Chero Chero!

Swee Kee’s Birthday

Swee Kee’s 20th birthday on 26 June at Sizzler’s Toowong =D

With my housemates kesayangan haha

Customary mirror shot while waiting for Chong Hao and Gabriel to come fetch us lol

Oyea…Liyinism! these are the $5 Raspberry tights I told you about

In Sizzlers..while waiting in line



People who are happy when there’s food..and oyea, Cass was here from Gatton =) and she said that the residential halls provide food like this…which kinda makes me think that they might be not as bad as I thought them to be

KC, Wei Yew and Kai Xiang

Piglet number 3 with her ice cream that she didn’t manage to finish hehehehe (oyea the salad bar was buffet style btw…and I LOVE the apple crumble lol..but overall the food there was ok nia…i mean..the price was quite high la so not really worth it..but it was fun haha)

Koo with the birthday girl

Uh oh…Shen was trusted to cut the cake *cue suspense music*

Danny! for some bizzare reason (that doesn’t come any close to ‘i like him’, he was the person who ended up in the pictures taken using my camera the most)

Shu busy taking pictures as usual…

Lalala…work in progress haha

Siap! and check out her pretty ring lol…

Happy birthday! ❤ hope you had a great one…and for the record, I have never ever met such a sporting birthday girl who willingly wore pyjama pants out and was blindfolded all the way from St Lucia to Toowong and had paper stuck on her back reading ‘Wish me happy birthday’…if it were me I would cry T.T haha I admire that. Anyway…hope the 3 bears are doing great lol


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