Chero Chero!

It’s Not Easy To Find Someone Who…

… wants you for who you are

… accepts all your quirks and randomness

… thinks you are pretty amazing

… cooks for you

… brings you to Ikea just because you suddenly felt like eating Ikea meatballs

… carries your heavy Locomotion and Digestion books for you and when you forget to get them back for classes the following day, brings them back for you that night itself

… doesn’t mind waiting for you

… eats spicy food with you because you love spicy food even though he doesn’t

… walks you back everytime

… takes care of you when you are sick

… carries you despite your protests that you are heavy and puts you on his lap

…tries to restore your faith in relationships

… shaves a lot more frequently because you like clean-shaven guys

… accompanies you to meet someone in the city because he worries about you going back alone at night

And the best part is, I did not even purposely try to find that person =D


Boom Boom Pow =D

At Last

Honestly, who else stayed up to watch the Inauguration of the 44th president of the US like me? Hehe it was seriously a historical moment =D

I almost cried (there were definitely tears in my eyes lol) when I saw the President dancing the First Dance with the First Lady to Beyonce’s rendition of At Last. At Last is like my all-time-favourite-classic-romantic-song. I never heard the whole song before this but this song makes lots of appearances in various rom-coms. And everytime I listen to this song in movies (most probably at the end where there’s dancing between the main characters and the end up kissing to the soaring music of At Last) I will inevitably cry. Haha yea cry baby I am. When If I ever get married, I want this song to be the main one whereby the bride and groom take their first dance. Lol I’m such a hopeless romantic =P

All together now ‘AWWWW’ shoshweet OMG the way the danced and looked at each other. Wow. ❤