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Byron Bay Day 1

So I guess I was wrong…I did indeed step out of QLD this winter break haha. When Tina asked me whether I wanted to join James’ lifegroup to go to Byron Bay (which I thought was in QLD but is in fact in NSW hehe), I was quite hesitant, on account of me not really knowing a lot of them. But anyway…since I really had nothing better to do, I just said yes in the last minute hehe

The meeting place was Joel’s house. Check out Nellyn’s huge-ass luggage bag…keep in mind that it was only a 2-day-1-night trip haha. I packed super light..didn’t even bring shampoo and toothpaste lol

According to Nellyn this is me ‘possessively holding on to Tina saying ‘My Tina!!!!” but I can assure you that I was not…that’s me cold lol

We piled into 5 cars and drove southward bound. Heh heh want to go to Sydney, anyone?

Reached Byron Bay approximately 2 hours plus later

Our backpackers called Nomads Byron Bay…looks quite castle-like hey?

The lobby…the furniture in the backpackers was funky-modern

Crap…fat arms =/

Room 204 which was the room Jill and I was in. We were separated from Tina, Nellyn, Yen Mii and Li Wen…but it was ok la I guess. Honestly, the place exceeded my expectations haha…this was my first time at a backpackers so I don’t really have any bench mark to compare to..but Becky said that if this was 10 the others would be like 4 lol. Also, the toilets were unisex…but fortunately nothing embarassing happened hehe

Lunch for Day 1- fish and chips from Jimmy’s…recommended by the backpackers staff. It is apparently the nicest fish and chips in Byron Bay but I reckon the best and most worth-it one is Salt & Battery at Hawken Village =D

We headed to the beach after lunch

Joel saw a dude lying down on the grass like this and said ‘This guy’s got the right idea’ and proceeded to lie down like him haha

Check out the lighthouse in the distance =) We went there the following morning to see the sunrise

Our ‘dream guy’ LMAO

Puff-uped seagull

Seagulls lining up to beg for food from the little boy. So guess what…remember my fascination with them at Southbank? Well I’ve changed my mind..cos they are so freaking greedy and they keep fighting for food and I even saw one stealing some stuff from two surfer dudes’ lunch haha. At least they are not as ugly as ibis lol


I love this picture…makes me look artistic hahaha perasan

After that, everyone went to another part of the beach where it was less crowded for activities. I don’t know the name of the beach but I shall call it Dog Beach…you know, like the one in Marley & Me haha

Them playing Captain Ball…I didn’t join in cos if you know me you would know that I’m athletically-challenged. And also, I didn’t bring enough clothes haha. Seriously, now I know how it feels like going to beaches in winter- When I’m under the sun I feel overdressed and when I’m under shades I feel underdressed haha.

Aww…the golden retriever that Tina, Jillian and Nellyn calls ‘Cheryl’ =.= even though he is a boy haha


Another golden! And I don’t know why…but it seems like almost everyone at Dog Beach had that ball thingy lol

Hehe nice huh =D Uhhh…I was NOT stalking whoops

Tina and I memang Siao Char Bors haha

With ‘Cheryl’!


Us making ‘Pepper’…This Pepper is Pepper Sand and not Pepper Choong…cos I don’t want my Pepper to be washed away lol.  Anyway…Pepper Sand generated a lot of publicity because random people came to check out what the commotion was about (us screaming cos the tide was getting higher haha) and apparently they liked Pepper Sand cos many of them took pictures of her =D

This has got to be the cutest picture of the day =DDDDDD Real doggy checking out sand doggy hehe

James going ‘build a wall!!! build a wall!!!’ hahaha

And the wall plus drains apparently succeeded =D

Ahh….James falls victim to the ‘toss-in-ocean’ game XD

Them semangat-ly building other animals. Uhmm…of course I didn’t have the patience haha. I mean, even the sand castle I attempted to build with Yen Mii was a disaster lol

Jillian’s bunny

Bye Dog Beach =) How I wish I could bring my Pepper Choong here lol

What did I tell you about the design in the backpackers haha

Barbeque for dinner

Tina and Nellyn playing ping-pong while waiting for the food to be cooked. After that, Nellyn played against James and James played against an Aussie dude who was playing sambil holding a bottle of beer haha. Then James played against another Aussie dude who was younger and looked quite cute and was super holiao. The 4 of us girls couldn’t take our eyes off him XD

After-dinner drinks haha…Smirnoff Ice and Bundaberg rum & cola

Games before we went to sleep hehe. Oh and for the record, we won =D. Fine la it was a nerd game… but

ps/ a few pictures courtesy of Li Wen..thanks =)


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