Chero Chero!


Whee I finally got back my shopping mojo thanks to the ‘hasil’ that the sponsors gave us. I shall refer to the sponsors as my 3rd Ah Kong here lol.

Bought some stuff in preparation for Aussie..but since Queensland’s weather is quite moderate (coldest is only 10 degree Celsius in winter which Moky who is in Michigan swears that ‘you can still go naked and feel warm’ haha) and Li Jia has already bought some winter clothes for me from Japan (back then we didn’t know where I was going or even whether I would be able to fly to Aussie lol), so didn’t need to buy much stuff actually. Also, Dad bought a bright blue United Colors of Benetton luggage that comes with a miniature version for hand carry for me last time, so that’s settled too.

Dad bought me my pink camera (how’s Cammie? or Pinko (since Pinky’s my babe lol)? My camera needs a name haha…old Fujitsu notebook was called Notey and the Toshiba one I’m using now is called Lappie (?) ). Dad also upgraded my Lappie (?)’s RAM and bought a 250GB external hard disc and new laptop bag for me. Might buy 2 webcams and microphones soon hehe.

Mum bought me pants and a white blouse from Padini and also this pair of pumps from Elle.

Elle pumps, originally RM 149. After discount RM 74.50

I bought these other stuff thanks to 3rd Ah Kong..muahaha and I also treated my family to breakfast at Coffee Bean last Sunday. I love this feeling haha ❤

Levi’s jeans, RM 249+ RM 10 for alteration (sewed back the original hem (??)) The new one’s on the left, I just wanted to compare it with the old one hehe

Ipanema sandals, RM 74.90 New stock..just arrived in stores on Tuesday lol. Comes with a flower pot and some seeds cos Giselle’s theme this year is ‘Seeds’ =). Oh yeah..sexiest shoe box I ever had haha

Esprit wallet, originally RM 129.90. After discount RM 64.95

Adidas sling bag, originally RM 79.90. After discount RM 39.90

Rbk socks, originally RM 13.90. After discount RM 9.70; Puma socks, originally RM 12.90. After discount RM 9.00; PDI socks, RM 13 for 3 pairs

Queensland guide book that comes with additional travel pack map, RM 49.90

Photochromic spectacles, RM 220

Wheee~~~ I don’t really know what else is needed lol


Thank you Mummy!

For giving me a bottle of F by Ferragamo!

Smells really nice…floral and flirty hehe. I love it ❤