Chero Chero!

Sea World!

Went to Sea World on June 29th with Shen, Chong Hao, Sze Luan, Danny, Swee Kee, Jessica and Emilia. Remember the $70 ticket for Q150 that we bought? Well, Sea World was the only world that we had not gone yet. Kai Xiang was supposed to join us but he was going back to Malaysia the following day and he was afraid that because of the lack of rest will jatuh sakit and kena quarantine in Malaysia T.T Dude, you seriously missed an awesome day lahh

On the train to Gold Coast..journey took an hour plus

Sea World!!!! Most of the people there were families with little children, unlike Movie World that had mostly teenagers

Pink tights haha

The first thing you see when you enter is this huge-ass man-made lake for Waterski Wipeout and that’s when you realise that Sea World’s the biggest theme park among the 3 haha.

Pelicans…they stank T.T

I love this picture lol. There was this short cable car ride that extends from 1 end of the theme park to the other end. My camera beh pai la haha

The first show we watched was the seal show..

HUGEEEE seal haha

“Talk to the hand” XD

*clappity clap*

Paiseh…seriously though, how did they train all the seals? It was so awesome…they were so cute and blubbery haha. There were a lot of others but I reckon the huge one was the watak utama (sastera, anyone? haha)

Sesame Street Beach…the budak place with all the budak rides

Nice angle =D

Uh..the second show lol

Check out the audience…we were the oldest non-child-accompanying people haha

But these two die-hard Sesame Street fans were very excited…and they even sang along haha XD

The person inside Elmo was oh-so-flexible lol..I reckon it’s a girl…oh a super gay guy..sorry =P

My favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy and in awe OMG. My genetics lecturer studies dolphins…can I study dolphins too? haha. Anyway, I remember seeing a dolphin show in Sentosa, Singapore when I was 12 and this one beats that hands down lol


Dolphin surfing haha…The chick was standing on two dolphins…how??????

Back stroke lol

Did I mention that I love dolphins? ❤

I have a very flattened face…I am well-aware of that haha

Unfortunately my camera’s battery sorta died after the dolphin show because I did not recharge them. The following pictures (other than the last 2) are courtesy of Swee Kee…I stole them from Facebook heh heh

The rides! We only managed to sit 2 rides…the Jet Rescue which is the newest and coolest ride was not operating =/ Sea World is more visually-orientated I suppose..cos the main attractions are the shows and the animals…but they have a few rides too..and these rides are not as thrilling or scary as the ones in Movie World

Cyclone…not really scary..this one’s the first 3-loop-cyclone in Australia/ QLD though

Polar bear…kesian la alone only..and it seems quite hot inside =/

Penguins! Haha there are tiny first I thought they were all babies…but apparently this species is naturally tiny and they are only found in Aussie and NZ. Seagulls are slightly larger than them and 1 stood near them and the ones on the shore started to huddle together and some of them even jumped into the water hahaha so funny cute

The shark reef aquarium was really cool too…Reef ray says hi =D

*cue Jaws music*

What fish is this Gabriel Tan???? Looks so weird right? Chong Hao them said that they are flower horns but I thought flower horns are aggresive? And how come these ones look so…armoured? haha

So excited going up the cable car hehe

View from the cable car…there were dolphins in the water haha

While waiting for the last show we went to, which was Waterski Wipeout

Floating car! We saw people wake boarding, surfing, waterski-ing etc….those people were pros!

And the most awesome trick..human pyramid =D

Ahh…what better way to end the day than with pictures of sunset taken from the monorail  station =)

Coast of gold =D


Holiday mode *activated*!

Exams are over pheww…and I think I totally screwed up BIOC1011….but I really hope to scrape a pass =/ When Shan said that ‘throughout these 5 years, 90% of you will have to take supplementary exams some time or another’, I really thought that it was just an overstatement….but now…sigh…if I hafta take supp test will the sponsors stop sponsoring me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Arrgh…anyway…I’ll worry about this when I really know the results sighh

Anyway…to happier things!

After my second last paper, Animal husbandry haha…Chong Hao fetched the 3 piglets plus Gabriel to Sunnybank for foooooood. That’s you didn’t think that BrisVegas has tauhua hey =) But the 4 biji thingies are dunno what Shinimaju (????) dough…that actually taste like unround tang yuan lol. Belum habis exam but I was already acting like it was over lol


The night before VETS1018 Evaluation exam…while looking through potential bias, confounding and evidence types I got bored haha. BTW everytime I skype with my family my bro will say that my nose is big…..and I just realised that..OMG it is!!!!!! But that’s all right…people with huge noses end up doing awesome things *nods sagely* I mean, check out Jackie Chan! haha

Bet you didn’t think that I would dare to wear this ensemble =P Some liyinism might be wearing off me lol..I wore this for the 1018 exam and the jalan-jalan after that. Oh yeah, a random dude said ‘konichiwa’ to me in Southbank and I laughed haha…Oh well, the jacket’s from Japan anyway =D

On the citycat to South Bank! Tinatinatina hahahaa

We (as in the vetkids woohoo) wanted to watch Transformers and The Proposal butbutbutbutbut it was the first day of screening and all Transformers tickets for the day were sold out!!! (I went to Southbank just now too and they’re all sold out for the day too…so laku…but anyway..I watched it at Indooroopilly mall just now hehe). So we bought The Proposal tickets and tried to kill 3 hours lol

Cold Rock! Caramel mudcake + Tiramisu with free Violet Crumble mix-in =D Check out my ring hehe

We still had wayyyyy too much time before the movie started so we went to check out the market in the city that they have on on wednesdays

Well..okok nia =P

Hanna, Nellyn, Tina and Jillian

OMG charms in a jewellery shop…so freaking cute!!!! *hinthint*

Group shot..FAILED

Lol anyway I didn’t take any pictures after that but we loitered around the city some more…like going to Myers and reading Japanese and Cantonese phrase books that teach you pick-up lines and phrases you might use during sex among other things muahaha. When we FINALLY got to watch the movie…OMG IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Proposal is the type of movie that you know what’s gonna happen..but the script is so witty and sarcastic which makes it non-cliche, non-lame, non-cheesy and so sweet and awwwww ❤ And have you seen the puppy??????? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that I brought them to dinner at Korean restaurant Madtongsan =)

Today I woke up at 2..ahem…and went for Transformers at Indooroopilly mall which is within walking distance from my house with Gabriel and Sze Luan…The first Transformers beats this one hands down lol…but it was ok..and Megan Fox was freaking hawt!!! I really wonder if there are guys who go there just to watch her lol. We had dinner in Southbank after that..felt like drinking but didn’t bring passport…Gabriel had but BWS was closed when we went there

I seriously wonder what I’m going to do in this 1 month..I mean, the Sydney plan has been cancelled due to the on-again NZ gang coming thing (it was an on-off-and now it’s on again thing). Before that there was my Melbourne plan but I didn’t follow through..because haven’t you heard about the flu babi?? And now…really…what to do? what to do? other than rot at home that is..But really, rotting at home wouldn’tt be that difficult for me..I rotted at home for 6 months after SPM and before going to INTEC lol. But over here…somehow i feel like I should be doing something more productive like…working? I don’t have any working experience though…I wonder who would hire me T.T

Oh..and also, I really cannot tahan when I kena pang pui ki consecutively +.+ and especially by people I love…sigh

I might prepare a resume (but really, what does someone with no previous working experience other than a 1 week pay-free stint at a vet clinic write in her resume?)…after I get some rotting at home and watching movie marathons done (we rented 7 movies…No Reservations, Joy Luck Club, Girl with Pearl Earring, The Closer, The Other Boleyn Girl, Tuck Everlasting and Pigs from Blockbuster for $10.95…which is cheap I suppose…but I can get a pirated dvd from Batu Ferringhi for RM4 lol..oh and anyway..we hafta return them by this Saturday…so MOVIE MARATHON!!!)

Mamak Night Sem 1 09′

Mamak Night organised by UQMSA! How could we resist the temptation of roti canai, kuih-muih, beef rendang, kari ayam, teh tarik etcetc…mmmmm

But first things first…getting ready! hohum…well, Mamak Night’s not like a hugeee formal social event or whatever…but the 3 of us are vain and we use every opportunity to attempt to dress up haha

Hehe this picture is cute ❤

Hungry Malaysians queing up for the oh-so-precious taste from home haha. The event was held at the rooftop terrace at Building 39 which is Collin or something like that haha


Everyone busy eating…nomnomnom

And the end results haha

Kak Huda who was the first senior who was so nice to us here and let us stay at her house for like the first week we were here…most AWESOME senior ever haha. yeah, I got high on nothing yesterday during Mamak Night and I’m getting high on nothing typing this too… =.=

With Diyana who is an INTEC senior

Danny Ler busy talking on the phone with muka serious haha

Malaysians haha. It was really nice to hang out with so many Malaysians and ‘lah, ma, I oso wan!!!!, kan? whatlahyou =D’ till our hearts’ content hehe. Usually if not for these events, it would be difficult to meet up with these people…what with different courses and all.

Kai Xiang, Gaby, Your’s truly, Piglet Shen, Danny, Haziq Kenji haha and Sze Luan the ‘Short, Fat Red Riding Hood’ (Chong Hao 2009) LMAO

Nah…why so elusive Gabriel haha


Chong Hao with some of the committee members

This picture is blur >.< and I look fugly but I think it’s funny so I’m posting it here to. Ahem…ah the sacrifices I make to entertain my readers XD. These are the residents of 162 Highland Tce past and present minus Koo and Blacky

Amirul, sorry I don’t know your name and Danny. Budak engineering all of them…haha I realise that most of my friends here who are not from INTEC are taking engineering

Ah we had sooo much fun. Look how happy we were =DDD

BUTBUTBUT Amirul told me that because we hadn’t hung out for so long, when I waved to him (in my very excited way hehe) his first though was that I am now phat, fta, taf FAT. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well his word was ‘plumper’ la…BUTBUTBUT STILLLLLLLLLL
Dammit no more KFC la been eating KFC at least once a week for the past few weeks on the insistence of Koo Shuk Kuan who I swear is addicted to KFC. KFC is Keep Fat Coming (Kai Xiang, Gabriel 2009)

Zhuo Wen hahahaha

In the bus on the way back to Indooroopilly. My failed attempt at zhi pai-ing lol

Reflection of us haha. Creepy but cool la

With a random Korean dude hehe. No la it’s just Gabriel =D

Okay I’m going city with my girls soon…gonna get ready!

Still high lol

Jom Jalan-Jalan Kat Gold Coast!

Haha Gold Coast this time! Been there thrice lol

Movie World

The Brissy Gang plus Danny’s sister who was visiting at that time went to Movie World one Sunday. We bought the promo tickts in conjunction with Queensland’s 150th anniversary, we just paid $70 for unlimited entry to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n’ Wild until June. So far we’ve only been to Movie World and Wet n’ Wild. Eh, Chong Hao, when wanna go Sea World? Haha anyway…this promo is seriously oh-so-worth-it..because like under normal circumstances it would be like ‘3 worlds in 2 days’ for around $120? But then you have to be a QLD resident to qualify for this promo..and we are muahahahaha.

Whee~ Group photo

Main Street…notice how so many themeparks have main streets? Case in point: Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan and Movie World Gold Coast haha. It was a Sunday so it was off-peak…haha completely opposite compared to Malaysia right? The weekends here are considered off-peak while the weekdays are on-peak…Translink tickets are more expensive on weekdays lol. Anyway, it was nice cos we didn’t have to wait super long for the rides and we sat like 90% of the rides hehe. Seriously, last time when I was in Disneyland it was normal to wait for almost 3 hours for a ride T.T But the Winnie the Pooh was worth the wait la haha

Superman ride! We took it twice…and back-to-back omg total adrenaline rush..

..still alive!

Speed racer’s car lol Moo Moo looks funny cute here XD

And another car..

And another one here haha…Batmobile lol. I have so many pictures of cars cos 6 of the 7 pictures above taken from Facebook and they were uploaded by and cars

Chong Hao XD

Harbor Town & Q-Deck

During easter break the Brissy Gang went to the trip organised by UQMSA (University of Queensland Malaysian Students Association). Honestly, UQMSA is pretty good I feel..quite active la. But most of the activities are either food-related or sports-related…so guess which ones are the ones I go to? ahem.

On the way there..woohoo so semangat!

Lol they look so cute la…Koo’s like the girl version of Chong Hao and vice versa XD

Harbor Town’s a direct factory outlet sorta heaven pictures of Harbor Town cos Koo we were all so excited and semangatly shopping. We had a time limit what..and shopping’s like every Malaysian’s favourite pastime…especially if it’s discounted. And hell yeah were the stuff discounted…2 Fossil watches for only $70, Havaianas flip-flops for only $10 etcetc. But I didn’t spend the most..ahem guess who did XD

On the way to Surfers’ Paradise

Hard Rock cafe

Intec girls! haha

We loveeee our ice-cream hehe. We didn’t go to the beach though, cos it was rainy and we were hungry so we went to look out for food…and we had lunch at a Malaysian Chinese restaurant…oh-so-yummylicious. Actually, honestly though, the food at home is always the best…but when we get desperate everything Malaysian/Chinese here tastes awesome

Q-Deck is the world’s tallest residential tower


View from Q-Deck…the strip of sand is Surfer’s you can see (or not) there are not a lot of people there due to the crappy rainy weather. And oh..I can finally understand why ang moh love the sun so much…cos now it’s Autumn and it can get cold when it’s windy…and the sun’s like a sudden warmth that we can bask in haha. But I bet I won’t feel like this when it’s summer lol

Obligatory group picture hehe

Blond hair and blue eyes omg so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought only girls do this kinda toilet-mirror-shots? Ahem sorry you guys hehe

“Why can’t come out mia?” T.T

“We will save you!” hahaha

So funny cute this picture lol

Balik! So tired that most of us just fell asleep during the 1-hour-plus bus ride back. Koo wants to show off her ‘mei tui’ muahaha

Wet n’ Wild

Went to Wet n’ Wild with Chong Hao, Danny, Jess, Ernest and Amelia during easter break too

This is the only picture I have of us lol cos it was wet and it was wild haha and we kept like everything in the locker. Seriously though, I experienced how it was like to be without cell phones and watches…to some very awful consequences =/. How did people survive last time? haha

Okay..I think that concludes where we have been so far haha

Jom Jalan-Jalan kat Sunshine Coast

I have travelled around Queensland since coming here..but nowhere far lar…the furthest was also like an hour plus away only haha

Been to Sunshine Coast twice so far. The first time was with Campus Christian Movement (CCM) to Eumundi Market and Noosa Beach and the second time was to Australia Zoo with Mates @ UQ. And nolar I’m not a Christian…just joined only what haha

Eumundi Market & Noosa Beach

While waiting at UQ Chancellor’s Place bus stop, we started playing cards haha. Sigh really miss those days when nobody was stressed with everything and we constantly played cards haha

Original Eumundi Market. Original ok…not fake. Don’t support piracy XD

Didgeridoos and boomerangs

Haha very old-school

Kenji chan =P

Airbrush tattoo…which wore off like at the end of the day and then I had fairer skin where the stars were cos I got quite tanned haha

Scolding Chong Hao lol

Noosa beach! ‘People mountain people sea’ =P

Lucky guy lol

Sexxxxxyyyyyyy Koo hehe

Sand hair wash lol

Australia Zoo

Went to Australia Zoo with vet students Christina, Jillian, Diana, Shu, Maureen and the sole Pharmacy student Yen Mii hehe. The trip was organised by Mates @ UQ. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I was so excited about going to a zoo…but’s Steve Irwin’s zoo what. Get pumped! haha

What I love about the zoo is how well-organised and clean everything is. To make comparison, the camel enclosure in Malaysia’s zoos stank to high heaven but the one at Australia Zoo was stench-free. And normally enclosures for tigers would be surrounded by a moat but the one at Australia Zoo was covered with glass…as in when I stood outside the glass enclosure I was only a few cms of glass away from the tigers who stood on the other side. totally awesome! and the whole experience at Australia Zoo really made me want to work there haha….I hope I can get clinical pracs there la..woo

I patted Koala bum..

..and fed sheep! And also fed kangaroos la but I don’t have the pictures yet lol. We were so ‘omg goat kids sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! omg piglets awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..omg sheep so woolly!!!!!!!! omg cow calf sho cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!! I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ haha and then we were busy giving those farm animals body condition scores wtf hahaha

I told Maureen who’s from Canada that I have never ridden a horse (the one at Melaka Zoo whereby I just sat on the horse and the person pulled the horse around the enclosure when I was 8 not counted la) and that I have never been on a farm and she was so shocked..haha

Oh yeah…the 6 pictures above this courtesy of Shu..thanks=)

Here’s a picture of her busy taking pictures lol

With Christina and her pet. Don’t worry la Koo this is not a snake XD

Laughing Kookaburra…whee =D


I reckon it’s a good time for random pictures, no? By the way…I LOVE Fridays..absolutely do! cos I have every friday off this sem..which means except for 1 week, I have 3-day-weekends for this whole sem lol.

Anyway…fridays means sleeping in, vacuuming, doing laundry, watching Oprah and eating ❤ Me love huhu

Nah…observe closely. On the left is Korean actor Jang Dong Gun (sorry…spelling?) and on the right is my housemate and jie jie Koorazy =P

The night before we moved from 2/162 Highland Tce to Indooroopilly. Celebrated by drinking vodka and Corona…but don’t worry la…the vodka had like 5% alcohol only..and it was guava! lol check out the easter bunny

Minum sampai muke merah huhu…so cute lol. Or is it just the reflection from her shirt?

This picture taken at the new house during our Shen and Haziq seriously look like siblings here..both eyes so small mia XD

Helloooo!!!! Greetings From Brisbane, Again! Haha

Hey to the  2 remaining people still reading my blog!

I’m still alive! again…haha. And I’ve finally finally FINALLY got my own internet! Finally! omg you have no idea how difficult it has been without my own internet since I came here. The only internet I had was my student quota of 400MB per month at UQ and what Shen and Koo lent me. Well, what I’m  using now is by no means cheap…in fact, it’s pretty darn expensive! Like the cheapest you can get here is if you get your phone line and then get broadband and share it with a few people. But since both Shen and Koo already have mobile broadbands, I have nobody to share it with. And it’s definitely not worth it if it’s only one person using it. Also, since there’s only like 6 months left (omg!!) until I go back to Malaysia…and next year I’m moving to no point in getting any broadband with all the strings attached like contracts and bonds and what not. So I finally settled for prepaid mobile broadband….which is oh-so-expensive..but at least I am not bonded by any contract lalala. Sigh I really miss unlimited streamyx broadband in Malaysia =(

Alright..enough with the boring stuff. Now I’ll show you… pictures from over here =) and oh…they are by no means arraged in chronological order.


The people who went to send me off at Penang International Airport. I remember Ah Ma asking whether I was wearing that T-shirt to go to Australia and I was like “no lar I will change mia..not so selamba haha”..except that I don’t use the term ‘selamba’ with my Ah Ma la lol

Huhu after changing to shirt and blazer…seriously..the blazer was hugeeee..and oh so tutup-aurat-ty. This one’s at KLIA and just moments before I bawled my eyes out for the 8986th time at the prospect of leaving T.T


Yup yup this is my uni! Well, part of it actually…haha. These old heritage sand-stone buildings are awesome…haha I just love the architecture…all the arches with emblems from different unis and stuff. I remember during Auntie Jen and Uncle Huat’s wedding reception at Penang they showed the slideshow of the wedding photographs and I really liked those that looked like they were taken at a church or something and when I was around UQ’s Great Court when I first came here it felt familiar…and it turns out that the ‘church’ had in fact been UQ! Haha and I remember all of us used to be so in awe with the architecture and we were always taking pictures here…but now that I have class at this building, Forgan Smith almost everyday…it seems so normal to me, and most of the time I am busy rushing to class lol

Semangat taking pictures during the first week at Brisbane. And surprisingly…all of us didn’t really miss home a lot, probably cos we had one another and Brisbane was just such an interesting to be living in ❤

Woo the 3 housemates! this picture taken not during the first 2 weeks at Brisbane but during Easter break when Shen’s sister, Shir Li came over to visit

The lawns at the Great Court..which used to be our favourite place to hang out. We even named a tree there Our Tree haha. But now everyone’s so busy with rushing to lectures, completing assignments, checking out cute guys named Alex etc that we never meet there anymore. Ahh how I miss those lazy hazy days at the Great Court =/

A lot of people hang out there it to catch a nap, eat, hang out, sun bathe, study etc. But this picture was taken during summer…and it’s much colder now so not that many people there liao la haha

Our guys lol

Ang moh always lie on grass and we ‘monkey see monkey do’ too lol. But seriously though…the grass is clean and carpety and comfortable. No worries of dog poo or anything hehe

Shen used to have an obsession with little school kids in uniform lol

My uni has lakes! hehe

And on nice days that are not too hot or rainy many ducks, geese, ibis and other species of burung come out =) and I used to bring my slightly mouldy bread there to feed them

Out and about Brisbane

Regatta Toowong. I used to think that the man on top of the roof was a maskot for Regatta and then I finally out out that he was actually the maskot for XXXX beer…which I have drunk haha..when we played I Never Ever at my old house, 2/162 Highland Tce last time

Shen outside Toowong Village, which is a shopping centre in the suburb of Toowong..hehe the names here oh-so-cute mia. Like for instance I’m currently staying at the suburb Indooroopilly (pronounced ‘Indropilly’) I miss the shopping centres in Malaysia lah…like Queens Bay Mall, Gurney Plaza, 1 Utama, Midvalley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid etc cos seriously, the malls here super small mia…

Ferry terminal at Regatta Toowong. Eh did I tell you my uni has a ferry terminal too? Haha I love UQ…especially St Lucia campus la. And to think I used to be upset that I was going to UQ instead of  UniMelb =D

Nah…awesome right? View from the ferry terminal. across the horizon would be the city

Queen Street Mall at the city…which is an outdoor mall. Apparently all Aussie cities have this kinda place

Hehe LV

Part of the structure at the Anzac Memorial Complex in the city

I don’t know what building this is but I just really like it because of the architecture. Another cool thing about Brisbane is how harmoniously old heritage buildings can coexist with the new, modern buildings.

Treasury Casino in the city..which I still haven’t gone in by now lol

Koorazy and the kangaroo haha

Makan pancake at Pancake Manor with the Brissy Gang ❤

Hehehe I love this picture! Notice what Gabriel is doing? He just plucked like a blade of long leaf and is tickling Haziq’s ear muahaha

View from North Quay ferry terminal at the city. Across the river is South Bank and that’s the Wheel of Brisbane

Koo’s 20th birthday at Korean restaurant Mad Tong San

Whee walking across the bridge after that to go to South Bank. Chong Hao looks so TL haha

The wheel again haha

Nah this is freaky. cos I was looking at these pictures 1 night and I was like ‘HOLY CRAP! WHO THE HELL IS THAT???????’ check out the random girl in the background who joined us in the picture lol

South Bank’s probably my favourite place in Brisbane…just adore the atmosphere there. Haha and they have a very awesome cinema too. The cheapest we can get as students is $5.50…much more expensive if compared to Malaysia’s RM6 but oh-so-cheap compared to Melbourne’s $15. And that’s why I have watched A LOT of movies since I came here. And now that I’ve found my Movie Gang in my Vet batch I’ve been going there like 2 weeks in a row…movie plus Cold Rock’s like our routine already lol

Hahaha Haziq poyo XP

South Bank has a pool and a man-made beach too =D

Yup, we went up the Wheel of Brisbane! I reckon it was $15 well spent hehe

Hello Kitty given to Koo by Haziq and I haha

Makan yummy and affordable Chinese food at West End. And drinking Cascade Light after that haha.


Oh I feel so happy that I can finally post a proper post haha