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Walkabout Creek

Last Friday we had a Walkabout Creek for VETS1022 at Brisbane Forest Park. Tina, Jillian, Nellyn and I arranged so that we could be in the same session…which is a good thing cos seriously, I think I would have gotten lost if I had to go there myself haha

Initially when I heard ‘Walkabout Creek’ I thought it would be a creek creek..images of us traipsing around and being all outdoor-sy flashed in my mind haha. But it turns out it is actually just a small forest reserve with an outdoor and indoor place where they house animals like quoll, platypus, wombats, wallabies, snakes, birds etc. And my lecturer, Shan (yup we address our lecturers by their first names…which was quite weird for me at the beginning cos some of them are old enough to be my grandparents haha) actually told me that people even have weddings there…lol. So anyway…not all play and no work cos we had to fill up a worksheet that was part of our mini-quiz assessment on taxonomy…joy..haha. And apparently there’s a fee to enter this place but we just followed Shan in and didn’t have to pay hehe.

The first place we went to was the aviary…

Sleepy Tawny frogmouths…which look like owls but aren’t. We could have patted them if they came down but there were too busy sleeping lol

Heh…sorry for not taking the picture of the real deal…but ahem I have a story to tell haha. I remember in the lectures I was laughing away cos of the name…like ‘HAHAHAH Wom POO hahaha hahahah Wom Poo so funny the name’. Juvenile, I know. Heh anyway…as we were about to leave the aviary after gathering the information that we needed for the worksheet suddenly I felt something drop on my head and I screamed. Yup, kena bird crap. And not just any bird….but the Wom POO itself…jeez how ironic could it have been haha. But then after that my friend told me that if a bird craps on your head it’s supposed to be good luck lol..

Sleepy green treefrog..but yeah, they are nocturnal what..


Sigh….why didn’t I take pictures of the platypus swimming around with its eyes closed while it shoved around using it’s bill for earth worms…very funny cute haha

This here is a spotted quoll..which is a marsupial and the closest you can get to a Tasmanian Tiger that is now extinct. Yup… *nerd mode activated* You know how different environments have different animals that pretty much fulfill the same role? Like a tiger or lion would be the top predator in its respective environment…well, the quoll basically fulfills the same role too, now that there are no Tasmanian Tigers. And it’s quite fascinating actually, because these guys are small…not what you would expect the top predator in it’s niche to be. Haha ok *nerd mode off*

I couldn’t get a nice clear picture of the quoll cos it was running around…apparently the keepers had hid some food around for it to find..

Itchy wallaby hehe

‘Ho hum what’s that?’ Hehe this wallaby was very friendly and let us pat it and get near to it. When we first saw it it was busy eating the serai-like-plant that you can see from this picture haha. There were not many wallabies there..probably less than 10..unlike Australia Zoo. But these ones don’t just lie around and wait for hapless visitors to feed them haha

So pretty, eh? =D

Tina the pembuli wallaby hehe

They are pretty small right? The kangaroos we saw at Australia Zoo were around this size too…maybe a bit larger. But what about the stereotypical depictions of male kangaroos who stand up to their full height and fight each other by punching and kicking? I haven’t seen any that huge yet..

Another species of wallaby…these ones are grey while the previous one was reddish (incidentally for the red one, it was only the one of its kind…so kesian)

The grey wallabies were more wary of humans and if you get too close they quickly get up and try to get away from you..

And now…for another species of animals haha

I posted this picture cos Jill looks funny-horny and we kept laughing when we looked at this picture XD

Hehe being a vet student is pretty darn awesome…we get to go for field trips and stuff while my other friends from another major (hehe major not disclosed) have to design toilets =P


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