Chero Chero!


And I don’t think I can finish studying everything.

Yet here I am.

ps/ Is it really thattt bad if all I aim for in tertiary education is just to pass and get a degree?

pps/ in UQ’s BVsc program, 2nd year courses start counting towards honours…not 1st year courses…hmm. Still, refer to first ps



On a hiatus…because I desperately need to study (need versus want eh?)

Anyway…4 courses but 6 papers because VETS1022 Veterinary Biology and Histology has separate theory and practical papers and VETS1018 Veterinary Professional Studies has 2 separate portions examined.

Whatev…starts on the 16th June and ends on the 24th. 1st Swot Vac now…9 more to come lol. BTW, is it Swot Vac or Swat Vac? After exam, woohoo Seaworld here I come. Ahhh the glorious prospect of winter break stretching in front of me. But I’m no longer going to Melbourne due to the worsening swine flu situation..I am THAT kiasi haha. 5 years here anyway…plenty of time

Oyea…my family is coming over at the end of the year and then we are going back to Malaysia together! yay!

Okay…metabolism…non-protein nitrogen, transamination blahblahblah =/

Life On The Fast Lane?

The new header plus blog title is just an experiment…I might change it back to Shiny Sparkly Nothingness or even to something else…I am total crap at these designing header stuff. Teach me?

‘Life on the fast lane’ lacks originality pfft…and doesn’t suit my blog I think…I don’t jetset, or do a multitude of awesome new stuff..In fact, I’m just your regular 1st year vet student who procrastinates, is vain, enjoys shopping, food and checking out hot guys…nothing about my life screams ‘FAST LANE!!!’

Any ideas for a new header and blog title?

Lalala study group at Hawken Library later =)

Exam starts on June 16th =/

Nerd mode needs to be FINALLY activated! wish me luck, guys lol

95.60 TER!!!

Which is 0.40 away from UniMelb but omgomg at least I can fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I don’t hafta go India!!!!!!! Lalala I’m gonna call IDP later =D

Sex On My Mind

Haha just kidding.

My mind only has the capacity for one thing and one thing only- 17th December! And also which movie I’m gonna watch with Amir tomorrow lol

Results will be out on 17th December 8.30 am South Australian time which translates to 6.30 am Malaysian time. Sigh with a capital S =/ My whole future depends on it and I wish I spent more time studying last time instead of playing so much garhhh

If my SPM results was a fluke shot please let me have another fluke shot….thank kewww =)

I Was Kidnapped

And brought to Ipoh. To eat nga choi kai at Lou Wong. Period.

Haha thanks to the kidnappers Darren, Alicia and Pinky for not telling me accidentally on purpose that we were still going to Ipoh even after I said I couldn’t go and I innocently assumed that we were gonna eat at Penang.

No pictures cos yea…like I said, I’m not really into taking lotsa lotsa pictures even though I enjoy looking at them after that. Also I was kinda starving by the time we reached Ipoh..haha. Damn…the juicy, tender nga choi kai and the hor fun is making me salivate just typing about it T.T

Thank yewww Darren for belanja-ing and driving super fast so we didn’t take ages to reach lol.

The lengths we go to just for food =P

ps/ Another few more hours to go???? I don’t know whether I can sleep tonight. Wonder if the results are gonna be announced on the 15th or the week commencing it T.T

pps/ I wanna fly!!!! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let me fly!!!! To Aussie not to India. Please. Tolong. Qiu qiu ni. T.T

Only 3 More Days to Go!!!!!

Until SSABSA or SACE Board results are released, that is

I bet every Ausmat 19nian is nervous/ scared/ hyperventilating. Penantian itu memang penyeksaan T.T

Hmm I wonder if John is the only one with the ability or peace of mind that can chillex right now

Fingers crossed darlings..hope all of us fly =)