Chero Chero!

Treasury Casino

Since we hadn’t hung out just the three of us in a long time,  we decided to get outta the house yesterday! Also..someone was quite emo what..and nothing chases emo-ness away like great girlies and awesome food haha. We remembered Auntie Jen telling us last time that there is this restaurant in Treasury Casino called Pastano and they serve affordable meals so with passport in hand, we set out to the city! After more than an hour of getting ready and getting headachey over what to wear and ‘hmm no casual footwear’ and ‘hmm should we wear heels?’ and ‘wtf no one wears heels here it’s impractical’ and ‘butbutbut heels look oh-so-sexy’ and ‘yeah, they do don’t they’ and ‘ouch this is painful’ and in the end practicality and comfort truimph over style. Oh well, this ain’t New York haha.

Outside our apartment. Yes, I do realise that I look bulky…but maybe that’s just the knitted hoodie. or maybe well…I am indeed putting on the pounds sigh

450 city express

Poyo shot haha. Koo was testing out her new Olympus camera but yeah, none of us really know how to use Olympus cameras so many of the pics are blurry. In fact, among all the pics in this Treasury Casino folder, about half are not clear haha. Who uses Olympus? Please teach my housemate =D

Outside the casino

And in case you don’t know how the casino looks like, I uploaded this picture that was taken when I first came to Brisbane haha.

Very 18oo-ish

Pastano menu. Check out the one on the right! $10 meals including main course, cake/ fruit salad and coffee/ tea/ cuppacino/ latte/ hot chocolate/ mocha etc. But that’s the price for the members of the casino. Non-members pay like $14, which is quite worth it too actually. But the membership is free and I reckon if we wanna continue going there we should probably join haha. Casino membership for the food =P

We reached there at 5.20pm and it was not opened yet! We had to wait until 6pm

So we loitered around…and camwhored haha and checked out hot dealer dudes. We were probably 3 of the youngest people in the whole casino (hmm maybe there were younger ang mohs too la but they probably looked more mature than us)

Hmm where to go to…so we went to the toilet lol. There are responsible gambling posters and brochures in there

Ahh…and then there was this fine-dining restaurant called Marco Polo which looked so classy and omg and Shen says she wants to have her birthday there (let’s all ignore that, eh? XD)

*nods head*

We wandered around and apparently all the top floors house the hotel rooms and this is sorta like the mini lobby outside a few of the rooms

‘Got an idea!’

Family portrait haha

Getting bored sighhhh and hungry lol…6pm cepatlah datang. And then and then 2 of the staff came and asked us whether we were house guests and we said no and we were halau-ed from  the mini lobby place cos apparently it’s only for the guests..hehe ahem.

5.55pm there was already a line outside Pastano!


Hehe mango daiquiri, $4

Koo’s battered fish strips with sweet and sour sauce and seafood fried rice

Shen and I had Chicken and Mushroom vol-au-vent with mash and salad. Yummilicious!

Choc mud cake, Cheesecake and Lemon cheesecake


We finished everything in less than 10 minutes maybe..haha and we got sooooo full until Shen couldn’t even drink the coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate thingy hehe. The plan of after-meal drinks at Batavia was cancelled cos we had difficulty moving after that lol

It was a satisfying meal mhmmm and I think we will definitely go there again..after getting membership perhaps? haha I wonder what my parents will think if I tell them I have a casino membership card lol XD


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