Chero Chero!

Greetings From Brisbane!

Am in Brisbane!

Currently staying with some seniors and will be moving into our own place tomorrow. No pictures yet haha but my first impression of Brisbane is that it is a peaceful, quiet kinda place…not exactly my scene lol. Case in point: when we reached Brisbane and the drivers fetched us from the airport  the roads were like empty! At some places we were the only people there! But keep in mind that it was like 1am local time and the seniors said most of the people had gone clubbing. The shops close at 4pm on most of the days =( so there’s nothing much to do at night. Damn, I miss Penang and how so many shops and kopitiams and restaurants stay open until late at night =(

I miss home and I miss my family and my Pepper and my babes etcetc

Will blog when I can!

Muacks ❤

ps/ If you are close to me and know how much stuff I have you will not believe this! My check-in luggage was only 21.5kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY 21.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha you know how light this is compared to other people’s? Most of the people I know got like 26, 27 kgs!!!!! Damn rugi lar me haha


Homeless No More!

One less worry haha. What with the floods in Queensland and worries about crocodiles and snakes that might get too friendly with me and anxiety at leaving my family and friends AGAIN, it’s nice to know that at least we are gonna have a roof above our heads.

The property’s at 2/162 Highland Tce St Lucia. Can someone tell me what Tce is? Anyway…it’s around 20 minutes walk from campus, according to Chia Yee. 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. $450 is honestly quite expensive for a 2 bedroom house but at least it looks quite nice online lol. That’s the thing, you know what I said about how you actually have to be there to inspect the houses and stuff before you can lease it? Well we didn’t..we took the risk and sent in our applications after seeing the pictures online and reading what the real estate agents wrote


$450 p.w.


2 bedroom fully furnished unit will sleep 3 people, 1 bathroom, new appliances, spacious bedrooms, each unit has private entrance. Modern furniture and fittings. Easy walk to UQ, bus stop and St Lucia Shops.

Please tell me we didn’t make a hasty mistake in a desperate attempt to get a roof above our heads

Some pictures haha

nice looking couch hehe

I like this room but I think it’s the master bedroom lol. I’m paying extra to have the single room cos I’m totally not used to sleeping with another person on the same bed haha and I like my privacy even though Koo and Shen are both awesome ❤

I think this is my room but I’m not sure lol

bathroom. I really hope it has a washing machine like the Sandford Street one we initially wanted. Anyway…to tell you the truth, my favourite part of the Sandford Street house was the bathroom. A bathroom’s an awfully inportant place haha and I do love those bowl-like sinks =)

3 more days till I’m leaving. OMG. And I’m 92% packed. My suitcase can’t fit anything more in it so I guess even if I had managed to apply for the extra 10 kg baggage allowance I would have needed another bag lol. Anyway..according to the bathroom scale my Samsonite’s 19kg…but I don’t know if there’s any defect…cos I always ended up heavier in other scales when compared to the one at home lol. But I reckon if it’s just a teensy bit overweight it wouldn’t matter, right? RIGHT????


Am homeless in Brisbane thus far. The feeling really sucks. Sigh

I’m so envious of those students in Melbourne and Sydney cos they can just book online. But oh no not for Brisbane. For Brisbane you have to actually be there for inspection etc. Well I’m here, not there, capishe?

Good thing my cousin’s aunt is there (no my cousin’s aunt doesn’t equal to my aunt cos she’s from his other side of the family. Anyway.) and she helped Shen, Koo and I check out a house at Sandford Street. It was quite promising, other than problems with the water (Aunt J said that when it rained the water didn’t recede fast enough, so there was a high probability of floods). We planned to take a 3-months-lease and we were in the midst of getting all the documents ready when I found out that it has just been rented =((((

The house that got away

The bathroom that got away

The room that got away

Boohoo I hate being homeless..should at least have temporary accomodation what, at least for a week or so. But we don’t even have that =(((( Ah sponsors please help us =(((


– Today Daddy blows off another extra candle. Happy birthday Dad! ❤

– I’m going down KL tomorrow (haven’t packed yet ehe)…taking Nice bus yay =D and I get to meet PWM and so many fellow Intecians and hopefully Pinky Pong too =D but it’s not all fun..hafta settle some serious stuff too.

– I didn’t bother about the blazer that we are supposed to wear for the briefing. I figured..well since I’m gonna wear that thing twice only (briefing and during departure) why waste money to get an awesome one? I mean..for guys I can totally see the point of investing in a good blazer and stuff but not for girls. Blazers to me are tres prefect-like lol. So in the end I just borrowed Li Jia’s…my cousin who’s also under JPA in Japan. Gawd it is huge and she’s only a little taller than me. It’s so long it covers my butt haha..but Mum said that’s cos hafta tutup that again.

– My readership has plummeted!!! =/ Cos I’ve been away from the computah and haven’t been updating as enthusiastically. I blog erratically..sometimes a few posts in a day and sometimes once a blue moon.

‘I’m not in love, this is not my heart. I’m not gonna waste these words about a girl I’m fascinated by this line in the song About A Girl by The Academy Is… It’s so cruelly cool >.<

– I just watched the video of Taylor Swift’s Love Story and omg my heart was pounding so hard. I’m such a sucker for love stories and happy endings =) also, Taylor Swift is so pretty haha. ‘You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess, it’s a love story baby just say yes’ *swoons*.

– I’ve had strange, unexplainable dreams lately…which involve me making out =O. With a random guy from college that I wasn’t really close with (twice wtfomg) and a nameless (probably fictional) guy once. This feels weirdly funny haha.

– When my friend told me she had always had a dream that she would find her dream guy waiting for her outside UNSW but had not thought much about it after being in a relationship and now that the relationship’s no more she suddenly remembers it, I suddenly recalled that I had a dream about a Korean boyfriend maybe one or two years ago =O which strikes me as strange cos I’ve never been a Koreanophile (did I just create a new word?). Shen’s the Koreanophile and I’ve always laughed at her obsession with Korean boy bands (hehehehehehehehehehe). Korean boyfriend here I come? Lol sometimes my vague dreams turn out to be true cos I always have a sense of deja vu when doing many seemingly random things.

– I’ve just finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows haha. Finished Twilight prior to that..will blog about that soon lol. Re-read The Devil Wears Prada before that. N.E.R.D. but only when it comes to fictional stuff.

– The quest for the camera continues! I found out that somehow the price varies somewhat from the recommended retail price depending on the location. For example, those sold in Klang and KL are much cheaper than those in Penang. But even in Penang there are differences too. Aack I’m a girl with a budget!

– Still no new clothes =(. Something’s obviously wrong when you have more new innerwear than you do outerwear..ahem. 6th Aunt gave me her still-somewhat-new MNG bag haha cos she got a new LV bag hehe.

– The house has been painted by pros yay. But the neighbour asked the painters to paint the same colour as our’s.

– Spring cleaning 2 days ago blah. Got nagged into it lol. Spent approximately 6 hours wiping, sweeping, cleaning, throwing junk. And that was only my room.

– I still need to go for another medical check-up blah. This time it’s for the Australian Visa. Going to adventist but most probably hafta wait until I come back from KL this friday. Also, I need to show them my X-ray film from General Hospital which I don’t have yet so I don’t need to go for another X-ray. Sigh-ness.

– I’m thinking of baking cheesecake brownies =) Found a recipe on David Lebovitz’s blog..will try it after coming back from KL lol..don’t have all the ingredients yet.

– Cooking 101: fail. Haha no lar so far no lessons yet. Garh. But methinks hafta at least learn how to cook spaghetti: the college/uni student’s must-have-food.

– MU beat Chelsea 3-0!!! Hahaha in your face, Chelsea fans. Glory glory Man United =D

– Still tao tia about accomodation at Brisbane aargh. We have to be there for the inspection of the house and to procure the documents etcetc if we want to live off-campus, which me, Shen and Koo intend to do seeing as accomodation on-campus is freaking expensive. So we have to find temporary accomodation ie motels first. But garh feels really insecure to not have a place of our own the moment we reach there..and we have to act fast to find houses within walking distance to UQ cos so many people will want them too. Le sigh.

Lol I’ve never had so many tags in a post before hehe

I’m So Excited I Think I Can Spin Cartwheels

I just browsed through the course list for Bachelor of Veterinary Science at UQ and omg I’m really looking forward to studying it =DDDD

I know this sounds so typical of me..being oh-so-idealistic. But when it’s something you have wanted to do for such a long time…you really can’t help but feel psyched. Primary school, high school and college were just stepping stones in order to achieve this dream. Besides, we didn’t actually have any choice as to what we wanted to study then, did we? Everything was already structured and planned for every student. Whereas we have the prerogative to do what we want to do for tertiary education.

I remember Cyc saying ‘I don’t need to have sex, medicine is my orgasm’ LMAO hahaha I want to be as enthusiastic and interested as him too…but I don’t think you’re gonna hear me say ‘I don’t need to have sex, vet science is my orgasm’ haha. is necessary ok..well, maybe not for everyone lol, and definitely not for me NOW yeah. But that’s not the point..the point is ‘Woohoo UQ here I come!!!’

Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) – Course List

Information is valid for students commencing in 2009

Not Applicable


Course Code Notes No. of units Course name


Year 1, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
ANIM1024 2 Animal Husbandry
BIOC1011 2 Molecular Basis of Life
VETS1018 2 Veterinary Professional Studies
VETS1022 2 Veterinary Biology & Histology
Year 1, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
BIOL1028 2 Cell and Tissue Biology
VETS1003 2 Digestion, Metabolism & Nutrition
VETS1021 2 Functional Anatomy of Locomotion and the Integument
VETS1023 2 Animal Handling, Behaviour and Welfare for Veterinary Students
Year 2, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
ANIM2501 2 Applied Animal Nutrition & Grazing Management
VETS2006 2 Principles of Disease I
VETS2011 4 Structure and Function I
Year 2, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
ANIM2503 2 Animal Breeding & Molecular Genetics
VETS2007 2 Principles of Disease II
VETS2008 2 Veterinary Reproduction
VETS2012 2 Structure and Function II
Year 3, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS3010 4 Infectious Diseases
VETS3011 8 Pathophysiology, Pharmacological & Clinical Principles Used in Diagnosis of Diseases in Body Syst
VETS3012 2 Animal Production Systems and Welfare
Year 3, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS3010 4 Infectious Diseases
VETS3011 8 Pathophysiology, Pharmacological & Clinical Principles Used in Diagnosis of Diseases in Body Syst
and #2 elective from Part B.
Year 4, Semester 1
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS4010 6 Companion Animal Clinical Studies
VETS4011 4 Ruminant Clinical Studies
VETS4012 2 Principles of Clinical Practice
VETS4022 2 Equine Clinical Studies
Year 4, Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS4010 6 Companion Animal Clinical Studies
VETS4011 4 Ruminant Clinical Studies
VETS4021 2 Intensive Livestock Medicine
VETS4022 2 Equine Clinical Studies
Year 5
Course Code Units Course Name
VETS5011 2 Practice Management & Professional Life
VETS5012 2 Veterinary Public Health and Pathology
VETS5013 4 Small Animal Clinics
VETS5014 4 Livestock Clinics
VETS5015 2 Equine Clinics
Year 5 Electives
Course Code Units Course Name
[ VETS5016 2 Clinical Veterinary Elective
[ or
[ VETS5017 2 Research Veterinary Elective
Part B
Course Code Units Course Name
AGRC1016 2 Food & Fibre in the E-Landscape
ANIM3016 2 Captive Wildlife Husbandry
BIOC3002 2 DNA & Protein Technology
BIOL3000 2 Conservation & Wildlife Biology
DEVB3002 2 Molecular Mechanisms of Development
MGTS1960 2 Business Management I
MGTS2604 2 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MICR3004 2 Microbial Diversity & Biotechnology
MKTG2960 2 Agriculture & Food Industry Marketing

This Feels Like A Cruel Joke

I googled ‘cruel joke’ and this is what I got…OMG so cute >.<

But yea, before I digress any further…point is, we ended up in the same uni (!!!!!!!). I completely freaked out when I found out.

Sure, when we were together of course I did hope that we would end up in the same place. Me being so idealistic and all. But now that we are not, it just seems like a cruel joke. You know how people always say ‘be careful what you wish for, cos you just might get it all?’ so true.

I’m scared. Of course I want us to continue to be friends even after we broke up. And of course I’m still not totally over it. But that’s the thing, I’m afraid that with just a little bit of normal interaction all the weeks of trying to let go would be just a waste and I’d end up head-over-heels in love again. Unrequited love. The type of love that tears you up inside because you know how wrong you are for each other and yet that still doens’t change how you feel. The type of love that gives the other person all the power to hurt you. If anybody had pulled up all my guts and twisted it using a fork and stomped all over it (Ok this is getting gross), it would not have hurt as bad. At the same time I don’t want us to avoid each other and act as if we don’t know each other.I want us to be normal and revert to how we were before we ended up tigether. I mean, for God’s sake, we’re not 12 anymore.

Sorry for all the ranting. But seriously though, before all of us found out where we were going, Mum asked me whether I’d be fine if we ended up in the same uni and I confidently ‘Duh’-ed her. In the ‘puhhleeez I’m grown-up about it’ kinda way. Ha. Ha.

I pour all my feelings here. It’s dangerous I know…but let’s face it, who reads my blog anyway. Right?

Hmm since I got what I wished, maybe I should wish more. And be more careful about it. Also, since what Mum said turned up to be true, I should ask her to say cool stuff. Hehe =)

I Am Indeed Lucky

I think…I have awesome luck =D Not in the 4D-Toto kinda way but in many other different ways =)

I remember during SPM my Mandarin was undeniably awful and I’d be glad just to scrap an A2 for it. So it was a real surprise when the results were announced. I got my A2 alright, but everyone else whose Mandarin was tons better than mine…as in they represented the school in debating, public speaking and got 90+ in school exams got A2 too. Surely their A2 was a high A2 and mine was one bordering B but yup, an A2’s an A2’s an A2 =D.

A recent case would be all 4 Aussie bound vet science students got approved to go to UQ even though some definitely qualified for say, UniMelb. And yes, I was the worse among the 4 haha. And we all ended up in the same place lol.

Okayy this sounds really lame but yes I do think that I am lucky. Hmm or maybe I’m just justifying my not as awesome achievements compared to my peers. The moral of the story is that we should chillex and not stress ourselves out…or something like that. Cos I was talking to Mum that day about how fellow Ausmat 19-nians study and she said that she knew for sure I’d never study like that cos I’m the happy-go-lucky type that never ‘pia’s, which is true. But I just retorted that they studied like hell, never go out to have lame fun, never eat good stuff etcetc and sure, their results were better than mine but not by like a significant or drastic difference anyway.

Mann I am indeed one of those ‘I Don’t Give A Shit’ kinda person. Sometimes. I did care a whole deal about not going to India haha. Hmm

Now if only my luck would extend to me meeting awesome-hot yet not vain-single but not gay-smart ass but not proud-totally interested in me-guys. This sound weird, but Mum did indeed ask me to ‘look out for nice guys in Uni’. I kid you not. When did I suddenly grow up so much that she feels it’s Ok to ask me to check out potential boyfriends? Haha because I remember not too long ago (read: Form 1) that she forbid me from dating or something like that.

I have an honest, open, we-are-kinda-like-friends relationship with my Mum. I’m lucky like that too.

Capital OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot believe it!

I just received an email from Miss Chua from IDP saying that JPA have already approved all 4 vet science students to Australia to go to UQ. Figures, UQ has the cheapest tuition fees among the 4 unis.

I’m a tad disappointed cos after realising that my chances to UniMelb are quite slim I completely put all my hopes to USyd. I mean, Sydney’s a cool city and I’m into cities…the hectic lifestyle, the crowds..they suit me. As opposed to serenity and tranquility anyway. I was fairly certain I’d get to go to USyd too.

Bondi beach and Sydney Opera House, I guess I’ll only see you when I go for vacations then.

Winter clothes, what am I to do with you?

I am fairly delusional now.

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

At least Shen and Koo are going to UQ so PWM will still be alive in Australia. And the cost of living is lower so I wouldn’t have to work and I’d be able to save for holidays


At least I get to fly right? At least I don’t have to go to India. Sheesh I’m talking to myself