Chero Chero!

Damn, like the shinkansen time freaking zooms pass

I was on the shinkansen (bullet train) once when I went to Japan with my family..and when you stand outside and the train passes you it’s like ‘whoaaaaaa awesome cos it’s just sooooooooooooooo fast’ and it’s just a blur but when you are inside, you can still see everything clearly and it really does’t feel that fast when you are inside. And I think in essence, this is what my whole 1st sem of being a uni student has been like.

I had noooo idea time would fly by like that…really…today (as in tomorrow as in thusday) is the last day of classes for this sem OMG. OMGOMGOMG. where did all the time go? I remember the wednesday of the first week of classes where I sat next to this tall ang moh dude with curly hair that you just feel like sticking your hand into (haha it might be just me) Angus who said to me, after that lecture ‘Yay, we’re halfway through the week!’ and I laughed and he said ‘…of the first week, of the first sem, of the first year haha’ lol…and it did seem like such a long time to go didn’t it?

It’s 2 am now and I’m still awake because I keep falling asleep at 10 something when I have to study. Sheesh, wonder why when I facebook I can facebook till late at night. And anyway, I wanted to skype with my parents and they were waiting for me but I had already fallen asleep. Arrrgh I need to study……..Swotvac starts next week…how can I put all that information into my brain? =(


This post is just pure rambling sigh. I wished I could have known that time would pass by so quickly when I was watching movies at South Bank, or eating at Korean restaurants in the city, or going to the city just for the hell of it, or eating dim sum at Sunnybank etc

Oh, hi there doggy bones that I loaned overnight from the AD lab…let’s study for skeleton now and hopefully still wake up in time for 10am classes tomorrow!


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