Chero Chero!

Hanging Out With The Koo Sisters

Koo’s sisters Boon and Yee came over to Brissy and we went out together for a few days =D

Harbor Town

In the train to Gold Coast (this was just the day following the Sea World trip lol..spent so much on transport =.=)

The Koo Sisters

Hahaha of course we are happy at the prospect of shopping!

We had lunch-ner at Coffee Club…funny how when you shop the food you had wayyyy early during breakfast can sustain you for such a long time

Seafood Basket $14.90 ($12.50 upon presentation of tourist priviledge card lol) and the sandwiches that were $9.90


Pretty clouds at dusk hehe

Mt Cootha

That night Chong Hao fetched us to Mt Cootha which offers a panoramic view of Brissy! We were super tired by that time but when we saw the view everyone became semangat again hehe. It’s usually quite difficult to get to Mt Cootha if you don’t have a car…there’s public transport but not at night.

=D but seriously though, my camera does the view no justice AT ALL. In real life it’s probably 1298893 times more awesome haha

The restaurant atop Mt Cootha…and a dude using super pro camera…I bet his pictures turn up wayyyyy better than our’s

Yupyupyup Mt Cootha’s also known as One Tree Hill, not just that basketball show with Chad Michael Murray in it hey

La Dolce Vita

After that we went to Park Road which has lotsa nice cafes

Little Paris =D

It’s a bit weird though that there’s a mini Eiffel Tower at La Dolce Vita..because La Dolce Vita’s Italian and isn’t the Eiffel Tower French? Why not the leaning tower instead lol

The ambience there was really nice…romantic and laidback hehe…can phak thor there XP

The pastry menu mmmmmm

Hahaha that’s the propreiter of the place I reckon..he was so funny. And check out the waiter’s expression…super cute!

I had the Hazelnut Italian Gelati Shake $5.95 (quite affordable if compared to Batavia..but the portions at Batavia are larger) was really nice…there were small nut pieces in it hehe. Everyone else loved it too lol..But I just came back from La Dolce Vita again with Tina, Jill, Nellyn and James and it didn’t taste as nice..why? and the other people didn’t like it =(

Chong Hao and Koo had the iced chocolate, also $5.95

Officially our favourite beer lol

We shared a bake cheesecake

Cool tabletop =)

Steamboat at home

Group picture!

We had a simple steamboat…oof don’t think I can type about food anymore…I feel super hungry now =/

Sisters Boon and Yee, I hope you girls had an awesome time in Brissy =D



Whee I finally got back my shopping mojo thanks to the ‘hasil’ that the sponsors gave us. I shall refer to the sponsors as my 3rd Ah Kong here lol.

Bought some stuff in preparation for Aussie..but since Queensland’s weather is quite moderate (coldest is only 10 degree Celsius in winter which Moky who is in Michigan swears that ‘you can still go naked and feel warm’ haha) and Li Jia has already bought some winter clothes for me from Japan (back then we didn’t know where I was going or even whether I would be able to fly to Aussie lol), so didn’t need to buy much stuff actually. Also, Dad bought a bright blue United Colors of Benetton luggage that comes with a miniature version for hand carry for me last time, so that’s settled too.

Dad bought me my pink camera (how’s Cammie? or Pinko (since Pinky’s my babe lol)? My camera needs a name haha…old Fujitsu notebook was called Notey and the Toshiba one I’m using now is called Lappie (?) ). Dad also upgraded my Lappie (?)’s RAM and bought a 250GB external hard disc and new laptop bag for me. Might buy 2 webcams and microphones soon hehe.

Mum bought me pants and a white blouse from Padini and also this pair of pumps from Elle.

Elle pumps, originally RM 149. After discount RM 74.50

I bought these other stuff thanks to 3rd Ah Kong..muahaha and I also treated my family to breakfast at Coffee Bean last Sunday. I love this feeling haha ❤

Levi’s jeans, RM 249+ RM 10 for alteration (sewed back the original hem (??)) The new one’s on the left, I just wanted to compare it with the old one hehe

Ipanema sandals, RM 74.90 New stock..just arrived in stores on Tuesday lol. Comes with a flower pot and some seeds cos Giselle’s theme this year is ‘Seeds’ =). Oh yeah..sexiest shoe box I ever had haha

Esprit wallet, originally RM 129.90. After discount RM 64.95

Adidas sling bag, originally RM 79.90. After discount RM 39.90

Rbk socks, originally RM 13.90. After discount RM 9.70; Puma socks, originally RM 12.90. After discount RM 9.00; PDI socks, RM 13 for 3 pairs

Queensland guide book that comes with additional travel pack map, RM 49.90

Photochromic spectacles, RM 220

Wheee~~~ I don’t really know what else is needed lol


– Today Daddy blows off another extra candle. Happy birthday Dad! ❤

– I’m going down KL tomorrow (haven’t packed yet ehe)…taking Nice bus yay =D and I get to meet PWM and so many fellow Intecians and hopefully Pinky Pong too =D but it’s not all fun..hafta settle some serious stuff too.

– I didn’t bother about the blazer that we are supposed to wear for the briefing. I figured..well since I’m gonna wear that thing twice only (briefing and during departure) why waste money to get an awesome one? I mean..for guys I can totally see the point of investing in a good blazer and stuff but not for girls. Blazers to me are tres prefect-like lol. So in the end I just borrowed Li Jia’s…my cousin who’s also under JPA in Japan. Gawd it is huge and she’s only a little taller than me. It’s so long it covers my butt haha..but Mum said that’s cos hafta tutup that again.

– My readership has plummeted!!! =/ Cos I’ve been away from the computah and haven’t been updating as enthusiastically. I blog erratically..sometimes a few posts in a day and sometimes once a blue moon.

‘I’m not in love, this is not my heart. I’m not gonna waste these words about a girl I’m fascinated by this line in the song About A Girl by The Academy Is… It’s so cruelly cool >.<

– I just watched the video of Taylor Swift’s Love Story and omg my heart was pounding so hard. I’m such a sucker for love stories and happy endings =) also, Taylor Swift is so pretty haha. ‘You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess, it’s a love story baby just say yes’ *swoons*.

– I’ve had strange, unexplainable dreams lately…which involve me making out =O. With a random guy from college that I wasn’t really close with (twice wtfomg) and a nameless (probably fictional) guy once. This feels weirdly funny haha.

– When my friend told me she had always had a dream that she would find her dream guy waiting for her outside UNSW but had not thought much about it after being in a relationship and now that the relationship’s no more she suddenly remembers it, I suddenly recalled that I had a dream about a Korean boyfriend maybe one or two years ago =O which strikes me as strange cos I’ve never been a Koreanophile (did I just create a new word?). Shen’s the Koreanophile and I’ve always laughed at her obsession with Korean boy bands (hehehehehehehehehehe). Korean boyfriend here I come? Lol sometimes my vague dreams turn out to be true cos I always have a sense of deja vu when doing many seemingly random things.

– I’ve just finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows haha. Finished Twilight prior to that..will blog about that soon lol. Re-read The Devil Wears Prada before that. N.E.R.D. but only when it comes to fictional stuff.

– The quest for the camera continues! I found out that somehow the price varies somewhat from the recommended retail price depending on the location. For example, those sold in Klang and KL are much cheaper than those in Penang. But even in Penang there are differences too. Aack I’m a girl with a budget!

– Still no new clothes =(. Something’s obviously wrong when you have more new innerwear than you do outerwear..ahem. 6th Aunt gave me her still-somewhat-new MNG bag haha cos she got a new LV bag hehe.

– The house has been painted by pros yay. But the neighbour asked the painters to paint the same colour as our’s.

– Spring cleaning 2 days ago blah. Got nagged into it lol. Spent approximately 6 hours wiping, sweeping, cleaning, throwing junk. And that was only my room.

– I still need to go for another medical check-up blah. This time it’s for the Australian Visa. Going to adventist but most probably hafta wait until I come back from KL this friday. Also, I need to show them my X-ray film from General Hospital which I don’t have yet so I don’t need to go for another X-ray. Sigh-ness.

– I’m thinking of baking cheesecake brownies =) Found a recipe on David Lebovitz’s blog..will try it after coming back from KL lol..don’t have all the ingredients yet.

– Cooking 101: fail. Haha no lar so far no lessons yet. Garh. But methinks hafta at least learn how to cook spaghetti: the college/uni student’s must-have-food.

– MU beat Chelsea 3-0!!! Hahaha in your face, Chelsea fans. Glory glory Man United =D

– Still tao tia about accomodation at Brisbane aargh. We have to be there for the inspection of the house and to procure the documents etcetc if we want to live off-campus, which me, Shen and Koo intend to do seeing as accomodation on-campus is freaking expensive. So we have to find temporary accomodation ie motels first. But garh feels really insecure to not have a place of our own the moment we reach there..and we have to act fast to find houses within walking distance to UQ cos so many people will want them too. Le sigh.

Lol I’ve never had so many tags in a post before hehe

Which One To Get?

Camera, that is.

My budget is..anything below a thousand I guess. Wonder if Dad will sponsor..ahem.

Of course, if I have the money, I’d get Sony’s Cybershot T700. The pink one, obviously hehe

10.1 megapixels, 4GB internal memory, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens with 4x optical zoom, 3.5″ full wide touch screen LCD. Retails at RM 1499 =/

Okay..what about Canon then? I mean..everyone always raves about Digital Ixus right?

Canon Digital Ixus 80 IS

8.0 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD screen. Retails at RM 999

All the other Digital Ixus in the website are above a grand.

OMG this is really cute…like a toy camera lol

Canon PowerShot E1

10.0 megapixels, 4x optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD screen. And the best part: retails at RM 699! It’s quite worth  it I think…for a 10.0-megapixel-camera to retail at 699 bucks. It is, however, bulkier and slightly heavier than it’s Digital Ixus counterparts.


I Want..

my shopping mojo back!

Shopping used to be like my favourite hobby but lately I don’t seem to have the mood to buy anything. Which is a good thing, under normal circumstances. What with the economic crisis and all. But this is no normal circumstance- Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I only have like 1 set of clothes! Maybe whining about this makes me sound vapid and bimbo-ish…but I did have 15 tops last Chinese New Year (1 for everyday haha). On account of me not wearing new clothes directly after buying them and Li Jia bringing back a ginormous pile of awesomely cheap-chic clothes from Japan.

Lol I’m not like this haha

Damn everything I see everywhere doesn’t scream ‘buy me!’ and nothing seems to catch my attention even though sales are everywhere. Dad and Mum say I’m picky (No normal tshirts, only funny statement/graphic tees; Pretty dressy tops; Summer dresses etctec)  but if I don’t choose properly I’d feel like it’s just a waste of money, buying something just for the sake of buying.

So please…give me back my mojo. Thanks =) Before I have to resort to wearing old clothes for Chinese New Year, that is (I’m sorry, I’m sorry!! I know I should be grateful for what I have cos there are more less fortunate people around, and I am…it’s just that I’m getting desperate. And I’m scared if I get too desperate I’d just buy the first hideous thing I see that I’d only wear once)