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I Used To Write Better

Was just reading through my old posts and I realised that there has been a very obvious shift in terms of the usage  and diversity of words in my posts. While I used to write quite cohesively, with the use of sophiticated words (heh heh if I may say so), my recent posts mostly consists of pictures and crap English. Damn


Whoosh How Ironic

It’s so weird that once I make up my mind that singledom is best for me this happens =S

OMG should I go? Whatever entails would be so much more complicated and confusing and possibly heartbreaking but then when it works you feel so happy and contented…kinda like doing algebra, or C++ sighh

Maybe I’m thinking too much about it and the truth is it’s nothing like what I imagine it’s gonna be. It could be just 2 friends going out…yupyup, that’s it

We’ll just see how it goes hey

update: tak jadi cos no more dimsum after 3pm lol

Pffft..Ode To Singledom

It took me such a long time to finally understand the merits of singledom.

Before I came here my mum aunts etc kept asking me too ‘look out for good guys’ lol I don’t know why they are so kancheong…I am not even 20 yet afterall. So anyway…of course that was quite programmed in my mind..I mean, new place, new people…something could indeed happen. And when nothing did, of course there was the frusfration and the helplessness and the embarassment. And in an ironic twist, it took me the observation of an ex and his girlfriend to finally, FINALLY understand that being in a relationship isn’t all it’s hyped up to be, when in my mind being in a relationship is the best and I always lamented about singledom even when my coupled friends tell me that if they could choose they would want to be single now.

When I see how he treats her sometimes I get quite upset…she is such a good girl and deserves so much more…so many people think so. It hurts me to see her apologizing for things that are not her fault, or always being so forgiving, or always acting different in front of us and in front of him. Sigh it is none of my concern and I’m sorry for being kaypo, but she is my close friend and I just do not enjoy looking at her upset because of him.

Seriously though, I ask myself how the hell did I ever like/love him whenever he treats her crappily. Could it have been the looks? Now I feel that he was so vain and way too proud of the looks. Could it have been the wisecracks? They just sound annoying and discriminating now. I reckon I finally can see him for who he is now that I’m not blinded too…but maybe I’m too biased now too. Sigh…who needs a boyfriend anyway..sure it’s sweet and aww and I love you baby and kissing is fun and so is making out but I reckon trading that for freedom and going out with whoever I want and doing whatever I want and not need to report to anyone is awesome too. One thing crappy about being single is feeling like the fifth wheel whenever you are with your coupled friends though.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts that I very foolishly published to the whole freaking world wtf. So sorry if I’ve offended anyone

Holiday mode *activated*!

Exams are over pheww…and I think I totally screwed up BIOC1011….but I really hope to scrape a pass =/ When Shan said that ‘throughout these 5 years, 90% of you will have to take supplementary exams some time or another’, I really thought that it was just an overstatement….but now…sigh…if I hafta take supp test will the sponsors stop sponsoring me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Arrgh…anyway…I’ll worry about this when I really know the results sighh

Anyway…to happier things!

After my second last paper, Animal husbandry haha…Chong Hao fetched the 3 piglets plus Gabriel to Sunnybank for foooooood. That’s you didn’t think that BrisVegas has tauhua hey =) But the 4 biji thingies are dunno what Shinimaju (????) dough…that actually taste like unround tang yuan lol. Belum habis exam but I was already acting like it was over lol


The night before VETS1018 Evaluation exam…while looking through potential bias, confounding and evidence types I got bored haha. BTW everytime I skype with my family my bro will say that my nose is big…..and I just realised that..OMG it is!!!!!! But that’s all right…people with huge noses end up doing awesome things *nods sagely* I mean, check out Jackie Chan! haha

Bet you didn’t think that I would dare to wear this ensemble =P Some liyinism might be wearing off me lol..I wore this for the 1018 exam and the jalan-jalan after that. Oh yeah, a random dude said ‘konichiwa’ to me in Southbank and I laughed haha…Oh well, the jacket’s from Japan anyway =D

On the citycat to South Bank! Tinatinatina hahahaa

We (as in the vetkids woohoo) wanted to watch Transformers and The Proposal butbutbutbutbut it was the first day of screening and all Transformers tickets for the day were sold out!!! (I went to Southbank just now too and they’re all sold out for the day too…so laku…but anyway..I watched it at Indooroopilly mall just now hehe). So we bought The Proposal tickets and tried to kill 3 hours lol

Cold Rock! Caramel mudcake + Tiramisu with free Violet Crumble mix-in =D Check out my ring hehe

We still had wayyyyy too much time before the movie started so we went to check out the market in the city that they have on on wednesdays

Well..okok nia =P

Hanna, Nellyn, Tina and Jillian

OMG charms in a jewellery shop…so freaking cute!!!! *hinthint*

Group shot..FAILED

Lol anyway I didn’t take any pictures after that but we loitered around the city some more…like going to Myers and reading Japanese and Cantonese phrase books that teach you pick-up lines and phrases you might use during sex among other things muahaha. When we FINALLY got to watch the movie…OMG IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Proposal is the type of movie that you know what’s gonna happen..but the script is so witty and sarcastic which makes it non-cliche, non-lame, non-cheesy and so sweet and awwwww ❤ And have you seen the puppy??????? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that I brought them to dinner at Korean restaurant Madtongsan =)

Today I woke up at 2..ahem…and went for Transformers at Indooroopilly mall which is within walking distance from my house with Gabriel and Sze Luan…The first Transformers beats this one hands down lol…but it was ok..and Megan Fox was freaking hawt!!! I really wonder if there are guys who go there just to watch her lol. We had dinner in Southbank after that..felt like drinking but didn’t bring passport…Gabriel had but BWS was closed when we went there

I seriously wonder what I’m going to do in this 1 month..I mean, the Sydney plan has been cancelled due to the on-again NZ gang coming thing (it was an on-off-and now it’s on again thing). Before that there was my Melbourne plan but I didn’t follow through..because haven’t you heard about the flu babi?? And now…really…what to do? what to do? other than rot at home that is..But really, rotting at home wouldn’tt be that difficult for me..I rotted at home for 6 months after SPM and before going to INTEC lol. But over here…somehow i feel like I should be doing something more productive like…working? I don’t have any working experience though…I wonder who would hire me T.T

Oh..and also, I really cannot tahan when I kena pang pui ki consecutively +.+ and especially by people I love…sigh

I might prepare a resume (but really, what does someone with no previous working experience other than a 1 week pay-free stint at a vet clinic write in her resume?)…after I get some rotting at home and watching movie marathons done (we rented 7 movies…No Reservations, Joy Luck Club, Girl with Pearl Earring, The Closer, The Other Boleyn Girl, Tuck Everlasting and Pigs from Blockbuster for $10.95…which is cheap I suppose…but I can get a pirated dvd from Batu Ferringhi for RM4 lol..oh and anyway..we hafta return them by this Saturday…so MOVIE MARATHON!!!)

Damn, like the shinkansen time freaking zooms pass

I was on the shinkansen (bullet train) once when I went to Japan with my family..and when you stand outside and the train passes you it’s like ‘whoaaaaaa awesome cos it’s just sooooooooooooooo fast’ and it’s just a blur but when you are inside, you can still see everything clearly and it really does’t feel that fast when you are inside. And I think in essence, this is what my whole 1st sem of being a uni student has been like.

I had noooo idea time would fly by like that…really…today (as in tomorrow as in thusday) is the last day of classes for this sem OMG. OMGOMGOMG. where did all the time go? I remember the wednesday of the first week of classes where I sat next to this tall ang moh dude with curly hair that you just feel like sticking your hand into (haha it might be just me) Angus who said to me, after that lecture ‘Yay, we’re halfway through the week!’ and I laughed and he said ‘…of the first week, of the first sem, of the first year haha’ lol…and it did seem like such a long time to go didn’t it?

It’s 2 am now and I’m still awake because I keep falling asleep at 10 something when I have to study. Sheesh, wonder why when I facebook I can facebook till late at night. And anyway, I wanted to skype with my parents and they were waiting for me but I had already fallen asleep. Arrrgh I need to study……..Swotvac starts next week…how can I put all that information into my brain? =(


This post is just pure rambling sigh. I wished I could have known that time would pass by so quickly when I was watching movies at South Bank, or eating at Korean restaurants in the city, or going to the city just for the hell of it, or eating dim sum at Sunnybank etc

Oh, hi there doggy bones that I loaned overnight from the AD lab…let’s study for skeleton now and hopefully still wake up in time for 10am classes tomorrow!

New House!

Hoho I should be doing my VETS1018 assignments now eek..but I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug again whee~

Update: I started this draft on tuesday and I have since finished those assignments muahaha

So yeah…been through a lot of shit regarding the whole accomodation thing. At first it was the lack of any houses that we could book online that scared us. And then we finally managed to get a lease under Elite Real Estate Agency for a house at Highland Tce. In retrospect it was foolish of us to get bonded to a place without actually inspectinmg it at first…because when we first reached there it was hell. The house was not really what we was underground, small and quite dark..and to add to that, it didn’t have electricity supply at all wtf. The first week there we managed to survive thanks to Huda and Ciktie who let us stay with them at Hawken Drive….seriously felt so paise cos initially we planned to stay there for like 2 nights until we moved in to our own place..manatau we ended up staying there for almost a week! Anyway, although we grew to like the smallish underground at Highland Tce, it came with its own set of problems like kaypo neighbours, bad reception for phones and internet and the fact that it was like a hidden house…as it the building has been renovated so that it has 3 units…1 on ground level and 2 on lower level…so our house was like the hidden secret one…if people walked pass it they would have thought that it was just 1 main unit.

Anyway…supposedly the kaypo neighbour went to report to Brisbane City Council about the house…and when City Council came to was found that our house did not comply with the Fire Safety Regulations. Apparently, a building can only have a total of 5 people and our’s had 9 (3 people in each unit). Therefore, we had to move out…seriously felt like shit that time. Can you imagine trying to find a suitable place to live in the middle of term? Thank God for Shen and Koo…they seriously saved us haha.<3  We were so angry at the real estate agent and the owner of the house…if it was not compliant with fire safety regulations then why did they rent it out to so many people in the first place, right? So unscrupulous. And when we went to Uni’s Student Accomodation Services to ask about our rights regarding this issue it seems that it is not the real estate agent’s fault and that we coulnd’t get back any compensation. total wtf right? So yeah…totally rugi on our bond.

We found a place at Indooroopilly though…and I think it’s a blessing in disguise..This new place is sooo much better although we are paying the same price as the old one. The only thing is that we have to travel every morning to uni.

Pictures of the old house:

Living room cum dining area cum Shen’s study area

Kitchen cum place where washing machine is…very weird la the structure…as in when you walk into our unit the first place you walk into is the kitchen haha

Toilet…love the lights

My old room was quite dark la cos sorta underground and there was only a small window..sounds quite sad right? But I did like it last time la…had a hugeeee built-in closet but no mirror

And now *drumroll* pictures of the new house!!!

Ahem first thing that greets you when you enter our apartment is the shoes haha…girls love shoes and there’s no denying that =D

living room and dining area. theme is dark wood and leather sofas…our pride and joy though, is the flat screen tv haha (maybe only Shen and I feel this way cos Koo rarely watches tv lol). Seriously, the tv is so canggih that it has a built-in DVD player and it has a USB dock where you can just plug in your ipod or pendrive and play music hehe. We haven’t figured out how to play movies directly from pendrives yet though. Also, the reception of tv channels here is wayyyy better cos probably this one does not need those antenna thingies…I dunno hehe. Oh yeah…we have 2 air-conditioners too…1 in the living room and another in Shen and Koo’s room. Also, we have ceiling fans (haha I know this is like no big deal in Malaysia…but you would be surprised to find out that the majority of houses here do not have ceiling fans)

Kitchen =D

With oven and microwave included. But the one time I tried to bake potatoes in the oven I failed horribly ahem…cos after an hour or so they were still cold…and I haven’t tried since then ehe.

main balcony with another table and 6 chairs

my room hehe. It’s comparatively smaller than the old one but wayyy nicer. I have my own balcony too but I don’t use it la..The mirrors are the sliding doors to my closet

Hehe budak quilt cover set…cos these kiddy types are the cheapest. My pillow says ‘Girls Rock’ =.= However, I have found out that most of my Malaysian friends here use the kiddy ones too haha…so maybe there’s no need to be embarassed haha

Ahem…I so rarely study…but these are my books lol. No more photocopying whole books like what we used to do in INTEC due to super strict copyright laws here so we had to buy them =/ Apparently, for some books not related to Veterinary Science it’s much cheaper to get them from Malaysia. For example, I think the BIOS Instant Notes for BIOC1011 cost $80 here whereas it’s only RM66.60 in Malaysia…But I only bought the Veterinary Dictionary, Dissection of the Dog and Wheater’s Functional Histology…if I need the others I’ll just borrow from the library…something which I haven’t done yet too…ehe. Shhh….but I think for the whole BIOC1011 I am completely blur =/

My toilet…hehehe my own bathroom aite =D Cos Shen and Koo share the masterbedroom and it has an ensuite bathroom so this one’s all mine except when we do our laundry. Yup, I have my own bath too but I just shower la…don’t wanna waste water haha.

So yeah…that’s my new house at Indooroopilly…not bad right haha

Here’s a picture of our resident turtle Titi Song Hui Ching


Sien…Boh Tian

Wokay…here’s the thing…you know how excited I was a few days ago saying that I would move in to our new house etcetc?

Well..the thing is…we did move in but the house doens’t have electricity! WTF…I am dead serious. We moved in on Monday with the help of Shu Ning, Swee Kee, Danny and Kai Xiang. Manatau when we reached there was no electricity at all! We then walked back to Elite Real Estate Agency at Hawken Village and the person said that they would get it settled on that day. Well, Monday came and went and when we came back from Indooroopilly at night it was pitch black so we had to borrow a torch light from Swee Kee and go back and pack our stuff and walk all the way back to the senior’s house again. Kak Huda is awesome by the way! Not many people can be so tolerant and kind and patient =) ❤

Repeat cycle 4 times. Yup, this has been going on for so long. I’m sure those people at Hawken Village St Lucia are already used to seeing 3 Asian girls walking up from Hawken Drive to Highland Tce in the morning carrying bags and walking back down again in the evening,

Finally, today the real estate guy asked his friend who is an electrician to hook us up with a generator. Yeah, a typical oh-so-noisy generator. But the thing is, our house finally had electricity! But the joy was short-lived…about 2 hours or so? Cos at 7 a couple who was our neighbour came and knocked on our door and told us that it was very very very noisy and in suburbs like St Lucia you can’t be noisy after 7 (unlike Malaysia’s 12am huh?) They told us that if we still didn’t have electricity we could find them and they would help us complain. So here we are Huda’s house…we have been sleeping here every night since Saturday. I feel oh-so-paiseh >.< but we really don’t have a choice.

The thing is, I don’t understand how hard it is to contact an electricity company and ask them to come hook us up with electricity. I never expected myself to say this, but I’m sure Malaysia’s TNB would be 78979878 times more efficient =.= In Aussie we had to find the real estate agent, and then they had to contact the agent for the electricity company who then had to contact the company. Geez..what’s with the many many channels???

Oh by the way, you know my Aussie number +610430378936? Well, it’s not mine anymore…that’s cos I transferred it to a girl from Taylor’s who is in UQ too. And why would I not want such a good capped plan that even includes a phone? Well I’m moving to Gatton (85km west of Brisbane) next year as the vet school is relocating there next year and my contract for 3 (both phone plan and mobile broadband) lasts 2 years. Apparently, Gatton is super ulu (WHY?????????? I already feel that St Lucia is too peaceful for my liking and I have to go to an even more ulu place?????) *sob* and 3 doens’t have good coverage there. I would still be able to talk and text there but through Telstra that 3 automatically taps in. Whatever. I was super worried I called back home and asked my parents to come online and we video called and I cried and cried and cried and cried T.T cos I felt so foolish. However, in my defence when I asked the people working at 3 Indooroopilly whether 3 has coverage at Gatton the person said yes.

Anyway…I worried for quite some time until I met a Singaporean senior who told me to chillex and just continue using it and worry about it later. Well, I had the intention to do so..but yesterday a girl who was from Taylor’s told me that she would be willing to get my whole account transferred to her (phone plan and mobile broadband) and I thought ‘well, since someone wants both I’ll just settle it la’. Oh probably wondering why anyone would want my used-for-a few-days thingy? That’s cos my phone plan is a promo thingy whereby I pay $19 per month for the first 12 months instead of the usual $29. I happened to get that deal on the last day of the promo haha. So whoever gets mine saves too. So I met the Taylor’s girl at UQ just now and we called 3 care to settle it. We talked with the 3 personel for more than an hour =.= I’ll still be billed this month but she has already paid me cash. Just hope that there are no screw ups and that the following bills will be billed to her bank account instead of mine.

So I no longer have a phone nor do I have internet =.= Help!!!!!

I am using back my basic Nokia phone that I used for my secondary Maxis number back when I was at INTEC. The phone just has all the basic functions. I regret giving my better phone to Bro =.=

I’m using Optus prepaid now..don’t know what’s the number yet but will inform you guys soon =) Optus is freaking expensive but it has better coverage (yes, even in ulu places). Now I just worry how I am supposed to get internet =(

Le sigh


Am homeless in Brisbane thus far. The feeling really sucks. Sigh

I’m so envious of those students in Melbourne and Sydney cos they can just book online. But oh no not for Brisbane. For Brisbane you have to actually be there for inspection etc. Well I’m here, not there, capishe?

Good thing my cousin’s aunt is there (no my cousin’s aunt doesn’t equal to my aunt cos she’s from his other side of the family. Anyway.) and she helped Shen, Koo and I check out a house at Sandford Street. It was quite promising, other than problems with the water (Aunt J said that when it rained the water didn’t recede fast enough, so there was a high probability of floods). We planned to take a 3-months-lease and we were in the midst of getting all the documents ready when I found out that it has just been rented =((((

The house that got away

The bathroom that got away

The room that got away

Boohoo I hate being homeless..should at least have temporary accomodation what, at least for a week or so. But we don’t even have that =(((( Ah sponsors please help us =(((

Of Peeing In Cups and Having My Boobs Felt

Nah! Caught your attention? Haha

Another medical check-up yesterday (19-01-09). This time it was for the Australian Visa and I did it at Adventist hospital.

Only urine test and physical examination cos I just did my X-ray in General Hospital in December so they used that one. But then have to pay 40 bucks for the radiologist to rewrite the report based of the General Hospital report la lol.

My vision was checked first and OMG I have crap vision without my spectacles =( and then check weight, height and blood pressure.

Honestly…peeing in cups isn’t easy haha (I’m not a guy lar…I know it’s a piece of cake for you people). That time at General Hospital was..uh..disastrous. Haha let’s not get into details here but practice makes perfect lol so it was easy this time =P. I don’t know..something about peeing in cups is..embarassing? To me anyway.

After paying I still had loads of time to kill so Mum came to fetch me to Chung Hwa as she had a free period then (wtf I hate having a licence and not being able to drive =/). Muahaha and my high school teachers commented that I’m thinner liao (YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES) more comments like ‘Wah Xiang Xiang eh neh pui liao!’ or something to that effect. I’m realistic okayy…I know I can’t get back to my old weight of 45kg anytime soon but there are compromises..hehe when you are thinner other parts of your body are..uhm..smaller XP

Talkedtalkedtalked with many teachers and then had lunch with Mum at the teachers’ table in the canteen (felt quite paise lar cos I’m after all an ex-student of CHCHS. It’s different if I’m in Chung Ling or anything…cos I always went to the teachers’ makan place whenever I went to find Mum in Chung Ling last time). Anyway..the main point is *jeng jeng jeng* AN AFTERNOON-SESSION STUDENT TOLD ME ‘LAO SHI WU AN’ (Good afternoon teacher) AND GAVE A HALF BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I was so freaking shocked. Wow.Wow. Wow.

Anyway, at 3 Dad and I went back to Adventist to get the results and meet the doctor. Had the normal tongue, ears and eyes check and then he asked one of the female staff to come in and I was asked to lie on the bed thingy (what’s it called anyway?) and uh…I had to unhook my bra. Wtf very embarassing la cos he saw the length of my body from below my boobs to above my jeans and he put the stethoscope of various parts of my tummy =/. Sure many girlfriends have seen me with only my bra on but this was oh-so embarassing. And then when the stethoscope was on my chest I’m sure he heard that my heart beat like crazy lo. Not cos I was aroused lar wtf but cos I was seriously very very very very very embarassed. I’m sure if the ceiling had a mirror I would have seen myself blush like mad. And then after that the doctor stepped off and the female staff who was initially manning the information counter said ‘I’m going to check your breasts now. Sorry yea’. All I can think was ‘Thank God. Thank God. Thank God he asked a woman to do this’ when she felt my boobs for lumps and announced that everything was normal. Phew.

God I’m still embarassed. I’m gonna have to request for female OB/GYN next time.


I’m fucking freaking fucking pissed.

Did my medical check-up back in December and I was supposed to go to General Hospital today for an appointment with the doctor at 10am to finalise the whole thing. My plan was to get the final thingy and then go to Tesco’s post office to send that plus the Borang Keselamatan to Putrajaya by Pos Ekspres.

Manatau when I went there at 9.30 I was kept waiting until 11+ cos apparently my results for Hep B were not to be found. So the person at the counter asked me to ‘tunggu sekejap’ while the lab people tried to find it.

So I waited

and waited

and waited

and waited

and I heard ‘tunggu sekejap’ so many times I swear if I hear it again I’ll go berserk.

and I felt guilty for making Ah Kong and Ah Ma wait with me =(

and then *jeng jeng jeng* it seems when they ambil my darah last time they only took 1 vial and that vial was used to test for HIV. So basically I waited for nothing and I had to go and take another vial and wait for 7 freaking more days (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I told her I had to send it in 1 month before departure so she said she’ll call me as soon as the results are out. But I think by that time I’ll already be in KL.

Fuck Shit-Ass Sheesh