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Abandoned Blog…Sorry

Been away sighhh…This sem has been so super hectic and busy, what with longggggg days (8am to 6pm sometimes =/) pracs everyday, dating etcetc…the priority to update this blog has been relegated.

Anyway….updates! 2nd sem is so hectic…I come back knackered almost everyday….and I used to have Fridays off last sem…but this sem we have animal handling pracs on occasional Fridays. They are held at the Gatton campus so we drive down there. So far our group has done horse handling, poultry handling, pig handling (this one was more like a super long tute with observing the demos done cos we weren’t allowed to even go inside to where the pigs were for fear of us spreading swine flu to them) and a visit to the abattoir at Dinmore which is the 3rd largest meat-producing plant in the world. In fact, I just came back from the abattoir visit…and I got quite traumatised, impressed as I was with the hygiene and scale of the whole operation. I mean, there’s an abattoir in Penang that I pass by sometimes and that one looks like a freaking hut >.<

Spring break officially starts tomorrow and I’m going to Sydney woohoo! Heh it is kinda siao actually cos I have prac exams for Digestion and Locomotion after the break .

Aite…gonna pack now….been procrastinating long enough..ermm gonna bring some books there to prepare for the prac exams (maybe?). Flight’s at 5pm tomorrow =)

ps/ being a vet student is soooo very cool….tell me you’re jealous =P

pps/ I think I’m getting fatter….my platypus is such a good cook…and he feeds me big portions lol

ppps/ I love my platypus!!!!! hehe