Chero Chero!

MOKY!!! I Went Turkey-stalking Because Of You

Remember when I told you there are wild brush turkeys here you were super surprised and you asked me to take pictures of them for you? haha

But first…a picture I found in my external hard drive haha

Heh heh heh thinner last time =P

Ok the turkeys lol..uni has quite a lot of them but I took these while on a hiking(?)/ trekking (?)/ aboriginal art trailing(?) trip at Mt Cootha hehe and I’m sorry they look super mediocre compared to the squirrel pictures you took using your keng camera lol

Turkey number 1

Sorry couldn’t get too close ehe…I think this is already zoomed =/ The turkey was scared of me and vice versa haha

*Gobble-gobble* Seriously though, do turkeys make that sound?

Turkey number 2

Haha I wish I could think of funny captions like your squirrel post but I don’t think turkeys are cute ehe. By the way, these are not the edible Christmas/ Thanksgiving type are they???

ps/ better comment =P I stalked them cos you wanted to see them haha


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  1. * ziyi@子毅 says:

    oh shit my hair is so ugly in that photo.

    How did you know you couldn’t get too close? You went closer and they ran away?

    Do they attack people?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago
    • * dazzlecheryl says:

      hahaha yea go too close and the run away la. no lah they don’t attack they just run away…when we are bored we chase them muahaha >.<

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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