Chero Chero!

Jom Jalan-Jalan Kat Gold Coast!

Haha Gold Coast this time! Been there thrice lol

Movie World

The Brissy Gang plus Danny’s sister who was visiting at that time went to Movie World one Sunday. We bought the promo tickts in conjunction with Queensland’s 150th anniversary, we just paid $70 for unlimited entry to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n’ Wild until June. So far we’ve only been to Movie World and Wet n’ Wild. Eh, Chong Hao, when wanna go Sea World? Haha anyway…this promo is seriously oh-so-worth-it..because like under normal circumstances it would be like ‘3 worlds in 2 days’ for around $120? But then you have to be a QLD resident to qualify for this promo..and we are muahahahaha.

Whee~ Group photo

Main Street…notice how so many themeparks have main streets? Case in point: Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan and Movie World Gold Coast haha. It was a Sunday so it was off-peak…haha completely opposite compared to Malaysia right? The weekends here are considered off-peak while the weekdays are on-peak…Translink tickets are more expensive on weekdays lol. Anyway, it was nice cos we didn’t have to wait super long for the rides and we sat like 90% of the rides hehe. Seriously, last time when I was in Disneyland it was normal to wait for almost 3 hours for a ride T.T But the Winnie the Pooh was worth the wait la haha

Superman ride! We took it twice…and back-to-back omg total adrenaline rush..

..still alive!

Speed racer’s car lol Moo Moo looks funny cute here XD

And another car..

And another one here haha…Batmobile lol. I have so many pictures of cars cos 6 of the 7 pictures above taken from Facebook and they were uploaded by and cars

Chong Hao XD

Harbor Town & Q-Deck

During easter break the Brissy Gang went to the trip organised by UQMSA (University of Queensland Malaysian Students Association). Honestly, UQMSA is pretty good I feel..quite active la. But most of the activities are either food-related or sports-related…so guess which ones are the ones I go to? ahem.

On the way there..woohoo so semangat!

Lol they look so cute la…Koo’s like the girl version of Chong Hao and vice versa XD

Harbor Town’s a direct factory outlet sorta heaven pictures of Harbor Town cos Koo we were all so excited and semangatly shopping. We had a time limit what..and shopping’s like every Malaysian’s favourite pastime…especially if it’s discounted. And hell yeah were the stuff discounted…2 Fossil watches for only $70, Havaianas flip-flops for only $10 etcetc. But I didn’t spend the most..ahem guess who did XD

On the way to Surfers’ Paradise

Hard Rock cafe

Intec girls! haha

We loveeee our ice-cream hehe. We didn’t go to the beach though, cos it was rainy and we were hungry so we went to look out for food…and we had lunch at a Malaysian Chinese restaurant…oh-so-yummylicious. Actually, honestly though, the food at home is always the best…but when we get desperate everything Malaysian/Chinese here tastes awesome

Q-Deck is the world’s tallest residential tower


View from Q-Deck…the strip of sand is Surfer’s you can see (or not) there are not a lot of people there due to the crappy rainy weather. And oh..I can finally understand why ang moh love the sun so much…cos now it’s Autumn and it can get cold when it’s windy…and the sun’s like a sudden warmth that we can bask in haha. But I bet I won’t feel like this when it’s summer lol

Obligatory group picture hehe

Blond hair and blue eyes omg so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought only girls do this kinda toilet-mirror-shots? Ahem sorry you guys hehe

“Why can’t come out mia?” T.T

“We will save you!” hahaha

So funny cute this picture lol

Balik! So tired that most of us just fell asleep during the 1-hour-plus bus ride back. Koo wants to show off her ‘mei tui’ muahaha

Wet n’ Wild

Went to Wet n’ Wild with Chong Hao, Danny, Jess, Ernest and Amelia during easter break too

This is the only picture I have of us lol cos it was wet and it was wild haha and we kept like everything in the locker. Seriously though, I experienced how it was like to be without cell phones and watches…to some very awful consequences =/. How did people survive last time? haha

Okay..I think that concludes where we have been so far haha



Back from KL people! Okayy long overdue since I came back on Friday hehe.

I said I took Nice bus,right? What I didn’t realise until I wanted to board the bus was that the price of the ticket khi keh again! >.< From RM 50 a long time ago to RM 58 then RM 62 and the latest is RM 68 =.= Why??? Seeing as oil prices have dropped quite dramatically, no?

Anyway. Reached Subang Park Hotel at around 4. The hotel was freaking small but yea, what do you expect from a RM 73 per night room, right? Overall it was still not bad I suppose..the location was quite strategic (within walking distance to IDP and opposite KTM station). Caught up with KooKoo sambil eating Shen’s chilli chocolate lol. I swear…I haven’t laughed that much is such a long time =D

That night Pinky Pong came to find me *touched* and I quote her in her blog ‘I’ve never before went all the way for one girl’. AWWWWW. I wonder…would I even do that for a guy? Hehe. She came down to Subang from Cheras but got lost and ended up in Segambut and then took the train back to Sentral and managed to take the correct train in the end. Fuyoh took a total of 2 hours!!! Me, Pinky Pong and Koo went to Kenny Roger’s for dinner at Carrefour (ahem Shen went dating lar…know you’re asking where she is)


Awww ❤

This picture looks salah XP. Oyea the bed looks small right? 4 girls squeezed on it for 2 nights haha.

After that Joel came to fetch his lucky Pinky =P. I feel jealous wtf when she writes about dating on her blog. I miss the feeling of hanging out with someone you are attracted to, holding hands, leaning on his shoulders, laughing at what he says. I’d like to think that I miss the feeling and the actions instead of the person..cos I just realised that I can’t really picture my ex in my head with any person you think too much..more than you’re supposed to, after a while you just realise that you can’t anymore. Cos I actually in..’his eyes were like this, his hair was like that’ but nil, nada, elek, tarak, bo, mei you. Lol anyway..before I digress any further, 2 very important people in Pinky’s live met. At first I was really oh-so-intimidated by him..him being much older and possesing longer and straighter hair than me haha. But after talking to him I found out that he’s actually a nice guy. The girlfriend says that the boyfriend talks too much though, but I have a strange affinity to talkative people. I suppose it’s cos I’m talkative too lol. By the way, I’m trying to tone that down and attempt to be more low-profile =)

The following morning (hehe macam tulis essay) the four of us went to INTEC to get back our results. I was hit by a sudden feeling of nostalgia lol and oh, guess what, we didn’t have to abide by the dress code anymore cos we were officially visitors who were given ‘pas pelawat’s. On the way to PM Saadah’s office we met Pn Azani, my Bio lecturer in Melbourne and she asked us to go to her class to ‘talk to your juniors’. We were kinda shy at first but Shen actually convinced us to do it. Ended up I talked the most and she didn’t say anything lol. Oh yea, I met the cute junior that I used to go ‘gaga’ over and we talked XD. Nothing much actually…just feel like saying it hehe.

After that we went back to the hotel to change before going to IDP, Asia Cafe and Sunway Pyramid.

Camwhores+ big mirror in the hotel’s miniscule lobby (can it even be called a lobby?) = duh

Huge ass cup of-watermelon-juice-drinking-competition at Asia Cafe haha


Drink drink drink drink drink

Drink drink drink drink drink

The end results? Unbelievable I tell you XD From left to right: Mary Anne’s cup, Shen’s cup, Koo’s cup, my cup. Ahem the girl who said ‘Surely I can finish one’ got last XP

Oh yeah I was checking out one hot guy (according to me anyway) and I told Koo ‘Nah he’s cute’ and she said ‘Eeyerh like samseng’ >.< Seriously, I really like pai kias? And then after that two more of his friends joined him and I realised that one of them was my senior in Chung Hwa and Pinky had a hugeeee crush on him when we were in Form 4. I used to say that he looks so much like a deer haha and Shen said he looks too pretty lol. Frankly, very the cute lar that guy haha. Pinky said I should have went to talk to deer-face cos he looked at me like he recognised me too and ‘shun bian’ get to know the according-to-Koo-looks-like-a-samseng guy lol. But I’m a coward okay…I don’t think I can ever go talk to a stranger of the opposite sex that I find attractive and start a conversation.

Went to Sunway Pyramid after that. Wow I’ve seriously lost count of the times I’ve been to Pyramid as it was INTECians favourite hang-out place (I presume lol) seeing as it is the mall with a cinema nearest to Shah Alam. Didn’t really shop much cos we were pretty much broke haha. Mary Anne however bought loads of stuff =P Sigh jealous…cos she’s loaded hehe.

The next morning I woke up at 5.27am =.= cos we had a briefing with the sponsors at Putrajaya.

Pagi-pagi camwhore lagi

At the auditorium during lunch break

We were there from morning until 6! But good thing the hasil was fabulous =DDD

INTEC bus fetched us back to Cemara/ Akasia. Many of us stayed at Cemara/ Akasia for the briefing. This is us with Kum =D

We had dinner at Rafi for old-times-sake. Don’t know whether the ah nes still remember us or not…but me thinks should kot. Who would forget the girl who asked them to turn to TV2 at 7pm every weekday to watch a Chinese drama and cried during the touching scenes? eh not me ok =P Met Sam, Kartik, Nadesh, Venn and SC. Had an awesome time talking to SC while the rest of PWM was camwhoring with NGO at Pak Li. Eh SC cepat balik for Chinese New Year so we can go out lar =D

On the last day after Koo and Mary Anne went back, I accompanied Shen to IDP to settle her stuff and we went Asia Cafe again for lunch. I was really scared cos of the hasil that I carried with me. Also, I was the last person left so I waited in the minute hotel lobby after checking out for the Pak Cik to come fetch me to Subang airport to catch my 2.45pm flight. Omg the airport looks so much better compared to when I was there a few months ago. Love the lights on the ceiling that look like stars =)

Reached Penang at 3.45pm (slight delay for some reason) and rushed to General Hospital to settle my med report.


ps/ I got an offer from Murdoch Uni too! Haha and I got and offer for Bachelor of Science in University of Melbourne >.<

When Did You Know Me?

Have I changed a lot? haha come take a walk down memory lane with me, aite?

This is a very long post…don’t say I didn’t warn ya =)


That’s my bro and I when I was (I think) 6

I started kindergarten when I was 3. I know! early right? haha. The first kindy I went to was Rasa Sayang in Teluk Intan, Perak. I remember my parents saying that on the first day, my dad went to check on me cos he was worried that I would have separation anxiety or something but I actually asked him to go back (!!!). Fiesty! I remember chee cheong fun with Bryan and Vitamic C chews distributed like candy =)

In Teluk Intan I suddenly developed athmatic cough and the doctor said that I would be better off in Penang cos the air in Teluk Intan didn’t agree with me. So that year I came back to stay with my grandparents at Gelugor Avenue. I went to Taska & Tadika Cordelia which was like at the same row as Ah Ma and Ah Kong’s old house haha. Ah Ma would walk me there every morning and at noon she would turn off the gas and come fetch me and then she would continue cooking after that…hehe so cute.

It was at Cordelia that I met Vennila and Rosalind and I remember Rosalind saying that the walls of her house was made out of lollipops and I actually believed her >.< Venn was my kindy best friend and the thing is, we ended up in the same college more than a decade later =)

Primary School

Primary school was in SRJK(C) Chung Hwa Confucian ‘A’. A mouthful, I know hehe. I don’t actually have any pictures in the laptop but I have a few hard copies…somewhere.

I was always the kid who got caught and punished for talking too much in class. And every year during any parents-teachers meet my mum knew what to expect cos every year the comments would be the same ie ‘Oh, Xiang Xiang is good academically but she’s so talkative’ =.=

Also, remember the time when anything less than 100% in exams and tests was unacceptable in Lower Primary? haha

There was also an all-pervasive rivalry with students from Chung Hwa Confucian ‘B’ with whom we shared the canteen, hall, field with. Nobody knows for sure why there’s such a thing but usually we didn’t talk to them and vice versa. Furthermore, there were like bad vibes =/. And then we went on to Secondary school and became close friends haha

I was also kinda a teacher’s pet but I hated ‘mo xie’ or dictation whereby the teacher would give us like a whole text and ask us to memorise it word-for-word…yea chinese school memang liddat wakalukong. And I was a good girl for a while but after that I just didn’t care anymore so I’d get like 10% over 100% or something atrociously bad like that. So the consequence was kena rotan teruk-teruk ie 9 times if you got 10% or something like that >.<

During Standard 4, 5 and 6 I was a prefect (!!!) haha and I have vague recollections of free chocolate milk =) and being bullied by students of 5B when I was in Standard 4 and I had to be in charge of their class =/

Primary school was also a place where many friendships were made and some still last till today cos most of us went to the same secondary school =D. Pinky, Pei San, Adrian, Nic, Darren, Jon etcetc will forever play a huge part in forming my personality haha

Secondary School

Secondary school was SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian. With the exception of the few who transferred to other schools, most of the students were from the Chung Hwa primary schools. Also, as the second batch of girls we got *ahem* extra attention from the seniors =P

I remember Amir asking me on the way back from the Penang Island Jazz Festival whether I was happy to have left secondary school and honestly, the rules may have been suffocating, but I think my five years there were probably some of my best. Back then everything didn’t seem so complicated and when I was in college and having a rough time, I’d remember how it was like in high school. Oyea…I also kinda knew everyone in school…from Form1 to 5; from first class to the last. No kidding =D.

I’m getting kinda lazy so I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking now

Form 3 reunion-cum-my birthday. OMG we looked so young haha

In Form 4 with my bro and a puppy Pepper. I was thinner then T.T

Wow my hair was so freaking short!!! Also, me and gou lou coincidentally wore the same shirt but in different colours. Picture taken during Canteen Day 2005

Look who came that day! Haha that was my first time meeting CYC in person even though before that we had been texting for a while

Pinky Pong the Pro! I don’t remember why I called her that but lol we’ve known each other since we were 7 and until now she’s always there for me <3.I love you babe =D. Picture taken in 4S1 =)

I was short then and I still am now >.< That’s Kai Li in the middle ❤

5S1 ’06 with Sejarah teacher. When I look back to those times I know I’m looking through rose-tinted-glasses cos I can’t remember any bad things that happened, just all the fun even though truth be told, we were kinda labelled as nerds =P

P’ng Zun Xiang lu si drama king haha. OMG I suddenly remember back in Primary 4 or 5 I was the girl in class who talkedtalkedtalked and the teacher got so fed-up with me she asked me who didn’t I talked to and I immediately said Zun Xiang. I think she contemplated ordering us to sit together in order to shut me up =.= haha but in high school we talked a lot too =P. Gawd I miss those times when he brought those cakes/ cookies that he baked to let us try =)

The guys with LooLoo =) Guys in 5S1 were awesome…gentlemen betul hehe and we could pretty much talk about anything

Chee Hoe, why so serious? =P

Woot! I think a junior was bullied into taking this picture for us XP

Keh Mak ❤ taught us EST

Warming up+ eating breakfast simultaneously can’t be very healthy can it? Hehe that’s our gymnast Tan Hao Ning who’s currently in New Zealand. Ladies, interested? Can cook pretty well too, it seems

Posing before debating >.<

Before graduation ceremony

Pointing at God? I’m so gonna get killed if Mr Kang sees this XP

I just realised that other than my dad there were actually other people taking pictures of me!!! *perasan*

*proud* hehe

Last memorable event in high school- Prom! or as the school admins prefer to call, Graduation Dinner =.= I was one of the emcees that night hehe and my partner was the oh-so-talented and  very crush-inducing CK XP Oh, and I can never forget what I wore…so ah ma-ish >.<


My Pre-U was done in International Education Centre (INTEC). Yup, I know the name sounds so like ‘Whoaaaaa, International Education Centre’ haha but the truth is not many people actually know the existance of this place. I mean..I didn’t too, before I obtained JPA scholarship.

While we were at INTEC we complained and complained…about how sucky Shah Alam is ie. ‘Why in Shah Alam??? It’s sooooo boring, doesn’t even have a cinema. Why not Subang or PJ???’…about the lack of chinese food ie. ‘You know if we wanna eat pork we hafta travel to Subang or Klang???’..about the dress code ie. ‘Oh nonono I’m not cold. That’s not why I’m wearing a jacket, it’s cos we hafta tutup aurat’ blablabla. However, now that we have left INTEC somehow everything didn’t seem so bad anymore. I got used to all those rules and all those examstestsquizzesassignments and I actually had a lot of fun with my friends talking crap until early in the morning and crashing at their rooms =D

First picture ever taken at INTEC haha. That’s me and my roomie Judy during riadah MMS. See how much we hated sports =P I know I look very pai kua lar but whatev. My photoshop skills are nil..I can’t PS to save my life =.=

On bad days we had to line up realllllyyyyyyy long for the bus to fetch us from Akasia to INTEC

Hottie gokila was my bising partner in Paakantyi ❤

First 18th Birthday celebration thanks to Shikin and Izzy ❤

Second 18th birthday celebration thanks to Judy ❤ I know…I’m a lucky girl haha

Kamar 1 @ Akasia 1/501. We completely rearranged the furniture lol

As the very bitchy princess who bullied Kumkum during Drama Night. On  day 1 of Sem 2 Mama Khai actually remembered me as the ‘girl in the drama’. I was soooo embarassed >.<

Haha Chee Keong, Fishy, Moky and Ang forced this onto Billy during his 18th birthday and he had to parade around Seksyen 18 and the Cemara com lab XP

Typical day in Melbourne =) 2nd and 3rd sem class, not the city. I wanna go UniMelb pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease haha I know this is starting to get annoying

BTN at Kem Bina Insan at the end of sem 2. I know a lot of people dread it but for me it was awesome cos I found my PWM then =)

Probably wondering who or what exactly is PWM huh? PWM stands for Persatuan Wanita Malaysia hahaha name courtesy of Ong Sang Geng. Clockwise from middle: Me, Shen, Koo, Mary Anne ❤

Euro finals between Spain and Germany! Didn’t expect us to watch huh..slept for like 2 hours that night and went to classes the following day haha. Shen was the only Germany supporter =P

Jillian’s 19th birthday at Secret Recipe. The usual places for birthdays in no particular order: Secret Recipe, McD, Pak Li, KFC. Wtf was I checking out the waiter or something? How come I’m the only one not looking at the camera >.<

Hari Isnin dan hari Jumaat tu hari pakai baju kurung. Ni dak Alice Springs ngan Canberra..yang lain tu Mary Anne dan Xiang Xiang lar…poyo betul. Aha I haven’t lost my touch! lol

The night both of us had nothing better to do than to camwhore using Shera’s inbuilt webcam using various props like Titi Song Hui Ching and Tiki Song Hui Ting (I know! Got full name summore!!!) as seen in the picture above and then creating a random story and posting it on Shen’s blog. Other props included a fake samurai sword, spectacles and cellphones =.= Haha we used to have so much lame fun

Aack the juniors came and stole our food at Ausmat Cafe >.<  Ausmat juniors Ariff, Daniel and Dayang seen here with us backstage before Ausmat Idol

The loyal supporters haha. Just who exactly we were supporting I’m not sure but most probably Shen was supporting Fape XP

Dressing up for the Japanese Club presentation thingy. For the record, I’m not even a member haha but somehow I was involved in a few of their activities due to Shen and Gash lol kaypo betul me >.<

Volunteering at Bon Odori 2008= excuse to check out Japanese guys =P Butbutbut we did work hard, saying ‘irashaimase (spelling???)’ hundreds of times while distibuting the fans until we were so very tired >.< but of course no matter how tired we were we still had energy to camwhore lol

Before going to Malam Merentasi Zaman. Oh yeah, Me, Shen, Carolyn and Mary Anne attended like 90% of the performances, activities organised by Ausmat students while other students were busy studying. Semangat giler right? XP

Ausmat turned me into a nerd! It better be worth it sighhhh. Oh that’s no text book, it’s Gash’s compilation of horror stories…very much her cup of tea

Ehe don’t get us wrong, we’re not curly…veryvery straight thank you very much =P. We were waiting for 2 guys to try on shirts at G2000. Wait…I thought it should be the other way round? Shouldn’t guys do the waiting? =O

Always the last memorable event of any school/ college/ institution huh..Ausmat Grand Dinner with PWM minus Koo. She probably went to take pictures with Foo Qin Hao XP OMG Jillian was sooo pretty (*.*)

I *heart* you girls loads. I miss you so much can cry I tell you T.T

I think I stopped being coherant halfway through writing this post. Incidentally I took 4 days to write this! So unproductive I know but I really had lotsa fun reminiscing =)

Disclaimer: Most pictures from INTEC days courtesy of Shen. Thanks ❤

ps/ I just watched the first four episodes of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 back-to-back. OMG oh-so-addictive! ALMOST as addictive as gossip girl =D

I’m still aliveeeee!!!

Been away. For more than a year. Haha

IknewitIknewit, I don’t have the commitment or the determination haha. I truly, absolutely, totally, completely respect those people who blog like everyday or if not, then every other day. And ok, if  it’s not respect then it’s just awe. Don’t these people have other things to do? Other than taking tons of pictures to be uploaded on their blogs, that is. Hmm maybe I’m just jealous lol.  Also, I’m lazy when it comes to taking photos cos I’d rather be experiencing whatever it is than snapsnapsnap on my (very pink and imaginary) Sony Cybershot T700 =P

Ausmat is over, so I’m now at home being very very free, which I totally love =D. I love everything Penang-ish. I love being able to wake up anytime I want. I love not having any plans of what to do for the whole day. I love the LCD TV at home. I love Starworld. I love chick-lit. I love mum’s cooking. I love playing The Sims Urbz on PS2. I love my Pepper. I love talking about absolute nonsense with my bro. I love my babes even though I’ve only met them like once since I came back. I love wearing anything I want to (or not wear haha) now that there are no rules to adhere to

BUTTTTTT I miss my PWM =/// Oh sorrow of sorrows. Why does this always happen? You get used to something you don’t like (ie Shah Alam, dress codes, curfew, lack of TV) because there are people that make these bearable for you (PWM, NGO etcetc..haha and no, I don’t just have these few friends ok? They just play a more important part in my college life than other people) and just as you get used to it and slightly more comfortable, everything is robbed away from you and you have to say bye =(

Pictures from a time when Rafi was the ‘It Place’ and teh-o-ais+ indo mee single was the ‘biasa’. When dress codes were followed and examsassignmentsquizzestests was the normal routine =)