Chero Chero!

Foody Sleepover!

36 hours dedicated to buying ingredients and alcohol, chopping, marinating, mixing, cooking, baking food, eating food, drinking and watching movies haha

Shen and Koo went to Gold Coast for whale-watching which I was oh-so-excited about in the beginning (and I still am ehe) and Dreamworld over the weekend with NGO from Brissy, Melby and NZ but I opted out…because I was (and maybe still am) in my antisocial phase sigh. So I was gonna be alone for a night and the prospect kinda sucked. Hence, I invited my Vet Gang- Tina, Jillian and Nellyn over =)

Shopping at Woolies

This is only like less than half the stuff we bought…we spent a total of $108.80…enough to last 4 NORMAL people with NORMAL cravings and appetites for around than 2 WEEKS =.= and it was only for our 2 DAYS wtfness =.=

Anyway…this was our lunch-ner for Friday: Chicken cordon bleu, oven-baked Italian style potatoes (hehe this was just the instant Birds Eye one…but it tasted really nice ) and a fruit salad

watermelon, apple and strawberry fruit salad with vanilla cream..hehehe

Muahahaha looks pretty hey

Customary group shot that would become apparent over the 2 days haha

Chicken cordon bleu…OMG right???????? we made our own chicken cordon bleu using chicken schitzel, ham, swiss cheese and breadcrumbs mixed with lemon rind, salt and pepper

Cheeeeeesssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

We ran out of dishwashing liquid and went back to Indooroopilly mall again to get it after that haha. We also got some alcohol ahem

After coming back we started on our cinnamon apple crumble! Me kneading the dough for the crust haha

I know! Unbelievable right =P

Jill cutting the Granny Smiths

Cinnamon sugar for the filling…mmmm I love cinnamon haha

The epitome of improvising lol…that’s me rolling the dough using a Vodka Cruiser bottle muahaha

Our baby in the oven haha..looks not bad right lol

BUTBUTBUT when I took out the pie I held it the wrong way and the whole pie dish fell from my hands! I think both Jill and I (Tina and Nellyn went to life group and to buy more ingredients haha) watched in horror as the pie dish slow-motionly dropped. Good thing it dropped on its butt and not the top phew….so it was still very salvageable. When the other two came back they even said that it looked pretty lol…until they saw the ‘before’ picture haha.

Eating minty bubbly chocolate while watching Masterchef while waiting for Tina and Nellyn to come back

Preparing dinner! Hehe holey cheeses are funny for me cos they are so cartoonish

Dinner of cinnamon apple crumble, Doritos with melted cheese and ham served with hot chunky tomato salsa and the fruit salad from lunch

Happy when there’s food lol

Even better with vanilla icecream hehe. The downside was that the crust was too thick and too hard..probably cos we baked it an extra 15 minutes for fear of the apples not being soft enough and also we made double the amount of dough suggested for the crust cos Nellyn was afraid that the amount of dough suggested in the recipe wasn’t enough to hold the filling. However, it was an awesomeeeeeeee first try I reckon =) *proud*

Heh what did I say about customary pre-eating group picture haha

We watched Addams’ Family and 10 Things I Hate About You that night

Breakfast for Saturday morning while watching She’s The Man

Lunch of chicken and fish katsu (we still had lotst leftover breadcrumb-mix from the chicken cordon bleu), mountains of salad (Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and home-made oven-baked potatoes with melted cheese and chunky tomato salsa

Ho hum…

Heh heh…but it was shared among the 4 of us so it really wasn’t much…

Muahahaha minum sikit sudah ade PINK ROSY CHEEKS XD

“I feel dizzzyyyyyyyy” heh heh Tina drank the least lol

Dinner of  Tom yum with bihun and chocolate-dipped fruits

Tom yum bihun with chicken, mussels, prawns, squid, mushroom, wombok, carrots and baby corn =D

This one’s the nicest of the group pics cos it was taken by Ms Koo instead of Mr Self timer lol

Phooo….freaking full…2 days of eatingeatingeating lol

Contented face haha

Hmm…I am freaking bloated and FAT. I reckon I need to fast T.T. But honestly though, if this were to happen on a frequent basis (We are probably living together in Gatton if we stay off-campus lol), I would be twice the size I am now in no time at all

On another note though, the food was undeniably fabulous heh heh


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  1. * John Pope says:

    mmmmm, cinnamon!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  2. * mekmek says:

    wahaha, soo..much food and it looks really good. ❤

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  3. * dazzlecheryl says:

    mek mek: hahahaha absolutely awesome ok!!!!!! but seriously feel FAT T.T

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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