Chero Chero!


Back from KL people! Okayy long overdue since I came back on Friday hehe.

I said I took Nice bus,right? What I didn’t realise until I wanted to board the bus was that the price of the ticket khi keh again! >.< From RM 50 a long time ago to RM 58 then RM 62 and the latest is RM 68 =.= Why??? Seeing as oil prices have dropped quite dramatically, no?

Anyway. Reached Subang Park Hotel at around 4. The hotel was freaking small but yea, what do you expect from a RM 73 per night room, right? Overall it was still not bad I suppose..the location was quite strategic (within walking distance to IDP and opposite KTM station). Caught up with KooKoo sambil eating Shen’s chilli chocolate lol. I swear…I haven’t laughed that much is such a long time =D

That night Pinky Pong came to find me *touched* and I quote her in her blog ‘I’ve never before went all the way for one girl’. AWWWWW. I wonder…would I even do that for a guy? Hehe. She came down to Subang from Cheras but got lost and ended up in Segambut and then took the train back to Sentral and managed to take the correct train in the end. Fuyoh took a total of 2 hours!!! Me, Pinky Pong and Koo went to Kenny Roger’s for dinner at Carrefour (ahem Shen went dating lar…know you’re asking where she is)


Awww ❤

This picture looks salah XP. Oyea the bed looks small right? 4 girls squeezed on it for 2 nights haha.

After that Joel came to fetch his lucky Pinky =P. I feel jealous wtf when she writes about dating on her blog. I miss the feeling of hanging out with someone you are attracted to, holding hands, leaning on his shoulders, laughing at what he says. I’d like to think that I miss the feeling and the actions instead of the person..cos I just realised that I can’t really picture my ex in my head with any person you think too much..more than you’re supposed to, after a while you just realise that you can’t anymore. Cos I actually in..’his eyes were like this, his hair was like that’ but nil, nada, elek, tarak, bo, mei you. Lol anyway..before I digress any further, 2 very important people in Pinky’s live met. At first I was really oh-so-intimidated by him..him being much older and possesing longer and straighter hair than me haha. But after talking to him I found out that he’s actually a nice guy. The girlfriend says that the boyfriend talks too much though, but I have a strange affinity to talkative people. I suppose it’s cos I’m talkative too lol. By the way, I’m trying to tone that down and attempt to be more low-profile =)

The following morning (hehe macam tulis essay) the four of us went to INTEC to get back our results. I was hit by a sudden feeling of nostalgia lol and oh, guess what, we didn’t have to abide by the dress code anymore cos we were officially visitors who were given ‘pas pelawat’s. On the way to PM Saadah’s office we met Pn Azani, my Bio lecturer in Melbourne and she asked us to go to her class to ‘talk to your juniors’. We were kinda shy at first but Shen actually convinced us to do it. Ended up I talked the most and she didn’t say anything lol. Oh yea, I met the cute junior that I used to go ‘gaga’ over and we talked XD. Nothing much actually…just feel like saying it hehe.

After that we went back to the hotel to change before going to IDP, Asia Cafe and Sunway Pyramid.

Camwhores+ big mirror in the hotel’s miniscule lobby (can it even be called a lobby?) = duh

Huge ass cup of-watermelon-juice-drinking-competition at Asia Cafe haha


Drink drink drink drink drink

Drink drink drink drink drink

The end results? Unbelievable I tell you XD From left to right: Mary Anne’s cup, Shen’s cup, Koo’s cup, my cup. Ahem the girl who said ‘Surely I can finish one’ got last XP

Oh yeah I was checking out one hot guy (according to me anyway) and I told Koo ‘Nah he’s cute’ and she said ‘Eeyerh like samseng’ >.< Seriously, I really like pai kias? And then after that two more of his friends joined him and I realised that one of them was my senior in Chung Hwa and Pinky had a hugeeee crush on him when we were in Form 4. I used to say that he looks so much like a deer haha and Shen said he looks too pretty lol. Frankly, very the cute lar that guy haha. Pinky said I should have went to talk to deer-face cos he looked at me like he recognised me too and ‘shun bian’ get to know the according-to-Koo-looks-like-a-samseng guy lol. But I’m a coward okay…I don’t think I can ever go talk to a stranger of the opposite sex that I find attractive and start a conversation.

Went to Sunway Pyramid after that. Wow I’ve seriously lost count of the times I’ve been to Pyramid as it was INTECians favourite hang-out place (I presume lol) seeing as it is the mall with a cinema nearest to Shah Alam. Didn’t really shop much cos we were pretty much broke haha. Mary Anne however bought loads of stuff =P Sigh jealous…cos she’s loaded hehe.

The next morning I woke up at 5.27am =.= cos we had a briefing with the sponsors at Putrajaya.

Pagi-pagi camwhore lagi

At the auditorium during lunch break

We were there from morning until 6! But good thing the hasil was fabulous =DDD

INTEC bus fetched us back to Cemara/ Akasia. Many of us stayed at Cemara/ Akasia for the briefing. This is us with Kum =D

We had dinner at Rafi for old-times-sake. Don’t know whether the ah nes still remember us or not…but me thinks should kot. Who would forget the girl who asked them to turn to TV2 at 7pm every weekday to watch a Chinese drama and cried during the touching scenes? eh not me ok =P Met Sam, Kartik, Nadesh, Venn and SC. Had an awesome time talking to SC while the rest of PWM was camwhoring with NGO at Pak Li. Eh SC cepat balik for Chinese New Year so we can go out lar =D

On the last day after Koo and Mary Anne went back, I accompanied Shen to IDP to settle her stuff and we went Asia Cafe again for lunch. I was really scared cos of the hasil that I carried with me. Also, I was the last person left so I waited in the minute hotel lobby after checking out for the Pak Cik to come fetch me to Subang airport to catch my 2.45pm flight. Omg the airport looks so much better compared to when I was there a few months ago. Love the lights on the ceiling that look like stars =)

Reached Penang at 3.45pm (slight delay for some reason) and rushed to General Hospital to settle my med report.


ps/ I got an offer from Murdoch Uni too! Haha and I got and offer for Bachelor of Science in University of Melbourne >.<



I don’t mean to sound like a racist- the last thing I need now is racism, seeing as I’m going to a place not full of Asians soon- but I have a really bad impression of male foreign workers in Malaysia.

I was at Gama on New Year’s Day..God know what I was doing there. Seriously, Gama is freaking lau ia and there were so many people. As I was walking from the escalator, a Bangladeshi walked pass me and his hand brushed my upper tigh. Fine..maybe I overreacted…I mean, it all fairness, it could have been he did it accidentally or whatever. Garn…but I felt violated. And I didn’t do anything except throw dirty looks at him.

Another case happened when I was in the KTM with NGO and Shen, going back to Shah Alam from Genting. It was rush hour so the train was freaking packed with loads of people…to the extent that it was so stuffy it was difficult to breathe. And then, we reached a stop and some people were trying to get out. I was standing in the middle of the aisle so I moved to the side to give way for the other people to get out. Suddenly my ass was grabbed (more like caressed wtf) by this Indonesian worker sitting at the aisle seat. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do except glare at him.

Blah…my best offensive is apparently glaring. Sure, people teach us girls, if anything happens to you, knee the attackers balls, gauge their eyeballs etcetc. In theory it’s ok…but God forbid we have to resort to the practical in any situation. And even if we have to *touch wood*, doens’t mean that the state of mind at that moment allows us to.

Frankly, what happened to me wasn’t that big a deal. I mean, I have a few friends who have been flashed at. And another unlucky girl I know got her face splashed (? I don’t know any better word) with what looked suspiciously like semen on her way to school.

Fucking perverts!!! Rot in hell

I’m still aliveeeee!!!

Been away. For more than a year. Haha

IknewitIknewit, I don’t have the commitment or the determination haha. I truly, absolutely, totally, completely respect those people who blog like everyday or if not, then every other day. And ok, if  it’s not respect then it’s just awe. Don’t these people have other things to do? Other than taking tons of pictures to be uploaded on their blogs, that is. Hmm maybe I’m just jealous lol.  Also, I’m lazy when it comes to taking photos cos I’d rather be experiencing whatever it is than snapsnapsnap on my (very pink and imaginary) Sony Cybershot T700 =P

Ausmat is over, so I’m now at home being very very free, which I totally love =D. I love everything Penang-ish. I love being able to wake up anytime I want. I love not having any plans of what to do for the whole day. I love the LCD TV at home. I love Starworld. I love chick-lit. I love mum’s cooking. I love playing The Sims Urbz on PS2. I love my Pepper. I love talking about absolute nonsense with my bro. I love my babes even though I’ve only met them like once since I came back. I love wearing anything I want to (or not wear haha) now that there are no rules to adhere to

BUTTTTTT I miss my PWM =/// Oh sorrow of sorrows. Why does this always happen? You get used to something you don’t like (ie Shah Alam, dress codes, curfew, lack of TV) because there are people that make these bearable for you (PWM, NGO etcetc..haha and no, I don’t just have these few friends ok? They just play a more important part in my college life than other people) and just as you get used to it and slightly more comfortable, everything is robbed away from you and you have to say bye =(

Pictures from a time when Rafi was the ‘It Place’ and teh-o-ais+ indo mee single was the ‘biasa’. When dress codes were followed and examsassignmentsquizzestests was the normal routine =)