Chero Chero!

Homeless No More!

One less worry haha. What with the floods in Queensland and worries about crocodiles and snakes that might get too friendly with me and anxiety at leaving my family and friends AGAIN, it’s nice to know that at least we are gonna have a roof above our heads.

The property’s at 2/162 Highland Tce St Lucia. Can someone tell me what Tce is? Anyway…it’s around 20 minutes walk from campus, according to Chia Yee. 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. $450 is honestly quite expensive for a 2 bedroom house but at least it looks quite nice online lol. That’s the thing, you know what I said about how you actually have to be there to inspect the houses and stuff before you can lease it? Well we didn’t..we took the risk and sent in our applications after seeing the pictures online and reading what the real estate agents wrote


$450 p.w.


2 bedroom fully furnished unit will sleep 3 people, 1 bathroom, new appliances, spacious bedrooms, each unit has private entrance. Modern furniture and fittings. Easy walk to UQ, bus stop and St Lucia Shops.

Please tell me we didn’t make a hasty mistake in a desperate attempt to get a roof above our heads

Some pictures haha

nice looking couch hehe

I like this room but I think it’s the master bedroom lol. I’m paying extra to have the single room cos I’m totally not used to sleeping with another person on the same bed haha and I like my privacy even though Koo and Shen are both awesome ❤

I think this is my room but I’m not sure lol

bathroom. I really hope it has a washing machine like the Sandford Street one we initially wanted. Anyway…to tell you the truth, my favourite part of the Sandford Street house was the bathroom. A bathroom’s an awfully inportant place haha and I do love those bowl-like sinks =)

3 more days till I’m leaving. OMG. And I’m 92% packed. My suitcase can’t fit anything more in it so I guess even if I had managed to apply for the extra 10 kg baggage allowance I would have needed another bag lol. Anyway..according to the bathroom scale my Samsonite’s 19kg…but I don’t know if there’s any defect…cos I always ended up heavier in other scales when compared to the one at home lol. But I reckon if it’s just a teensy bit overweight it wouldn’t matter, right? RIGHT????


Clouds Are Fluffy Cotton Candy-Like Things

Random title hehe

My parents organised a farewell party last Saturday. It was an on-off-on again-off again-on again thingy (sorta like Meredith and Derek’s relationship in Grey’s Anatomy lol). There were so many factors ie who to invite; what to order; should we cater or barbeque etcetc. In the end my parents just invited my family members from the paternal and maternal side and also my Dad’s PFS gang haha.

We had barbeque, nasi kandar, cakes and konnyaku jelly etcetc.

Blah I didn’t have any mood to snap pictures. I’m weird like that. I hate farewells boo. I guess part of me was scared that I’d see me trying to act oh-so-happy in all the pictures and failing to do so =(

I did get loads of ang paos though heh heh heh and also a Puma jacket, a Swatch watch and a cuddly furry soft toy. I am super duper appreciative of everything and so touched that people love me like that but when I unwrapped the presents I felt and strange sense of -I can’t put a word on it- Is is reluctance? I mean, I didn’t feel OMG MUAHAHAHA I GOT SO MANY AWESOME STUFF! LALALA I AM SOOOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED TO BE LEAVING FOR BRISBANE MUAHAHA. I WILL FIND HOT SURFER GUYS THERE MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, instead I felt homesick already. And veryveryvery reluctant to leave everything that matters behind. All the gifts made everything feel so real.

I find it difficult to sleep lately.

I toss and turn. My heart palpitates. It feels so full it gets heavy. I second-guess my decision. Should I have taken the safe route and go to Form 6 after SPM then proceed to USM which is a 15-minutes-ride from home? Then I think..nah hell no! I’ve always wanted this. I’ve always wanted to study overseas. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so suck it up and act like an adult. But I can’t suck it up. I worry about everything from the possibility of my luggage being overweight and whether our application for accomodation will be approved or not and why do other students get 30kg baggage allowance but we only get 20?

My heart. It is heavy.

The darkness consumes me as I lie awake at night.

I am starting to miss my family already. When my Mum tells me to be careful and study hard and always always ALWAYS wear sunblock and don’t smoke don’t drink look out for nice guys lol or when Bro tells me that he loves me then proceed to bully me or when I cuddle with Pepper I hold back tears. I do it so vehemently. So determinedly because I don’t want them to see me break down. Not yet.

The clouds. They are fluffy cotton candy-like things.

On another note, today’s a public holiday (Thaipusam) so the Dad’s PFS gang went for a morning walk at Sin Hock mountain (hehehe) and then for dim sum (Julia kept pronouncing the ‘dim’ like how you would pronounce it in this sentence: OMG how can he be so dim? and everyone kept laughing and she said ‘Then why is it spelled as ‘dim’ and not ‘tim’ ar?hehehehehe). And then everyone met again at 12.15 for a seafood lunch at Batu Maung. Super full today foo. Oh yeah, today’s Chap Goh Meh so Ah Ma cooked bubur chacha nomnomnom.

Ah this is the photo of the day! Presenting Lee Wey Lyn ❤

We were at Forever 21 and she was on the phone and I started piling the bag and the necklace and the hat on her hehe

p/s You know that you are over someone when you think of him and all you want for him is to be happy. And when your friends talk about him your facial expression doesn’t change. And when you hear that he is in love in your heart you wish him good luck =) hehe

11 Days..

..till I’ll be leaving for Brisbane!

Thank God for Shen and her Uncle Jovie who works at MAS lol. If not for him we’ll still be waiting for calls from the sponsors telling us when we’re flying. Apparently we’re flying on Valentine’s Day haha..9am flight so have to be there at 5am(!!!). The plane will transit at Sydney first before proceeding to Brisbane…by the time we reach Brisbane it’ll be like 10 or 11pm already.

My parents and I are taking Air Asia down to KL on Friday night. Bro’s not coming cos he has replacement class on Saturday..ahem I didn’t know school’s that important to him..which is a good thing and all, but I am after all his one and only sister. Le sigh.

I’ve started packing some stuff into the gigantic Samsonite luggage..leaving the brand new United Colors of Benetton one at home cos the Samsonite’s bigger. I’m so very afraid of overpacking…there is no ‘pack light’ in my dictionary. Chee Keong called me yesterday and taught me how to apply for extra 10kgs..God I hope it works. I feel so ‘mm seh tak’ so many things =(

So many people for that matter =(

And Penang too =( When I was young I used to say that I’d leave home at 18 (very influenced by Ang Moh culture I tell you..hehe). Back then 18 seemed like such a long way to my 12-year-old mind 18 seemed oh-so-worldly, independant and mature. Well I’m 19-years-old now (20 in November) and I don’t feel wordly..or independant..or mature. Leaving Penang for Shah Alam in 2007 made me realise how important my home and my family and friends was to me. But at least I’d still get to go back home during the holidays or even during weekends. Now I’d only get to do it once a year, at most.

Choong Xiang Xiang is growing up..flying off and leaving so many people and things and even a part of her heart behind. Sometimes I envy those people my age who are wayyy mature and independant and refined than me. I suddenly don’t feel that anymore. I want to be Mummy and Daddy’s little girl. =( Ok unrelistic and a waste of resources for that matter..what’s the use of a daughter that never grows up haha..butbutbut still Le sigh.

Don’t get me wrong..I’m blessed and I truly appreciate all the opportunities that I have..I just feel ‘keberatan’, know what I mean?

On a happier note, Lijia and Liyin are going to NZ at the end of this year and they asked me to join them too

Lijia: Eh come with us to NZ lar. We’ll go stay with Limin

Me: But I’m going home for summer hols

Lijia: Summer hols is like 3 months =.= Just go NZ 2 or 3 weeks nia ma

Me: Limin has extra rooms ar?

Lijia: Got!

Me: Yay!


Gute Reise Amir Othman!

I know you’ll definitely see this cos you are the only person I know who *gasp* subscribes to my blog haha.

Ok…I actually tried translating everything into German using Google Translate but then when I translated back to English to see how it would look like I just gave up lol. Cos it was so disjointed and it didn’t make much sense haha.

Sooo…you’re flying to Germany soon =) =( which is awesome and stuff…but at the same time..who’s gonna ask me to go gigs anymore? Haha and who else will have your persistence to keep asking me out when all I want to do is stay at home and not do anything productive…ahem sorry bout that haha.

Thanks for everything introduced me to loads of new things ie new/weird music (I don’ think I would have discovered jazz if it wasn’t for you), weird-ass podcasts (but I’ve never tried listening to them haha) and the tv thingy (which name I’ve already forgotten lol). I’ll definitely never forget the time we took so long to go back from Batu Ferringhi to my house cos you were driving at a constant 40km/h hehe…or how messed-up the GPS was..or how we ended up on Penang bridge and had to pay the RM7 toll to turn back cos we were talking so much until we took the wrong exit haha.

I know you say that you don’t think we’re ever gonna meet each other after this..but I think you’re wrong. Well, for one, I already know your ‘how are you?’ trick…so you can’t fool me even if you forget who I am lol. And Penang’s not thattt small lar.

Lol zhi pai skills a bit off cos haven’t camwhored in a while

Ok better…but blur >.< huhu Amir looked so a bunny XP

Drinking my ‘overpriced shit’ haha and ‘which is why you should drink your friends”

Finishing it boohoo

Ich werde Sie vermissen =)

Alle die besten in Deutschland! ❤

This is for You, Pinky Pong <3

I finally know how you felt when I left for Shah Alam last year because now you’re leaving Penang for KL and this time it’s more permanent than ever.

I’m scared…in a way that I’ve never known. What if we lose contact? What if we no longer text each other almost every day? What if we no longer tell each other everything? What if we find new people to share everything with? What if we are so caught up with our new lives that we no longer have time for each other? You know how much I hate saying goodbyes, sentimental cry-baby that I am.

However, I know we have to have faith and this is only life and it’s normal and blablabla (the usual lol)

So babe, this one’s for you =D

The 12 years that we’ve known each other, and counting. First day of Standard 1 in 1K- you were so tall then and I was so short, and it’s still the same now

The burger patties that your mum always made for you to bring to school and ended up being eaten by me

The hugs

The laughter

The tears

The times in your houses- old and new, and mine

The phone calls that went on for hours

The random things we talked about

The boyfriends in our lives and the many more crushes lol

The one lucky dude both of us were interested in and I told you we shouldn’t fight over it cos girlfriends are more important than boyfriends

You were not only a girlfriend, you were and are a Babe

The obsessions we used to have- your’s was Hoobastank, graffiti and Sims 2 and mine was Jet and Simple Plan

The cheesecake that we baked in Form 3 and everybody thought we bought it

My first exposure to eyeliner thanks to you and all the subsequent super long text messages discussing make up techniques

The super long text messages that took such a long time to be fully updated

The changing room moments

The first person I called if anything happened and if I didn’t, you’d call me

The many telepathic moments

The piercings together

The movies together (even the black-and-white Just My Luck)

The times at Prangin Mall, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall

The music we shared

The makan sessions

The pancakes we shared and the many more to come

The same opinions we had on so many things

The weird names we gave each other

The pillow talk sessions

The camwhore sessions

I love you babe! Good luck in everything that you do =D I know you will be awesome in anything that you end up doing


Fancy Pantsy ❤