Chero Chero!

Niu Nian Kuai Le!

[Disclaimer: UUUURRRGH I was almost done with this post and suddenly everything went blank! TWICE! WTF is wrong with wordpress???]

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! Gong xi fa cai =D

Some pictures taken before and during CNY:

Ingredients for fruit cake that Mum made. I know fruit cakes are more Christmassy instead of Chinese New Year-ish but who cares as long as it’s good, right? In previous years we (and by ‘we’ I mean Mum doing almost everything while I occasionally beat the batter and wash up lol) baked chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies and minty chocolate moist cake..but not anymore =/

Leaving them on a rack to cool down

Sa Chap Meh (Chinese New Year Eve)

The Choong family’s reunion dinner is always ALWAYS steamboat. I know some people eat normal stuff like kiam chai ak etc but this is already like a tradition for us hehe. Nothing like ‘eh who took my abalone???’ to bond a family, eh? Reunion dinners for this side of the family is not thattt big a deal cos everyone’s in Penang (I won’t be in 13-days-time!!!) and our family’s not that big so we still meet quite often. The picture above shows what was left AFTER we had had our share…the BEFORE would be like 3 times that haha.

With Mum and cousins Gene and Ray


Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Ah Kong always scoops the food for Ah Ma awww =)

Everyone adjourned to the living room after that. Last time us grandchildren used to play firecrackers but not anymore (maybe when we pai tee kong?). Seems like the CNY atmosphere ain’t what it used to be, huh? =(

I’m the eldest that’s kinda hard to believe..ahem

Cousins Jacyn, Carmen and Cassandra ❤

Chay It (First day of the Lunar month)

Cheng ang ang! Haha Dad looks angry cos he was getting impatient ‘Wanna go Ah Ma’s house already some more take pictures! Don’t sio!’ hehe

‘SPM liao ai kut lat’ =DD

Back to Ah Kong and Ah Ma’s house we went. Breakfast is always the leftover steamboat stuff with either cintan mee/ mee sua/ koay teow.

The oldest member of the family and the youngest..hehe

Ah Kong’s the eldest son in his family so every year all his siblings plus their children plus their grandchildren will come to Ah Kong’s house on the first day of CNY.


‘Huh? Really?’ hehehe nah I made that up.

Kuih kapit is my favourite-testtesttesttest New Year cookie everrr. I finished 3 quaters of a bottle of it even before CNY lol

All the grandchildren ❤

After lunch at paternal grandparents’ house we went back for a rest but we were soon called back cos another sibling of Ah Kong was there. Tres tired lol

After that we went to maternal grandma’s house in town

‘All mineee!!!’

Woot me love pineapple jam tarts…uh after kuih kapit that is..hehe. These ones were made by Ah Ma and Tua Ee…awesomely yummy

Li Yang, Bro and Li Tatt. Heh heh heh Li Tatt got Mr Good Looking for Penang Inti’s HSC program. Heh heh heh

Liyin! Remember her from my Hanoi post? Which reminds me…I still haven’t posted about the second part of the trip hehe. God she’s so pretty and photogenic..go check out her blog and you will know what I mean XD

That evening we went to Suk suk (Dad’s younger Bro)’s place cos his birthday was coincidentally on Chay It so there was a birthday cum CNY celebration

Barbequeing before the other guests arrived. I ateateate so much >.<

After that (omg yea we went to so many places and spent almost the whole day outside) we went to Uncle Kah Beng’s house (also a tradition!). My childhood friends lol..we’ve known each other the moment we were born (is it possible?) cos our dads have been friends since their PFS days..hehe.

The wives..haha

The uncles with their canggih super expensive cameras =O

Loads of food..nomnomnom. I ate again..seriously I have zero self-control..even though I was already very full I couldn’t stop myself from eating the cakes and cookies etcetc. The whole day was full of eating lol

Chay Ji (Second day of the Lunar Month)

Every year on Chay Ji we will all congregate at maternal grandma’s house and she would single-handedly prepare loads of food to feed her sons and daughters, wife (new addition to the family!) and husbands  and their children lol. So this year Mum and all the ees decided to have a pot luck instead, so that all the burden would not be on Ah Ma’s shoulders alone.

Tua Ee preparing the batter for roti jala

Heh heh heh me preparing spaghetti sauce (not 100% my work lar but hehe). I look funny lol

We had sate, roti jala with curry chicken, KFC, pizza, Vietnamese poh piah, spaghetti, roast chicken and home made yee sang (the box of store-brought yee sang in the picture constituted like 10% of the total amount of yee sang we ate haha).

nomnomnom ate loads again ehe.

Yee sang! Ji Ku and Ji Kim in the background hehe.

Everyone getting their chopsticks ready

Lou Hei!!!

Us cousins =) that’s not everyone though. Reunion dinners at the Chew side of the family are bigger deals cos of the large number of people..also, many of us are scattered everywhere haha. Missing was Ji Ee and family who are in Singapore, Limin and husband in New Zealand, Lijia in Japan, Wee Lyn in Singapore and Say Han Ee and family in Kuching.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

woot need to eat less liao haha


I Don’t Want To Be The Girl Who Laughs The Loudest Anymore

Yup, there you go.

New Year’s Resolution baybehs

This year, I resolve to:

– be happy

– drive better

– be a better daughter, sister, owner, friend and possibly girlfriend hehe

– learn to cook (which is inevitable seeing as I’m leaving Malaysia soon. OMG.)

– have more self-control

– lose weight (hehehe I’m getting thinner, did I tell you that? =D but my arms and butt resolutely remain the same lol)

– exercise *groans*

– make an effort to stay in touch with my friends scattered around the whole world

– prioritise better

– budget better (no more getting broke! and hopefully still have lots left for vacations =D)

Happy New Year! Cheers =D

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Shen dan jie kuai le! Selamat Hari Natal! Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal! Kurisumasu Omedeto! Sung Tan Chuk Ha! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Froehliche Weihnachten! Buone Feste Natalizie!

Yes I know degree of exclamation mark usage is driving you nuts but all in the spirit of festivities, no?

Have fun this Christmas, I know I will. Our Christmas tradition is either a traditional Christmas turkey complete with stuffing and salad, mash potatoes etc and a barbeque but I wonder whether there will be any turkeys available this year, with the bird flu scare and all. And yes, our Christmas is very much food-related..hehe.

Thank you Uncle Sin Hock =D