for dinner and Jill treated (or ‘shouted’ as the Aussies say it lol) us on account of our bet that says whoever gets 7(s) for the 1st end of sem exam has to treat the others. And btw if you are wondering (and you probably aren’t haha)…I got a 4 (chun chun pass haha…BIOCHEM what..what more do you expect lol) and 3 6s (distinction! haha telling my parents I got 3 distinctions sounds better than 3 6s)

$10 each for a cake, main course and coffee/ mocha/ hot chocolate/ tea etc because we signed up to become members hahaha. it’s $14 for non-members. WTF would my friends/ family think when they know that I’m a casino member =P

Salmon quiche

Beef carbonade

And after-dinner drinks at Batavia =D

I had chocogatto that I had been craving for days

Lemon Lime and Bitters recommended by your’s truly =D


On the way back from Southbank to the city to catch the bus back to Indooroopilly (which I waited for 50 minutes on account of it being a Sunday and also it was the already the last bus), saw this different lighting of the casino =D

Of Flowers and Ferry Boats

Because us vet kids have so much time in our hands this winter hols due to the no boyfriend/ family coming to visit us, not stepping out of QLD, no part-time job, we went on a picnic! Or something close to that haha

But first, we went to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium cos it was nearer to the carpark. Nellyn drove again whee

It was quite small though, only circular. But what I like about the touristy attractions here is that there is no admission fee haha.

Nellyn and Jillian were very semangat and interested. But to Tina and me, everything just seemed really colourful and sparkly and pretty lol

Some famous Russian astrology dude whose name I have forgotten ehe

Next, we went to the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens. I always thought that there was only one botanical gardens here which is the one in the city but this one is wayyyy huge

Nell and Tina were excited over the dandelions. In fact, they were super excited over many many things that day and kept asking me to take pictures of the posing with those objects of interest haha.

Woo…acrobatic eating!

The orchid and cacti place

LMAO check out the last sentence =O

I don’t know this is the try ‘yang keberapa’ lol cos we kept trying to include everyone in the picture….uhmm this will be a recurring theme throughout the day haha

Not posing

Was probably pointing at this very salah-looking cactus..eww haha

Us carrying the lunch lol

Tropical dome

Most unflattering angle everrrrr…eww

Cool fern leaves

Inside the fern house

Camwhore opportunity haha

Orange tree! My first time seeing an orange tree lol

Lunch time Take 1 failed. We had African sausages (huh? haha but they were nice nonetheless) and mash potatoes and gravy prepared by Tina and Jillian, salad made by Nellyn and chocolate chip cookies and Cadbury Flake bought by me. Heh heh proves who is the laziest of the bunch huh =P

Take yang I don’t know keberapa still fail haha

Japanese Gardens! I love these gateway thingies. Have you been to the Japanese Gardens at Bukit Tinggi? That one smells nicer haha

LMAO this picture made Tina, Jillian and I laugh non-stop XD

Smooth-looks-like-been-sandpapered tree

Bamboo plants that have been vandalised =/

After that we got tired and lazy so we drove up the remaining of the gardens (which was still a large portion of the whole place)

Freedom Wall commemorating the sacrifices of the Australian Armed Corps in World War II

Totem poles! But it smelled really really really bad there, which makes me wonder whether the lake is an effluent pool lol. However, there was still an ang moh couple chillexing/ cuddling/ sun bathing in the vicinity =O

Sounds somewhat morbid, hey? =P

Macro shot of this ‘could possibly be a sakura flower’ plant turned out quite well =D But seriously though, don’t sakuras grow on trees in Japan during spring? Operative words here being trees, Japan and spring haha

Nonetheless we were fascinated =D

Self-timer haha

Edward Cullen wannabe =P

They were also fascinated with this ‘rusty-cave like hole-whose purpose is unknown’ =.= I laughed for a full minute or two when the asked me to snap this picture lol

Us on the Aboriginal Art Trail

No more pictures of the trail because Nellyn and Tina dropped the camera I myself have never dropped before and I was pissed off/ scared I would cry/ scared I would scold someone/ simtia lol. You know how protective I am of my stuff >.< But it’s all good now, because even though my cammie has two small indentations at least the lens wasn’t damaged =)

We still had time so I suggested that we take City Cat to Apollo Road which is the last stop and back again for the view

We waited for the City Cat at Guyatt Park. I am such an artistic stalker =P

Sunset ❤

On the way to the city

The bridge connecting the city and Southbank

Kangaroo Point

Story Bridge

Customs House at Riverside that I used to think was City Hall…you know, cos the city halls in Batman etc always look somewhat like this lol


Road Trip To Gatton

Nellyn borrowed her housemate’s car for the day and the 4 of us plus a very lucky guy, James drove down to Gatton…presumably to check out the on campus accomodation and Gatton Town…but we got sidetracked many, many times haha. That’s the whole point of a road trip anyway…so yeah =)

And oh…if you have been reading my blog for some time, you would know that I am dreading the prospect of moving to Gatton next year lol

Driver number 1: Nellyn Tay!

Us in the backseat

On the way to Gatton. In Malaysia if you are on the highways you would see oil palms and rubber trees but this is what you see here

Haha Koo and Shen love this kinda scenery

Optimus Prime OMG!!!! Haha lmao

We saw this sign along the way and thought of checking out what they had. I didn’t know that people eat emu meat…but I guess it’s an Aussie thing hey…I mean, I’ve eaten ostrich before anyway.

Lol James was taking this picture and then he went ‘Aahhhh they are coming really near’ and Nell and I freaked out haha. Oh yeah, some of them did this weird dance that I teased Tina was a mating dance for her hehe. And when we asked the lady in the shop she said that it was indeed the mating season now muahaha.

Them emus

Emu feathers, egg shells and meat for pet consumption for sale. The lady behind the counter even brought out the emu meat for human consumption for us to see

Choosing stuff to buy lol…Tina bought an egg shell for her bro. The lady told us that an emu egg is equivalent to a dozen of chook (read: chicken) eggs =O

Just as we were leaving the place, I saw this horsy! So pretty….haha we think it’s a paint horse but we’re not sure…I suck at horse breeds =.=

Heart shaped ❤

There was a Shetland pony too (okay…I think I’m correct about this lol) and Tina was in her ‘I wanna kacau all the horses’ hair’ mood haha…check out how the pony is looking up like ‘where’s my hair??????????????’ =D so cute

They were both so fat I reckon they had a body condition score of 8 or something hehe

James was quite scared

We left the emu farm and saw a place selling fresh produce. Next to it was the building above. The bakery sold sausage rolls for $1 (in Brisbane it would be around $2 or more) and pies for $2 (at least $3 something here)…we went to check out the saddlery because…who has been to a saddlery hey? =P

On of the displays outside the saddlery

The lady who owned the shop asked me to try it out lol…and I was so ‘cho lor’. When we asked her how much it was she said that it costs $3500 =O and I was like ‘OMG I’m sooooo sorry’ heh heh. Apparently it’s made of real sterling silver and Toowoomba leather. She was so nice..she owns a Quarter horse stud and she even showed us the pictures of her horses and taught us about coat colour…which is such a relief because it can be so daunting especially for us who have no exposure at all…and during Animal Husbandry lectures there are so many other classmates that own horses and ride and take part in dressage etc T.T and we know NOTHING compared to them

Horsey stuff

The building next door selling fresh produce

Check out the prices =O



Finally we reached UQ Gatton campus. Is that a silo???


LMAO Nell and James look funny XD

Gatton campus is huge…considering that there are only so few faculties there. The buildings there are very far apart though. They even have an environmental park there…we saw something huge and shaggy running around and I was ‘OMG what’s that what’s that????’ and it turned out to be a sheep dog running around gila-ly lol

V-shaped formation =D

We saw a hare (OMG A HARE!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HARE BEFORE) running across the road to this place over here and we were trying to find it haha. We are such city-kids hey

After that we went back to where they coralled the horses and this horse approached us =D

There’s a shaved patch at its neck because I reckon they took blood sample from it

=DDDDD I love this horse…so friendly and sweet awww. Imma learn riding next year! I wish he was mine T.T

Hahahahahaha so funny la this picture


This horse was next to the horse above..and what did I say about the whole ‘kacau horse hair thing’..she wanted to nerdy-fy the poor thing >.<

Bye baby T.T

Awww sho shweet =D

Sheep! we couldn’t get near them though because once we got near to them they all retreated to the far end =/

Haha busted!

Dairy cows! I love Jerseys (the brown one)…they have such sweet faces haha

Nah…karma…nerdy-fying Tina XD

My boots after a day of traipsing around lol


Pretty hey haha

Driver number 2: James Gan! hahaha he actually deleted this picture because it’s somewhat embarassing but good thing I had already copied another copy in Jill’s pendrive heh heh

On the way back we stopped at another place selling fresh produce again. OMG THE PRICES..

We bought these and shared amongst us lol..the lady at the counter didn’t charge for the 9cents avocado Jill wanted haha

We bought these too..why are they so cheap??? why??? isn’t it even lower than the cost? haha

Hasil hehe

After that I fell asleep and when I woke up we were already at La Dolce Vita =D…no pictures of the drinks (they had buy 1 free 1 for non-alcoholic drinks for uni students that night haha) but here are the pictures of the pastries and cakes we shared =D

Chocolate cannolo…my favourite OMG. The texture of the chocolate is oh-so-smooth and mmmm sighhhhh haha. Too bad they didn’t have the peach Galliano that Chong Hao recommended

Rum-baba (spelling?) recommended by the very cute and friendly waiter…when you eat it every bite is soaked it rum haha

Passionfruit torte..the least special amongst the three but still quite nice nonetheless

Oh well, Gatton’s not as bad as I thought…Gatton town was quite ok too, way better than what I expected because it’s sorta like St Lucia..bigger than Hawken village definitely. They had KFC, Maccas, Coles, Target, Ezy video etc…so I guess we can still survive there. But for my own sanity I reckon I need to go back to civilisation every other weekend =P will see how it goes lol

Foody Sleepover!

36 hours dedicated to buying ingredients and alcohol, chopping, marinating, mixing, cooking, baking food, eating food, drinking and watching movies haha

Shen and Koo went to Gold Coast for whale-watching which I was oh-so-excited about in the beginning (and I still am ehe) and Dreamworld over the weekend with NGO from Brissy, Melby and NZ but I opted out…because I was (and maybe still am) in my antisocial phase sigh. So I was gonna be alone for a night and the prospect kinda sucked. Hence, I invited my Vet Gang- Tina, Jillian and Nellyn over =)

Shopping at Woolies

This is only like less than half the stuff we bought…we spent a total of $108.80…enough to last 4 NORMAL people with NORMAL cravings and appetites for around than 2 WEEKS =.= and it was only for our 2 DAYS wtfness =.=

Anyway…this was our lunch-ner for Friday: Chicken cordon bleu, oven-baked Italian style potatoes (hehe this was just the instant Birds Eye one…but it tasted really nice ) and a fruit salad

watermelon, apple and strawberry fruit salad with vanilla cream..hehehe

Muahahaha looks pretty hey

Customary group shot that would become apparent over the 2 days haha

Chicken cordon bleu…OMG right???????? we made our own chicken cordon bleu using chicken schitzel, ham, swiss cheese and breadcrumbs mixed with lemon rind, salt and pepper

Cheeeeeesssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

We ran out of dishwashing liquid and went back to Indooroopilly mall again to get it after that haha. We also got some alcohol ahem

After coming back we started on our cinnamon apple crumble! Me kneading the dough for the crust haha

I know! Unbelievable right =P

Jill cutting the Granny Smiths

Cinnamon sugar for the filling…mmmm I love cinnamon haha

The epitome of improvising lol…that’s me rolling the dough using a Vodka Cruiser bottle muahaha

Our baby in the oven haha..looks not bad right lol

BUTBUTBUT when I took out the pie I held it the wrong way and the whole pie dish fell from my hands! I think both Jill and I (Tina and Nellyn went to life group and to buy more ingredients haha) watched in horror as the pie dish slow-motionly dropped. Good thing it dropped on its butt and not the top phew….so it was still very salvageable. When the other two came back they even said that it looked pretty lol…until they saw the ‘before’ picture haha.

Eating minty bubbly chocolate while watching Masterchef while waiting for Tina and Nellyn to come back

Preparing dinner! Hehe holey cheeses are funny for me cos they are so cartoonish

Dinner of cinnamon apple crumble, Doritos with melted cheese and ham served with hot chunky tomato salsa and the fruit salad from lunch

Happy when there’s food lol

Even better with vanilla icecream hehe. The downside was that the crust was too thick and too hard..probably cos we baked it an extra 15 minutes for fear of the apples not being soft enough and also we made double the amount of dough suggested for the crust cos Nellyn was afraid that the amount of dough suggested in the recipe wasn’t enough to hold the filling. However, it was an awesomeeeeeeee first try I reckon =) *proud*

Heh what did I say about customary pre-eating group picture haha

We watched Addams’ Family and 10 Things I Hate About You that night

Breakfast for Saturday morning while watching She’s The Man

Lunch of chicken and fish katsu (we still had lotst leftover breadcrumb-mix from the chicken cordon bleu), mountains of salad (Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and home-made oven-baked potatoes with melted cheese and chunky tomato salsa

Ho hum…

Heh heh…but it was shared among the 4 of us so it really wasn’t much…

Muahahaha minum sikit sudah ade PINK ROSY CHEEKS XD

“I feel dizzzyyyyyyyy” heh heh Tina drank the least lol

Dinner of  Tom yum with bihun and chocolate-dipped fruits

Tom yum bihun with chicken, mussels, prawns, squid, mushroom, wombok, carrots and baby corn =D

This one’s the nicest of the group pics cos it was taken by Ms Koo instead of Mr Self timer lol

Phooo….freaking full…2 days of eatingeatingeating lol

Contented face haha

Hmm…I am freaking bloated and FAT. I reckon I need to fast T.T. But honestly though, if this were to happen on a frequent basis (We are probably living together in Gatton if we stay off-campus lol), I would be twice the size I am now in no time at all

On another note though, the food was undeniably fabulous heh heh

Holiday mode *activated*!

Exams are over pheww…and I think I totally screwed up BIOC1011….but I really hope to scrape a pass =/ When Shan said that ‘throughout these 5 years, 90% of you will have to take supplementary exams some time or another’, I really thought that it was just an overstatement….but now…sigh…if I hafta take supp test will the sponsors stop sponsoring me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Arrgh…anyway…I’ll worry about this when I really know the results sighh

Anyway…to happier things!

After my second last paper, Animal husbandry haha…Chong Hao fetched the 3 piglets plus Gabriel to Sunnybank for foooooood. That’s you didn’t think that BrisVegas has tauhua hey =) But the 4 biji thingies are dunno what Shinimaju (????) dough…that actually taste like unround tang yuan lol. Belum habis exam but I was already acting like it was over lol


The night before VETS1018 Evaluation exam…while looking through potential bias, confounding and evidence types I got bored haha. BTW everytime I skype with my family my bro will say that my nose is big…..and I just realised that..OMG it is!!!!!! But that’s all right…people with huge noses end up doing awesome things *nods sagely* I mean, check out Jackie Chan! haha

Bet you didn’t think that I would dare to wear this ensemble =P Some liyinism might be wearing off me lol..I wore this for the 1018 exam and the jalan-jalan after that. Oh yeah, a random dude said ‘konichiwa’ to me in Southbank and I laughed haha…Oh well, the jacket’s from Japan anyway =D

On the citycat to South Bank! Tinatinatina hahahaa

We (as in the vetkids woohoo) wanted to watch Transformers and The Proposal butbutbutbutbut it was the first day of screening and all Transformers tickets for the day were sold out!!! (I went to Southbank just now too and they’re all sold out for the day too…so laku…but anyway..I watched it at Indooroopilly mall just now hehe). So we bought The Proposal tickets and tried to kill 3 hours lol

Cold Rock! Caramel mudcake + Tiramisu with free Violet Crumble mix-in =D Check out my ring hehe

We still had wayyyyy too much time before the movie started so we went to check out the market in the city that they have on on wednesdays

Well..okok nia =P

Hanna, Nellyn, Tina and Jillian

OMG charms in a jewellery shop…so freaking cute!!!! *hinthint*

Group shot..FAILED

Lol anyway I didn’t take any pictures after that but we loitered around the city some more…like going to Myers and reading Japanese and Cantonese phrase books that teach you pick-up lines and phrases you might use during sex among other things muahaha. When we FINALLY got to watch the movie…OMG IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Proposal is the type of movie that you know what’s gonna happen..but the script is so witty and sarcastic which makes it non-cliche, non-lame, non-cheesy and so sweet and awwwww ❤ And have you seen the puppy??????? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that I brought them to dinner at Korean restaurant Madtongsan =)

Today I woke up at 2..ahem…and went for Transformers at Indooroopilly mall which is within walking distance from my house with Gabriel and Sze Luan…The first Transformers beats this one hands down lol…but it was ok..and Megan Fox was freaking hawt!!! I really wonder if there are guys who go there just to watch her lol. We had dinner in Southbank after that..felt like drinking but didn’t bring passport…Gabriel had but BWS was closed when we went there

I seriously wonder what I’m going to do in this 1 month..I mean, the Sydney plan has been cancelled due to the on-again NZ gang coming thing (it was an on-off-and now it’s on again thing). Before that there was my Melbourne plan but I didn’t follow through..because haven’t you heard about the flu babi?? And now…really…what to do? what to do? other than rot at home that is..But really, rotting at home wouldn’tt be that difficult for me..I rotted at home for 6 months after SPM and before going to INTEC lol. But over here…somehow i feel like I should be doing something more productive like…working? I don’t have any working experience though…I wonder who would hire me T.T

Oh..and also, I really cannot tahan when I kena pang pui ki consecutively +.+ and especially by people I love…sigh

I might prepare a resume (but really, what does someone with no previous working experience other than a 1 week pay-free stint at a vet clinic write in her resume?)…after I get some rotting at home and watching movie marathons done (we rented 7 movies…No Reservations, Joy Luck Club, Girl with Pearl Earring, The Closer, The Other Boleyn Girl, Tuck Everlasting and Pigs from Blockbuster for $10.95…which is cheap I suppose…but I can get a pirated dvd from Batu Ferringhi for RM4 lol..oh and anyway..we hafta return them by this Saturday…so MOVIE MARATHON!!!)

Walkabout Creek

Last Friday we had a Walkabout Creek for VETS1022 at Brisbane Forest Park. Tina, Jillian, Nellyn and I arranged so that we could be in the same session…which is a good thing cos seriously, I think I would have gotten lost if I had to go there myself haha

Initially when I heard ‘Walkabout Creek’ I thought it would be a creek creek..images of us traipsing around and being all outdoor-sy flashed in my mind haha. But it turns out it is actually just a small forest reserve with an outdoor and indoor place where they house animals like quoll, platypus, wombats, wallabies, snakes, birds etc. And my lecturer, Shan (yup we address our lecturers by their first names…which was quite weird for me at the beginning cos some of them are old enough to be my grandparents haha) actually told me that people even have weddings there…lol. So anyway…not all play and no work cos we had to fill up a worksheet that was part of our mini-quiz assessment on taxonomy…joy..haha. And apparently there’s a fee to enter this place but we just followed Shan in and didn’t have to pay hehe.

The first place we went to was the aviary…

Sleepy Tawny frogmouths…which look like owls but aren’t. We could have patted them if they came down but there were too busy sleeping lol

Heh…sorry for not taking the picture of the real deal…but ahem I have a story to tell haha. I remember in the lectures I was laughing away cos of the name…like ‘HAHAHAH Wom POO hahaha hahahah Wom Poo so funny the name’. Juvenile, I know. Heh anyway…as we were about to leave the aviary after gathering the information that we needed for the worksheet suddenly I felt something drop on my head and I screamed. Yup, kena bird crap. And not just any bird….but the Wom POO itself…jeez how ironic could it have been haha. But then after that my friend told me that if a bird craps on your head it’s supposed to be good luck lol..

Sleepy green treefrog..but yeah, they are nocturnal what..


Sigh….why didn’t I take pictures of the platypus swimming around with its eyes closed while it shoved around using it’s bill for earth worms…very funny cute haha

This here is a spotted quoll..which is a marsupial and the closest you can get to a Tasmanian Tiger that is now extinct. Yup… *nerd mode activated* You know how different environments have different animals that pretty much fulfill the same role? Like a tiger or lion would be the top predator in its respective environment…well, the quoll basically fulfills the same role too, now that there are no Tasmanian Tigers. And it’s quite fascinating actually, because these guys are small…not what you would expect the top predator in it’s niche to be. Haha ok *nerd mode off*

I couldn’t get a nice clear picture of the quoll cos it was running around…apparently the keepers had hid some food around for it to find..

Itchy wallaby hehe

‘Ho hum what’s that?’ Hehe this wallaby was very friendly and let us pat it and get near to it. When we first saw it it was busy eating the serai-like-plant that you can see from this picture haha. There were not many wallabies there..probably less than 10..unlike Australia Zoo. But these ones don’t just lie around and wait for hapless visitors to feed them haha

So pretty, eh? =D

Tina the pembuli wallaby hehe

They are pretty small right? The kangaroos we saw at Australia Zoo were around this size too…maybe a bit larger. But what about the stereotypical depictions of male kangaroos who stand up to their full height and fight each other by punching and kicking? I haven’t seen any that huge yet..

Another species of wallaby…these ones are grey while the previous one was reddish (incidentally for the red one, it was only the one of its kind…so kesian)

The grey wallabies were more wary of humans and if you get too close they quickly get up and try to get away from you..

And now…for another species of animals haha

I posted this picture cos Jill looks funny-horny and we kept laughing when we looked at this picture XD

Hehe being a vet student is pretty darn awesome…we get to go for field trips and stuff while my other friends from another major (hehe major not disclosed) have to design toilets =P

A Week in My Life

Since Pinky Pong said that people who are not in my Brissy Gang might be interested in what I actually do on a day-to-day basis, I have decided to start a personal project called- not imaginatively- Project A Week In My Life. The whole point of it is to chronicle random stuff that I do here because I am self-obsessed like that Just because la haha =D

Monday (11-5-09)

I was very semangat in taking pictures on Monday haha. as you can see i’m definitely not a morning person =/

Healthy breakfast =D But sometimes I don’t have time so I just eat a granola bar while walking to catch the bus..sometimes I have yoghurt but don’t think I’m so healthy cos I snack a lot in class haha

I go through all these products when I get ready every morning…is it even a wonder that it takes me such a long time to get ready >.<

Mondays usually I only have class from 1 to 2pm (heh heh envy me right? no classes on every Fridays too muahaha…eh I know I keep bragging about this but let me have my fun while I can cos no more free Fridays next sem =/) but this Monday we had bone prac. I love studying about bones…it’s just really interesting. I know it is a pain learning all those names and remembering the functions and what articulates with what…but it’s all really interesting (muahaha I sound like such a nerd)

My prac partners: Diana from Singapore and Cindy from Hong Kong. Cindy’s getting married in June! She’ll officially be my first friend who gets married haha

Kitty cat

Hehe very cute la the horns…this one’s a goat

Piggy with a dislocated phalanges (?) haha. By the way…I seriously did not expect the pig to be so hugeee. Like for this one, if I stretched my arms from 1 end to another the length would still be shorter than the length of the pig skeleton


Moo moo

After that I had a 3-hour-break before the class at 1 and Cindy was going to Sunnybank which is an Asian suburb to have a hair cut so I followed her too..supposedly to check out the price

But I got a hair cut too! The hairstylists there were all Korean and only 1 of them really spoke English haha. It was $23 which is not super cheap la but I felt that it was worth it cos I was so happy =D

My new hair cut ❤ Whee I love how she so expertly made my hair curl inwards using a hair straightening iron. I was so unwilling to wash my hair that night lol. The following morning I actually semangatly woke up early and attempted to curl my hair like the hairstylist did using Shen’s hair straightening iron but I failed miserably and commencing from that day I was like ‘screw it sleep is more important’ hehe

Oh this is Phoenix from Hong Kong whose studying wildlife…he got a hair cut too =D After everyone had their hair cut we went to wait for the bus back to UQ but there was still some time so we went to yum cha =DDDD It’s my first time yum cha-ing in Brisbane cos I never followed all the times Shen and Koo went lol. We were all very happy after nice hair cuts and yummy dim sum =D What better way to start a Monday eh

Saw all these cockatiels near the UQ Lakes bus stop when we came back from Sunnybank haha

Had class and went to play with the cats I’m volunteering with…forgot to take pictures of them though. Will post them up when I have them haha

While waiting for the bus to go back to Indooroopilly

Wednesday (13-5-09)

In BIOC1011 which I am totally blur about. This is not my whole class though cos a lot of people already have credit for Biochem. Comparatively, vet science it quite small…my batch has around 120 people only

We went to Woolies to buy groceries after class and Sara Lee ice-cream was only $5.92 (originally $8) and the three siao char bors bought a tub each (yup…even though I already have another tub of lemon sorbet ehe…and the rate that I eat is wayy slower than Shen and Koo)


Obviously the tub on the right belongs to Shen..who else can eat at such a fast rate hehe

Thursday (14-5-09)

During our break Tina, Jillian and I had nothing to do so we went down to the lakes

Tina’s a happy girl when she sees the cute ducks haha

‘ Talk to the hand’ XD

Quack quack

Eel-like fish lol

Friday (15-5-09)

Went to Southbank for Ghost of Girlfriends’ Past with Tina, Jillian, Nellyn, Kai Xiang and Tina and Jillian’s housemate Connie. I have been going for movies like once every week with Tina and Jillian for the past few weeks…Woo and I wonder why my money disappears so quickly =/. But I love movies though…and I’m going for Angels and Demons with the Brissy Gang tomorrow lol

My favourite place in Brisbane is Southbank =DDDDD

Nellyn and I ❤

Heh heh heh…we eat Cold Rock everytime we watch movies at Southbank. Incidentally, I found out from Oriana that it’s called Cold Stone in US. Cold Rock sounds so much nicer la haha

Lotsa people enjoying the sun

There were quite a lot of seagulls at Southbank that day. I was so jakun-ly excited haha. I don’t remember whether I have seen seagulls in Malaysia. There are seagulls there right? haha

Huhu sho see I’m so jakun =.=….but seriously though…cute right? haha

Koo’s hubby City Cat!

Saw this building from the bus on the way back to Indooroopilly…so cool right? It’s so geometrical haha. The bus was moving but the picture turned out pretty good eh =D

I guess that concludes this week’s randomness hehe. It’s not really a week pun…cos it’s only Monday to Friday ehe

Jom Jalan-Jalan kat Sunshine Coast

I have travelled around Queensland since coming here..but nowhere far lar…the furthest was also like an hour plus away only haha

Been to Sunshine Coast twice so far. The first time was with Campus Christian Movement (CCM) to Eumundi Market and Noosa Beach and the second time was to Australia Zoo with Mates @ UQ. And nolar I’m not a Christian…just joined only what haha

Eumundi Market & Noosa Beach

While waiting at UQ Chancellor’s Place bus stop, we started playing cards haha. Sigh really miss those days when nobody was stressed with everything and we constantly played cards haha

Original Eumundi Market. Original ok…not fake. Don’t support piracy XD

Didgeridoos and boomerangs

Haha very old-school

Kenji chan =P

Airbrush tattoo…which wore off like at the end of the day and then I had fairer skin where the stars were cos I got quite tanned haha

Scolding Chong Hao lol

Noosa beach! ‘People mountain people sea’ =P

Lucky guy lol

Sexxxxxyyyyyyy Koo hehe

Sand hair wash lol

Australia Zoo

Went to Australia Zoo with vet students Christina, Jillian, Diana, Shu, Maureen and the sole Pharmacy student Yen Mii hehe. The trip was organised by Mates @ UQ. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I was so excited about going to a zoo…but’s Steve Irwin’s zoo what. Get pumped! haha

What I love about the zoo is how well-organised and clean everything is. To make comparison, the camel enclosure in Malaysia’s zoos stank to high heaven but the one at Australia Zoo was stench-free. And normally enclosures for tigers would be surrounded by a moat but the one at Australia Zoo was covered with glass…as in when I stood outside the glass enclosure I was only a few cms of glass away from the tigers who stood on the other side. totally awesome! and the whole experience at Australia Zoo really made me want to work there haha….I hope I can get clinical pracs there la..woo

I patted Koala bum..

..and fed sheep! And also fed kangaroos la but I don’t have the pictures yet lol. We were so ‘omg goat kids sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! omg piglets awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..omg sheep so woolly!!!!!!!! omg cow calf sho cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!! I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ haha and then we were busy giving those farm animals body condition scores wtf hahaha

I told Maureen who’s from Canada that I have never ridden a horse (the one at Melaka Zoo whereby I just sat on the horse and the person pulled the horse around the enclosure when I was 8 not counted la) and that I have never been on a farm and she was so shocked..haha

Oh yeah…the 6 pictures above this courtesy of Shu..thanks=)

Here’s a picture of her busy taking pictures lol

With Christina and her pet. Don’t worry la Koo this is not a snake XD

Laughing Kookaburra…whee =D