Chero Chero!

Exploring Brisbane City!

I’ve been here since February this year, and at first sight, I loved Brisbane city. I was awed at the sight and the sounds- you know how much I love cities. However, after the novelty has worn out, ‘going to the city’ mainly means going there to shop/ eat/ hang out. I hadn’t even really explored much of the city other than the usual places we go to. So one fine day (heh heh like an essay), nero, tino, jiro and chero went exploring the city, with the help of a map and our trusty human GPS =)

First stop: Albert St Uniting Church

Only Tina, Jillian and I went there because Nellyn woke up late lol. We didn’t go in because it wasn’t open yet. A pastor (I assume) came out and invited us in but we were paiseh…and this may sound really bad, but we were also afraid that we would be stuck listening to him preaching and not know how to politely excuse ourselves ehe

Brisbane City Hall. This picture taken from the pavement outside Albert St Church

Inside city hall. The stairs lead up to the Lord Mayor’s office hehe

Old-school lift buttons. We were going up the place to take another lift up the clock tower

Old-school telephone booth and the girl who likes to take pictures with every single thing =P

We went up the clock tower on this very old-school lift (no kidding! It’s been around since 1930)

Check out the Albert St Uniting Church =)

The bells

One of the clock faces taken on the way down

The MOB (Museum of Brisbane) is also situated in the city hall (admission is free! in fact, all the touristy places we went to that day did not have admission fees…which is what I love about here hehe)

Scary much? XD

Next, we went to the Anzac Memorial Square (Tina and Jillian had planned the whole itinary for the day). I had been there before but they hadn’t

This flame never goes off

Central station opposite memorial square

Koala House? Haha wonder what they do in there…

Tina and her metallic foxy boyfriend XD

St John’s Cathedral =D My first time going to a really old-school church…you know how most churches nowadays are only normal buildings? Especially in Malaysia. I’m no christian but I really think old buildings are cool haha…uh except haunted ones T.T This church is so old-school that the bishops and other people whose titles I don’t know sorry ehe wear those ceremonial robes during service..that’s what I heard la haha.

St Martin’s House opposite the church. I reckon the bishop or whoever important lives here lol

Me loves this kinda architecture =D There were pews too! Pews!

OMG a real pipe organ!

The cathedral is an Anglican one and even Queen Elizabeth attended service here in 1954! Please excuse my use of ‘!!!!’ haha

Stain glass windows

Crap I am short T.T

Us cloud-gazing while waiting for Tina to go to the toilet haha

View of the cathedral taken from the park where we had lunch prepared by Tina =)

Remember how I always thought that this was City Hall? On account of how the city halls in Batman and other superhero movies always look like this. It’s actually Customs House

See? Haha and it belongs to the all-awesome UQ! I don’t know the purpose of Customs houses though…but there are restaurants and function rooms inside…that’s all I know lol

After that we took city cat from Riverside to Southbank

The Ferarri that so many people were clamouring to take photos with. People! It’s just a Ferarri (muahaha berlagak..haha just kidding) Anyway…I reckon the stretch pink hummer was cooler =D

We went to to Queensland Museum at Southbank. Heh I know it makes us sound so nerdy…going to two museums on the same day. Some people who think they are cool wouldn’t even be caught dead in a museum right? Anyway…let me tell you a little secret…we are boring nerds who are secretly very very very awesome XD

Jill and I doing nerdy stuff ie trying to remember the different types of dog bones we learnt and trying to apply them on dinosaurs >.<

I reckon Queensland Museum is pretty amazing =D Much more interesting stuff compared to MOB. But the cool thing about these two museums is that they change the exhibits, which is more that I can say for the museums back home. Also, I don’t remember….but we have to pay to get into museums in Malaysia hey?

=D I love taking this kinda pictures lately haha

Clouds on fire!

We went to the casino for dinner and Jill treated (or ‘shouted’ as the Aussies say it lol) us on account of our bet that says whoever gets 7(s) for the 1st end of sem exam has to treat the others. And btw if you are wondering (and you probably aren’t haha)…I got a 4 (chun chun pass haha…BIOCHEM what..what more do you expect lol) and 3 6s (distinction! haha telling my parents I got 3 distinctions sounds better than 3 6s)

$10 each for a cake, main course and coffee/ mocha/ hot chocolate/ tea etc because we signed up to become members hahaha. it’s $14 for non-members. WTF would my friends/ family think when they know that I’m a casino member =P

Salmon quiche

Beef carbonade

And after-dinner drinks at Batavia =D

I had chocogatto that I had been craving for days

Lemon Lime and Bitters recommended by your’s truly =D


On the way back from Southbank to the city to catch the bus back to Indooroopilly (which I waited for 50 minutes on account of it being a Sunday and also it was the already the last bus), saw this different lighting of the casino =D


Of Flowers and Ferry Boats

Because us vet kids have so much time in our hands this winter hols due to the no boyfriend/ family coming to visit us, not stepping out of QLD, no part-time job, we went on a picnic! Or something close to that haha

But first, we went to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium cos it was nearer to the carpark. Nellyn drove again whee

It was quite small though, only circular. But what I like about the touristy attractions here is that there is no admission fee haha.

Nellyn and Jillian were very semangat and interested. But to Tina and me, everything just seemed really colourful and sparkly and pretty lol

Some famous Russian astrology dude whose name I have forgotten ehe

Next, we went to the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens. I always thought that there was only one botanical gardens here which is the one in the city but this one is wayyyy huge

Nell and Tina were excited over the dandelions. In fact, they were super excited over many many things that day and kept asking me to take pictures of the posing with those objects of interest haha.

Woo…acrobatic eating!

The orchid and cacti place

LMAO check out the last sentence =O

I don’t know this is the try ‘yang keberapa’ lol cos we kept trying to include everyone in the picture….uhmm this will be a recurring theme throughout the day haha

Not posing

Was probably pointing at this very salah-looking cactus..eww haha

Us carrying the lunch lol

Tropical dome

Most unflattering angle everrrrr…eww

Cool fern leaves

Inside the fern house

Camwhore opportunity haha

Orange tree! My first time seeing an orange tree lol

Lunch time Take 1 failed. We had African sausages (huh? haha but they were nice nonetheless) and mash potatoes and gravy prepared by Tina and Jillian, salad made by Nellyn and chocolate chip cookies and Cadbury Flake bought by me. Heh heh proves who is the laziest of the bunch huh =P

Take yang I don’t know keberapa still fail haha

Japanese Gardens! I love these gateway thingies. Have you been to the Japanese Gardens at Bukit Tinggi? That one smells nicer haha

LMAO this picture made Tina, Jillian and I laugh non-stop XD

Smooth-looks-like-been-sandpapered tree

Bamboo plants that have been vandalised =/

After that we got tired and lazy so we drove up the remaining of the gardens (which was still a large portion of the whole place)

Freedom Wall commemorating the sacrifices of the Australian Armed Corps in World War II

Totem poles! But it smelled really really really bad there, which makes me wonder whether the lake is an effluent pool lol. However, there was still an ang moh couple chillexing/ cuddling/ sun bathing in the vicinity =O

Sounds somewhat morbid, hey? =P

Macro shot of this ‘could possibly be a sakura flower’ plant turned out quite well =D But seriously though, don’t sakuras grow on trees in Japan during spring? Operative words here being trees, Japan and spring haha

Nonetheless we were fascinated =D

Self-timer haha

Edward Cullen wannabe =P

They were also fascinated with this ‘rusty-cave like hole-whose purpose is unknown’ =.= I laughed for a full minute or two when the asked me to snap this picture lol

Us on the Aboriginal Art Trail

No more pictures of the trail because Nellyn and Tina dropped the camera I myself have never dropped before and I was pissed off/ scared I would cry/ scared I would scold someone/ simtia lol. You know how protective I am of my stuff >.< But it’s all good now, because even though my cammie has two small indentations at least the lens wasn’t damaged =)

We still had time so I suggested that we take City Cat to Apollo Road which is the last stop and back again for the view

We waited for the City Cat at Guyatt Park. I am such an artistic stalker =P

Sunset ❤

On the way to the city

The bridge connecting the city and Southbank

Kangaroo Point

Story Bridge

Customs House at Riverside that I used to think was City Hall…you know, cos the city halls in Batman etc always look somewhat like this lol


Hanging Out With The Koo Sisters

Koo’s sisters Boon and Yee came over to Brissy and we went out together for a few days =D

Harbor Town

In the train to Gold Coast (this was just the day following the Sea World trip lol..spent so much on transport =.=)

The Koo Sisters

Hahaha of course we are happy at the prospect of shopping!

We had lunch-ner at Coffee Club…funny how when you shop the food you had wayyyy early during breakfast can sustain you for such a long time

Seafood Basket $14.90 ($12.50 upon presentation of tourist priviledge card lol) and the sandwiches that were $9.90


Pretty clouds at dusk hehe

Mt Cootha

That night Chong Hao fetched us to Mt Cootha which offers a panoramic view of Brissy! We were super tired by that time but when we saw the view everyone became semangat again hehe. It’s usually quite difficult to get to Mt Cootha if you don’t have a car…there’s public transport but not at night.

=D but seriously though, my camera does the view no justice AT ALL. In real life it’s probably 1298893 times more awesome haha

The restaurant atop Mt Cootha…and a dude using super pro camera…I bet his pictures turn up wayyyyy better than our’s

Yupyupyup Mt Cootha’s also known as One Tree Hill, not just that basketball show with Chad Michael Murray in it hey

La Dolce Vita

After that we went to Park Road which has lotsa nice cafes

Little Paris =D

It’s a bit weird though that there’s a mini Eiffel Tower at La Dolce Vita..because La Dolce Vita’s Italian and isn’t the Eiffel Tower French? Why not the leaning tower instead lol

The ambience there was really nice…romantic and laidback hehe…can phak thor there XP

The pastry menu mmmmmm

Hahaha that’s the propreiter of the place I reckon..he was so funny. And check out the waiter’s expression…super cute!

I had the Hazelnut Italian Gelati Shake $5.95 (quite affordable if compared to Batavia..but the portions at Batavia are larger) was really nice…there were small nut pieces in it hehe. Everyone else loved it too lol..But I just came back from La Dolce Vita again with Tina, Jill, Nellyn and James and it didn’t taste as nice..why? and the other people didn’t like it =(

Chong Hao and Koo had the iced chocolate, also $5.95

Officially our favourite beer lol

We shared a bake cheesecake

Cool tabletop =)

Steamboat at home

Group picture!

We had a simple steamboat…oof don’t think I can type about food anymore…I feel super hungry now =/

Sisters Boon and Yee, I hope you girls had an awesome time in Brissy =D

Treasury Casino

Since we hadn’t hung out just the three of us in a long time,  we decided to get outta the house yesterday! Also..someone was quite emo what..and nothing chases emo-ness away like great girlies and awesome food haha. We remembered Auntie Jen telling us last time that there is this restaurant in Treasury Casino called Pastano and they serve affordable meals so with passport in hand, we set out to the city! After more than an hour of getting ready and getting headachey over what to wear and ‘hmm no casual footwear’ and ‘hmm should we wear heels?’ and ‘wtf no one wears heels here it’s impractical’ and ‘butbutbut heels look oh-so-sexy’ and ‘yeah, they do don’t they’ and ‘ouch this is painful’ and in the end practicality and comfort truimph over style. Oh well, this ain’t New York haha.

Outside our apartment. Yes, I do realise that I look bulky…but maybe that’s just the knitted hoodie. or maybe well…I am indeed putting on the pounds sigh

450 city express

Poyo shot haha. Koo was testing out her new Olympus camera but yeah, none of us really know how to use Olympus cameras so many of the pics are blurry. In fact, among all the pics in this Treasury Casino folder, about half are not clear haha. Who uses Olympus? Please teach my housemate =D

Outside the casino

And in case you don’t know how the casino looks like, I uploaded this picture that was taken when I first came to Brisbane haha.

Very 18oo-ish

Pastano menu. Check out the one on the right! $10 meals including main course, cake/ fruit salad and coffee/ tea/ cuppacino/ latte/ hot chocolate/ mocha etc. But that’s the price for the members of the casino. Non-members pay like $14, which is quite worth it too actually. But the membership is free and I reckon if we wanna continue going there we should probably join haha. Casino membership for the food =P

We reached there at 5.20pm and it was not opened yet! We had to wait until 6pm

So we loitered around…and camwhored haha and checked out hot dealer dudes. We were probably 3 of the youngest people in the whole casino (hmm maybe there were younger ang mohs too la but they probably looked more mature than us)

Hmm where to go to…so we went to the toilet lol. There are responsible gambling posters and brochures in there

Ahh…and then there was this fine-dining restaurant called Marco Polo which looked so classy and omg and Shen says she wants to have her birthday there (let’s all ignore that, eh? XD)

*nods head*

We wandered around and apparently all the top floors house the hotel rooms and this is sorta like the mini lobby outside a few of the rooms

‘Got an idea!’

Family portrait haha

Getting bored sighhhh and hungry lol…6pm cepatlah datang. And then and then 2 of the staff came and asked us whether we were house guests and we said no and we were halau-ed from  the mini lobby place cos apparently it’s only for the guests..hehe ahem.

5.55pm there was already a line outside Pastano!


Hehe mango daiquiri, $4

Koo’s battered fish strips with sweet and sour sauce and seafood fried rice

Shen and I had Chicken and Mushroom vol-au-vent with mash and salad. Yummilicious!

Choc mud cake, Cheesecake and Lemon cheesecake


We finished everything in less than 10 minutes maybe..haha and we got sooooo full until Shen couldn’t even drink the coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate thingy hehe. The plan of after-meal drinks at Batavia was cancelled cos we had difficulty moving after that lol

It was a satisfying meal mhmmm and I think we will definitely go there again..after getting membership perhaps? haha I wonder what my parents will think if I tell them I have a casino membership card lol XD

A Week in My Life

Since Pinky Pong said that people who are not in my Brissy Gang might be interested in what I actually do on a day-to-day basis, I have decided to start a personal project called- not imaginatively- Project A Week In My Life. The whole point of it is to chronicle random stuff that I do here because I am self-obsessed like that Just because la haha =D

Monday (11-5-09)

I was very semangat in taking pictures on Monday haha. as you can see i’m definitely not a morning person =/

Healthy breakfast =D But sometimes I don’t have time so I just eat a granola bar while walking to catch the bus..sometimes I have yoghurt but don’t think I’m so healthy cos I snack a lot in class haha

I go through all these products when I get ready every morning…is it even a wonder that it takes me such a long time to get ready >.<

Mondays usually I only have class from 1 to 2pm (heh heh envy me right? no classes on every Fridays too muahaha…eh I know I keep bragging about this but let me have my fun while I can cos no more free Fridays next sem =/) but this Monday we had bone prac. I love studying about bones…it’s just really interesting. I know it is a pain learning all those names and remembering the functions and what articulates with what…but it’s all really interesting (muahaha I sound like such a nerd)

My prac partners: Diana from Singapore and Cindy from Hong Kong. Cindy’s getting married in June! She’ll officially be my first friend who gets married haha

Kitty cat

Hehe very cute la the horns…this one’s a goat

Piggy with a dislocated phalanges (?) haha. By the way…I seriously did not expect the pig to be so hugeee. Like for this one, if I stretched my arms from 1 end to another the length would still be shorter than the length of the pig skeleton


Moo moo

After that I had a 3-hour-break before the class at 1 and Cindy was going to Sunnybank which is an Asian suburb to have a hair cut so I followed her too..supposedly to check out the price

But I got a hair cut too! The hairstylists there were all Korean and only 1 of them really spoke English haha. It was $23 which is not super cheap la but I felt that it was worth it cos I was so happy =D

My new hair cut ❤ Whee I love how she so expertly made my hair curl inwards using a hair straightening iron. I was so unwilling to wash my hair that night lol. The following morning I actually semangatly woke up early and attempted to curl my hair like the hairstylist did using Shen’s hair straightening iron but I failed miserably and commencing from that day I was like ‘screw it sleep is more important’ hehe

Oh this is Phoenix from Hong Kong whose studying wildlife…he got a hair cut too =D After everyone had their hair cut we went to wait for the bus back to UQ but there was still some time so we went to yum cha =DDDD It’s my first time yum cha-ing in Brisbane cos I never followed all the times Shen and Koo went lol. We were all very happy after nice hair cuts and yummy dim sum =D What better way to start a Monday eh

Saw all these cockatiels near the UQ Lakes bus stop when we came back from Sunnybank haha

Had class and went to play with the cats I’m volunteering with…forgot to take pictures of them though. Will post them up when I have them haha

While waiting for the bus to go back to Indooroopilly

Wednesday (13-5-09)

In BIOC1011 which I am totally blur about. This is not my whole class though cos a lot of people already have credit for Biochem. Comparatively, vet science it quite small…my batch has around 120 people only

We went to Woolies to buy groceries after class and Sara Lee ice-cream was only $5.92 (originally $8) and the three siao char bors bought a tub each (yup…even though I already have another tub of lemon sorbet ehe…and the rate that I eat is wayy slower than Shen and Koo)


Obviously the tub on the right belongs to Shen..who else can eat at such a fast rate hehe

Thursday (14-5-09)

During our break Tina, Jillian and I had nothing to do so we went down to the lakes

Tina’s a happy girl when she sees the cute ducks haha

‘ Talk to the hand’ XD

Quack quack

Eel-like fish lol

Friday (15-5-09)

Went to Southbank for Ghost of Girlfriends’ Past with Tina, Jillian, Nellyn, Kai Xiang and Tina and Jillian’s housemate Connie. I have been going for movies like once every week with Tina and Jillian for the past few weeks…Woo and I wonder why my money disappears so quickly =/. But I love movies though…and I’m going for Angels and Demons with the Brissy Gang tomorrow lol

My favourite place in Brisbane is Southbank =DDDDD

Nellyn and I ❤

Heh heh heh…we eat Cold Rock everytime we watch movies at Southbank. Incidentally, I found out from Oriana that it’s called Cold Stone in US. Cold Rock sounds so much nicer la haha

Lotsa people enjoying the sun

There were quite a lot of seagulls at Southbank that day. I was so jakun-ly excited haha. I don’t remember whether I have seen seagulls in Malaysia. There are seagulls there right? haha

Huhu sho see I’m so jakun =.=….but seriously though…cute right? haha

Koo’s hubby City Cat!

Saw this building from the bus on the way back to Indooroopilly…so cool right? It’s so geometrical haha. The bus was moving but the picture turned out pretty good eh =D

I guess that concludes this week’s randomness hehe. It’s not really a week pun…cos it’s only Monday to Friday ehe

New House!

Hoho I should be doing my VETS1018 assignments now eek..but I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug again whee~

Update: I started this draft on tuesday and I have since finished those assignments muahaha

So yeah…been through a lot of shit regarding the whole accomodation thing. At first it was the lack of any houses that we could book online that scared us. And then we finally managed to get a lease under Elite Real Estate Agency for a house at Highland Tce. In retrospect it was foolish of us to get bonded to a place without actually inspectinmg it at first…because when we first reached there it was hell. The house was not really what we was underground, small and quite dark..and to add to that, it didn’t have electricity supply at all wtf. The first week there we managed to survive thanks to Huda and Ciktie who let us stay with them at Hawken Drive….seriously felt so paise cos initially we planned to stay there for like 2 nights until we moved in to our own place..manatau we ended up staying there for almost a week! Anyway, although we grew to like the smallish underground at Highland Tce, it came with its own set of problems like kaypo neighbours, bad reception for phones and internet and the fact that it was like a hidden house…as it the building has been renovated so that it has 3 units…1 on ground level and 2 on lower level…so our house was like the hidden secret one…if people walked pass it they would have thought that it was just 1 main unit.

Anyway…supposedly the kaypo neighbour went to report to Brisbane City Council about the house…and when City Council came to was found that our house did not comply with the Fire Safety Regulations. Apparently, a building can only have a total of 5 people and our’s had 9 (3 people in each unit). Therefore, we had to move out…seriously felt like shit that time. Can you imagine trying to find a suitable place to live in the middle of term? Thank God for Shen and Koo…they seriously saved us haha.<3  We were so angry at the real estate agent and the owner of the house…if it was not compliant with fire safety regulations then why did they rent it out to so many people in the first place, right? So unscrupulous. And when we went to Uni’s Student Accomodation Services to ask about our rights regarding this issue it seems that it is not the real estate agent’s fault and that we coulnd’t get back any compensation. total wtf right? So yeah…totally rugi on our bond.

We found a place at Indooroopilly though…and I think it’s a blessing in disguise..This new place is sooo much better although we are paying the same price as the old one. The only thing is that we have to travel every morning to uni.

Pictures of the old house:

Living room cum dining area cum Shen’s study area

Kitchen cum place where washing machine is…very weird la the structure…as in when you walk into our unit the first place you walk into is the kitchen haha

Toilet…love the lights

My old room was quite dark la cos sorta underground and there was only a small window..sounds quite sad right? But I did like it last time la…had a hugeeee built-in closet but no mirror

And now *drumroll* pictures of the new house!!!

Ahem first thing that greets you when you enter our apartment is the shoes haha…girls love shoes and there’s no denying that =D

living room and dining area. theme is dark wood and leather sofas…our pride and joy though, is the flat screen tv haha (maybe only Shen and I feel this way cos Koo rarely watches tv lol). Seriously, the tv is so canggih that it has a built-in DVD player and it has a USB dock where you can just plug in your ipod or pendrive and play music hehe. We haven’t figured out how to play movies directly from pendrives yet though. Also, the reception of tv channels here is wayyyy better cos probably this one does not need those antenna thingies…I dunno hehe. Oh yeah…we have 2 air-conditioners too…1 in the living room and another in Shen and Koo’s room. Also, we have ceiling fans (haha I know this is like no big deal in Malaysia…but you would be surprised to find out that the majority of houses here do not have ceiling fans)

Kitchen =D

With oven and microwave included. But the one time I tried to bake potatoes in the oven I failed horribly ahem…cos after an hour or so they were still cold…and I haven’t tried since then ehe.

main balcony with another table and 6 chairs

my room hehe. It’s comparatively smaller than the old one but wayyy nicer. I have my own balcony too but I don’t use it la..The mirrors are the sliding doors to my closet

Hehe budak quilt cover set…cos these kiddy types are the cheapest. My pillow says ‘Girls Rock’ =.= However, I have found out that most of my Malaysian friends here use the kiddy ones too haha…so maybe there’s no need to be embarassed haha

Ahem…I so rarely study…but these are my books lol. No more photocopying whole books like what we used to do in INTEC due to super strict copyright laws here so we had to buy them =/ Apparently, for some books not related to Veterinary Science it’s much cheaper to get them from Malaysia. For example, I think the BIOS Instant Notes for BIOC1011 cost $80 here whereas it’s only RM66.60 in Malaysia…But I only bought the Veterinary Dictionary, Dissection of the Dog and Wheater’s Functional Histology…if I need the others I’ll just borrow from the library…something which I haven’t done yet too…ehe. Shhh….but I think for the whole BIOC1011 I am completely blur =/

My toilet…hehehe my own bathroom aite =D Cos Shen and Koo share the masterbedroom and it has an ensuite bathroom so this one’s all mine except when we do our laundry. Yup, I have my own bath too but I just shower la…don’t wanna waste water haha.

So yeah…that’s my new house at Indooroopilly…not bad right haha

Here’s a picture of our resident turtle Titi Song Hui Ching


Jom Jalan-Jalan Kat Gold Coast!

Haha Gold Coast this time! Been there thrice lol

Movie World

The Brissy Gang plus Danny’s sister who was visiting at that time went to Movie World one Sunday. We bought the promo tickts in conjunction with Queensland’s 150th anniversary, we just paid $70 for unlimited entry to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n’ Wild until June. So far we’ve only been to Movie World and Wet n’ Wild. Eh, Chong Hao, when wanna go Sea World? Haha anyway…this promo is seriously oh-so-worth-it..because like under normal circumstances it would be like ‘3 worlds in 2 days’ for around $120? But then you have to be a QLD resident to qualify for this promo..and we are muahahahaha.

Whee~ Group photo

Main Street…notice how so many themeparks have main streets? Case in point: Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan and Movie World Gold Coast haha. It was a Sunday so it was off-peak…haha completely opposite compared to Malaysia right? The weekends here are considered off-peak while the weekdays are on-peak…Translink tickets are more expensive on weekdays lol. Anyway, it was nice cos we didn’t have to wait super long for the rides and we sat like 90% of the rides hehe. Seriously, last time when I was in Disneyland it was normal to wait for almost 3 hours for a ride T.T But the Winnie the Pooh was worth the wait la haha

Superman ride! We took it twice…and back-to-back omg total adrenaline rush..

..still alive!

Speed racer’s car lol Moo Moo looks funny cute here XD

And another car..

And another one here haha…Batmobile lol. I have so many pictures of cars cos 6 of the 7 pictures above taken from Facebook and they were uploaded by and cars

Chong Hao XD

Harbor Town & Q-Deck

During easter break the Brissy Gang went to the trip organised by UQMSA (University of Queensland Malaysian Students Association). Honestly, UQMSA is pretty good I feel..quite active la. But most of the activities are either food-related or sports-related…so guess which ones are the ones I go to? ahem.

On the way there..woohoo so semangat!

Lol they look so cute la…Koo’s like the girl version of Chong Hao and vice versa XD

Harbor Town’s a direct factory outlet sorta heaven pictures of Harbor Town cos Koo we were all so excited and semangatly shopping. We had a time limit what..and shopping’s like every Malaysian’s favourite pastime…especially if it’s discounted. And hell yeah were the stuff discounted…2 Fossil watches for only $70, Havaianas flip-flops for only $10 etcetc. But I didn’t spend the most..ahem guess who did XD

On the way to Surfers’ Paradise

Hard Rock cafe

Intec girls! haha

We loveeee our ice-cream hehe. We didn’t go to the beach though, cos it was rainy and we were hungry so we went to look out for food…and we had lunch at a Malaysian Chinese restaurant…oh-so-yummylicious. Actually, honestly though, the food at home is always the best…but when we get desperate everything Malaysian/Chinese here tastes awesome

Q-Deck is the world’s tallest residential tower


View from Q-Deck…the strip of sand is Surfer’s you can see (or not) there are not a lot of people there due to the crappy rainy weather. And oh..I can finally understand why ang moh love the sun so much…cos now it’s Autumn and it can get cold when it’s windy…and the sun’s like a sudden warmth that we can bask in haha. But I bet I won’t feel like this when it’s summer lol

Obligatory group picture hehe

Blond hair and blue eyes omg so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought only girls do this kinda toilet-mirror-shots? Ahem sorry you guys hehe

“Why can’t come out mia?” T.T

“We will save you!” hahaha

So funny cute this picture lol

Balik! So tired that most of us just fell asleep during the 1-hour-plus bus ride back. Koo wants to show off her ‘mei tui’ muahaha

Wet n’ Wild

Went to Wet n’ Wild with Chong Hao, Danny, Jess, Ernest and Amelia during easter break too

This is the only picture I have of us lol cos it was wet and it was wild haha and we kept like everything in the locker. Seriously though, I experienced how it was like to be without cell phones and watches…to some very awful consequences =/. How did people survive last time? haha

Okay..I think that concludes where we have been so far haha

Jom Jalan-Jalan kat Sunshine Coast

I have travelled around Queensland since coming here..but nowhere far lar…the furthest was also like an hour plus away only haha

Been to Sunshine Coast twice so far. The first time was with Campus Christian Movement (CCM) to Eumundi Market and Noosa Beach and the second time was to Australia Zoo with Mates @ UQ. And nolar I’m not a Christian…just joined only what haha

Eumundi Market & Noosa Beach

While waiting at UQ Chancellor’s Place bus stop, we started playing cards haha. Sigh really miss those days when nobody was stressed with everything and we constantly played cards haha

Original Eumundi Market. Original ok…not fake. Don’t support piracy XD

Didgeridoos and boomerangs

Haha very old-school

Kenji chan =P

Airbrush tattoo…which wore off like at the end of the day and then I had fairer skin where the stars were cos I got quite tanned haha

Scolding Chong Hao lol

Noosa beach! ‘People mountain people sea’ =P

Lucky guy lol

Sexxxxxyyyyyyy Koo hehe

Sand hair wash lol

Australia Zoo

Went to Australia Zoo with vet students Christina, Jillian, Diana, Shu, Maureen and the sole Pharmacy student Yen Mii hehe. The trip was organised by Mates @ UQ. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I was so excited about going to a zoo…but’s Steve Irwin’s zoo what. Get pumped! haha

What I love about the zoo is how well-organised and clean everything is. To make comparison, the camel enclosure in Malaysia’s zoos stank to high heaven but the one at Australia Zoo was stench-free. And normally enclosures for tigers would be surrounded by a moat but the one at Australia Zoo was covered with glass…as in when I stood outside the glass enclosure I was only a few cms of glass away from the tigers who stood on the other side. totally awesome! and the whole experience at Australia Zoo really made me want to work there haha….I hope I can get clinical pracs there la..woo

I patted Koala bum..

..and fed sheep! And also fed kangaroos la but I don’t have the pictures yet lol. We were so ‘omg goat kids sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! omg piglets awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..omg sheep so woolly!!!!!!!! omg cow calf sho cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!! I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ haha and then we were busy giving those farm animals body condition scores wtf hahaha

I told Maureen who’s from Canada that I have never ridden a horse (the one at Melaka Zoo whereby I just sat on the horse and the person pulled the horse around the enclosure when I was 8 not counted la) and that I have never been on a farm and she was so shocked..haha

Oh yeah…the 6 pictures above this courtesy of Shu..thanks=)

Here’s a picture of her busy taking pictures lol

With Christina and her pet. Don’t worry la Koo this is not a snake XD

Laughing Kookaburra…whee =D


I reckon it’s a good time for random pictures, no? By the way…I LOVE Fridays..absolutely do! cos I have every friday off this sem..which means except for 1 week, I have 3-day-weekends for this whole sem lol.

Anyway…fridays means sleeping in, vacuuming, doing laundry, watching Oprah and eating ❤ Me love huhu

Nah…observe closely. On the left is Korean actor Jang Dong Gun (sorry…spelling?) and on the right is my housemate and jie jie Koorazy =P

The night before we moved from 2/162 Highland Tce to Indooroopilly. Celebrated by drinking vodka and Corona…but don’t worry la…the vodka had like 5% alcohol only..and it was guava! lol check out the easter bunny

Minum sampai muke merah huhu…so cute lol. Or is it just the reflection from her shirt?

This picture taken at the new house during our Shen and Haziq seriously look like siblings here..both eyes so small mia XD

Helloooo!!!! Greetings From Brisbane, Again! Haha

Hey to the  2 remaining people still reading my blog!

I’m still alive! again…haha. And I’ve finally finally FINALLY got my own internet! Finally! omg you have no idea how difficult it has been without my own internet since I came here. The only internet I had was my student quota of 400MB per month at UQ and what Shen and Koo lent me. Well, what I’m  using now is by no means cheap…in fact, it’s pretty darn expensive! Like the cheapest you can get here is if you get your phone line and then get broadband and share it with a few people. But since both Shen and Koo already have mobile broadbands, I have nobody to share it with. And it’s definitely not worth it if it’s only one person using it. Also, since there’s only like 6 months left (omg!!) until I go back to Malaysia…and next year I’m moving to no point in getting any broadband with all the strings attached like contracts and bonds and what not. So I finally settled for prepaid mobile broadband….which is oh-so-expensive..but at least I am not bonded by any contract lalala. Sigh I really miss unlimited streamyx broadband in Malaysia =(

Alright..enough with the boring stuff. Now I’ll show you… pictures from over here =) and oh…they are by no means arraged in chronological order.


The people who went to send me off at Penang International Airport. I remember Ah Ma asking whether I was wearing that T-shirt to go to Australia and I was like “no lar I will change mia..not so selamba haha”..except that I don’t use the term ‘selamba’ with my Ah Ma la lol

Huhu after changing to shirt and blazer…seriously..the blazer was hugeeee..and oh so tutup-aurat-ty. This one’s at KLIA and just moments before I bawled my eyes out for the 8986th time at the prospect of leaving T.T


Yup yup this is my uni! Well, part of it actually…haha. These old heritage sand-stone buildings are awesome…haha I just love the architecture…all the arches with emblems from different unis and stuff. I remember during Auntie Jen and Uncle Huat’s wedding reception at Penang they showed the slideshow of the wedding photographs and I really liked those that looked like they were taken at a church or something and when I was around UQ’s Great Court when I first came here it felt familiar…and it turns out that the ‘church’ had in fact been UQ! Haha and I remember all of us used to be so in awe with the architecture and we were always taking pictures here…but now that I have class at this building, Forgan Smith almost everyday…it seems so normal to me, and most of the time I am busy rushing to class lol

Semangat taking pictures during the first week at Brisbane. And surprisingly…all of us didn’t really miss home a lot, probably cos we had one another and Brisbane was just such an interesting to be living in ❤

Woo the 3 housemates! this picture taken not during the first 2 weeks at Brisbane but during Easter break when Shen’s sister, Shir Li came over to visit

The lawns at the Great Court..which used to be our favourite place to hang out. We even named a tree there Our Tree haha. But now everyone’s so busy with rushing to lectures, completing assignments, checking out cute guys named Alex etc that we never meet there anymore. Ahh how I miss those lazy hazy days at the Great Court =/

A lot of people hang out there it to catch a nap, eat, hang out, sun bathe, study etc. But this picture was taken during summer…and it’s much colder now so not that many people there liao la haha

Our guys lol

Ang moh always lie on grass and we ‘monkey see monkey do’ too lol. But seriously though…the grass is clean and carpety and comfortable. No worries of dog poo or anything hehe

Shen used to have an obsession with little school kids in uniform lol

My uni has lakes! hehe

And on nice days that are not too hot or rainy many ducks, geese, ibis and other species of burung come out =) and I used to bring my slightly mouldy bread there to feed them

Out and about Brisbane

Regatta Toowong. I used to think that the man on top of the roof was a maskot for Regatta and then I finally out out that he was actually the maskot for XXXX beer…which I have drunk haha..when we played I Never Ever at my old house, 2/162 Highland Tce last time

Shen outside Toowong Village, which is a shopping centre in the suburb of Toowong..hehe the names here oh-so-cute mia. Like for instance I’m currently staying at the suburb Indooroopilly (pronounced ‘Indropilly’) I miss the shopping centres in Malaysia lah…like Queens Bay Mall, Gurney Plaza, 1 Utama, Midvalley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid etc cos seriously, the malls here super small mia…

Ferry terminal at Regatta Toowong. Eh did I tell you my uni has a ferry terminal too? Haha I love UQ…especially St Lucia campus la. And to think I used to be upset that I was going to UQ instead of  UniMelb =D

Nah…awesome right? View from the ferry terminal. across the horizon would be the city

Queen Street Mall at the city…which is an outdoor mall. Apparently all Aussie cities have this kinda place

Hehe LV

Part of the structure at the Anzac Memorial Complex in the city

I don’t know what building this is but I just really like it because of the architecture. Another cool thing about Brisbane is how harmoniously old heritage buildings can coexist with the new, modern buildings.

Treasury Casino in the city..which I still haven’t gone in by now lol

Koorazy and the kangaroo haha

Makan pancake at Pancake Manor with the Brissy Gang ❤

Hehehe I love this picture! Notice what Gabriel is doing? He just plucked like a blade of long leaf and is tickling Haziq’s ear muahaha

View from North Quay ferry terminal at the city. Across the river is South Bank and that’s the Wheel of Brisbane

Koo’s 20th birthday at Korean restaurant Mad Tong San

Whee walking across the bridge after that to go to South Bank. Chong Hao looks so TL haha

The wheel again haha

Nah this is freaky. cos I was looking at these pictures 1 night and I was like ‘HOLY CRAP! WHO THE HELL IS THAT???????’ check out the random girl in the background who joined us in the picture lol

South Bank’s probably my favourite place in Brisbane…just adore the atmosphere there. Haha and they have a very awesome cinema too. The cheapest we can get as students is $5.50…much more expensive if compared to Malaysia’s RM6 but oh-so-cheap compared to Melbourne’s $15. And that’s why I have watched A LOT of movies since I came here. And now that I’ve found my Movie Gang in my Vet batch I’ve been going there like 2 weeks in a row…movie plus Cold Rock’s like our routine already lol

Hahaha Haziq poyo XP

South Bank has a pool and a man-made beach too =D

Yup, we went up the Wheel of Brisbane! I reckon it was $15 well spent hehe

Hello Kitty given to Koo by Haziq and I haha

Makan yummy and affordable Chinese food at West End. And drinking Cascade Light after that haha.


Oh I feel so happy that I can finally post a proper post haha