Chero Chero!

Sea World!

Went to Sea World on June 29th with Shen, Chong Hao, Sze Luan, Danny, Swee Kee, Jessica and Emilia. Remember the $70 ticket for Q150 that we bought? Well, Sea World was the only world that we had not gone yet. Kai Xiang was supposed to join us but he was going back to Malaysia the following day and he was afraid that because of the lack of rest will jatuh sakit and kena quarantine in Malaysia T.T Dude, you seriously missed an awesome day lahh

On the train to Gold Coast..journey took an hour plus

Sea World!!!! Most of the people there were families with little children, unlike Movie World that had mostly teenagers

Pink tights haha

The first thing you see when you enter is this huge-ass man-made lake for Waterski Wipeout and that’s when you realise that Sea World’s the biggest theme park among the 3 haha.

Pelicans…they stank T.T

I love this picture lol. There was this short cable car ride that extends from 1 end of the theme park to the other end. My camera beh pai la haha

The first show we watched was the seal show..

HUGEEEE seal haha

“Talk to the hand” XD

*clappity clap*

Paiseh…seriously though, how did they train all the seals? It was so awesome…they were so cute and blubbery haha. There were a lot of others but I reckon the huge one was the watak utama (sastera, anyone? haha)

Sesame Street Beach…the budak place with all the budak rides

Nice angle =D

Uh..the second show lol

Check out the audience…we were the oldest non-child-accompanying people haha

But these two die-hard Sesame Street fans were very excited…and they even sang along haha XD

The person inside Elmo was oh-so-flexible lol..I reckon it’s a girl…oh a super gay guy..sorry =P

My favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy and in awe OMG. My genetics lecturer studies dolphins…can I study dolphins too? haha. Anyway, I remember seeing a dolphin show in Sentosa, Singapore when I was 12 and this one beats that hands down lol


Dolphin surfing haha…The chick was standing on two dolphins…how??????

Back stroke lol

Did I mention that I love dolphins? ❤

I have a very flattened face…I am well-aware of that haha

Unfortunately my camera’s battery sorta died after the dolphin show because I did not recharge them. The following pictures (other than the last 2) are courtesy of Swee Kee…I stole them from Facebook heh heh

The rides! We only managed to sit 2 rides…the Jet Rescue which is the newest and coolest ride was not operating =/ Sea World is more visually-orientated I suppose..cos the main attractions are the shows and the animals…but they have a few rides too..and these rides are not as thrilling or scary as the ones in Movie World

Cyclone…not really scary..this one’s the first 3-loop-cyclone in Australia/ QLD though

Polar bear…kesian la alone only..and it seems quite hot inside =/

Penguins! Haha there are tiny first I thought they were all babies…but apparently this species is naturally tiny and they are only found in Aussie and NZ. Seagulls are slightly larger than them and 1 stood near them and the ones on the shore started to huddle together and some of them even jumped into the water hahaha so funny cute

The shark reef aquarium was really cool too…Reef ray says hi =D

*cue Jaws music*

What fish is this Gabriel Tan???? Looks so weird right? Chong Hao them said that they are flower horns but I thought flower horns are aggresive? And how come these ones look so…armoured? haha

So excited going up the cable car hehe

View from the cable car…there were dolphins in the water haha

While waiting for the last show we went to, which was Waterski Wipeout

Floating car! We saw people wake boarding, surfing, waterski-ing etc….those people were pros!

And the most awesome trick..human pyramid =D

Ahh…what better way to end the day than with pictures of sunset taken from the monorail  station =)

Coast of gold =D


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