Chero Chero!

No One Reads My Blog Anymore!

Hehe it’s true…I checked the traffic and it’s akin to Brisbane at 2am on a Wednesday night. Ahem.

Anyway…I am still alive! And the reason I haven’t blogged in ages is because I don’t have internet (am currently using Koo’s internet key hehe. Thanks Koo <3). Internet connection in UQ is awesome (we each have a download quota of 400mb per month) but I’m not the type of student who loves carrying my laptop everywhere I go and it’s just weird uploading photos and stuff using the comps in the various libraries hehe.

I desperately need our own broadband internet here, the landlord’s apparently in Japan so last week his employee came over and said that they will set up landline and internet..but no news yet so far. le sigh.

I am really having an awesome time here and I have so many pictures that I wanna post here but I guess Facebook serves the same purpose lol (Shen and Koo are very semangat in posting and tagging photos on Facebook hehe). The first 2 weeks that we were here we just basically went exploring around Brisbane. We went to Brisbane city which I absolutely adore by the way, Indooroopilly, Toowong, DFO etcetc and we took the City Cat so many times. There was even a time when Koo convinced Shen, Ong, Tkc, Danny, Kai Xiang, Gabriel and I to follow her to take the City Cat from the last stop (UQ…yes my uni has a ferry terminal!!! hehe) to the other end (Apollo Road) and the whole journey took 2 hours and 20 minutes to and fro lol.

We have since started classes this week which is interesting and all (ahem have to remind myself that my main purpose here is to study and not anything else ehe) but I really missed that laziness and spontaneity and fun and randomness of the first 2 weeks. Now everyone in the gang has different timetables and take different courses so it’s difficult to just meet up and hang out like we used to. Sigh. How I miss the time when we could just all meet at Our Tree at the Great Court and laze around, lie on the grass and talk crap. Le sigh.

The Veterinary Science program is so packed (but for this sem I get every Friday but one off! Yays to 3-day-weekends!) and I am oh-so-intimidated by my fellow coursemates, most who already have their first degrees or have done a year in Science or Vet Tech. In contrast, I am considered as ‘straight from school’..Ausmat or Year 12 is what Aussies do in the last year of high school. But the seniors (Guy! haha I have an immense admiration for this third year who I barely knows of my existance lol) constantly reminded us that ‘This is after all a medical degree, it would not be easy’. Oh well, it is what I have wanted to do for such a long time so Imma work my ass off to get this degree. We are dissecting a dog in May and it kinda freaks me out cos I love dogs so much =( Also, there is a place called the Pot Room which houses loads of animal specimens in jars of formaldehyde. Everything there is really cool..but also very disturbing at the same time. There is even a tiger’s paw! ehe

Oh I am over my fascination with Aussie guys lol. I met some QUT girls just now during the MASCA BBQ at UQ lakes and they told me that they always cuci mata cos there are so many hot guys in their course but for my vet science batch 85%  of  the students are female =((((( Boo

I have a new phone lol…Samsung f480. I bought it for $499. It’s a touch screen phone so I’m still getting used to it. I used to be able to text super fast and not look at the screen while I do it but not anymore ehe

I really miss char koay teow, hokkien mee and oh chien..oh what I would do to get authentic Penang hawker food here

I wonder if Pepper notices my absence and whether she misses me =(

I know I’m gonna sound like a bitch when I say this, but I don’t really miss home. I mean, I only cried at the airport…which is surprising for me cos I thought that for my track record I would be crying for at least two weeks lol (I cried for a week when I first went to Shah Alam btw). I think it’s because Brissy is so much more awesome that Shah Alam and I have such amazing friends here that I have lotsa sampat lame fun with hehe. ❤ Shen, Koo, Kai Xiang, Danny, Gabriel, Haziq and Chong Hao lol. I felt guilty at first, for being this way but when I told my parents they said that it was a good least I am adapting well here.

Oh yeah, I am addicted to Pods! I blame this on Su Ann who doesn’t even know me lol. I occasionally read her blog and once she mentioned Pods while in Singapore. I happened to see them in Coles the other day and taught ‘hmm I’ll try these’ and bought the Twix one. I finished the packet in a few days and I have since finished another Mars one. Argh heavenly gooey caramel encased in chocolate on a pod-shaped-biscuit….ahhhh


Pink.. the colour of my new camera =D

Yupyupyup, finally got a camera of my own. Dad bought a Canon Digital Ixus 80-IS for me. Jusco had a sale: RM 799 for the camera, case, 2GB SD card and mini tripod. At first I was contemplating getting it from Fan Di who was getting it from his cousin who in turn was getting it from her friend. Phew. RM 699 for camera, case, 4GB SD card and mini tripod. But in the end Dad said no need lar cos very mahuan. Plus if got anything wrong have to go through so many channels hehe. Thank you Fan Di though..for the trouble hehe. Good luck in getting your pink one too =P

Random shots taken using my camera (it deserves a name, no?)

Lol a picture of my camera. Believe me lar it’s pink..though it looks silver here. And wow my mirror is dirty, I just realised that hehe. All hail pinkness! \^.^/

First official picture taken using my pink camera hehe. I wish you could see me wearing the plaited MNG shortshort skirt that you gave me, Pinky.

Mum with the Kryptonite-eyes alien beagle hehe

Our living room lol…Mum has brought out the Chinese New Year decorations. Dad was watching football =D

Testing macro shot. Lol the apples are fake la XD

Macro shot testing again. This is the Snoopy ear digger (believe it or not) we bought from Universal Studios Japan XD

More conventional souvenirs haha. The gigantic mugs belonging to Bro and I from Disneyland Japan.

My messy (eh I spring cleaned liao ok) table in my room =)

Bro sleeping (fakely) and posing with my Queensland guide book that I bought for RM 49.90 haha.

PWM wondering how Baby Gloria is? She’s doing fine hehe and I plan to bring her to Aussie with me =)

Lol of course I HAVE TO camwhore using my new camera. I hate pimples wtf.

My Pepper’s daily night-time activity: Bully the resident frog in the garden XD so cute lar when she concentrates so hard

The neighbours’ smiley dalmation =)

My Escada Sunset Heat and F by Ferragamo <3. MNG bag in the background lol.

My CLEO collection haha.

*sniff sniff*

I love my baby ❤

I love my yet-to-be-named camera hehe

Awwwwww Pepper don’t worry I still love you the most XD