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A Week in My Life

Since Pinky Pong said that people who are not in my Brissy Gang might be interested in what I actually do on a day-to-day basis, I have decided to start a personal project called- not imaginatively- Project A Week In My Life. The whole point of it is to chronicle random stuff that I do here because I am self-obsessed like that Just because la haha =D

Monday (11-5-09)

I was very semangat in taking pictures on Monday haha. as you can see i’m definitely not a morning person =/

Healthy breakfast =D But sometimes I don’t have time so I just eat a granola bar while walking to catch the bus..sometimes I have yoghurt but don’t think I’m so healthy cos I snack a lot in class haha

I go through all these products when I get ready every morning…is it even a wonder that it takes me such a long time to get ready >.<

Mondays usually I only have class from 1 to 2pm (heh heh envy me right? no classes on every Fridays too muahaha…eh I know I keep bragging about this but let me have my fun while I can cos no more free Fridays next sem =/) but this Monday we had bone prac. I love studying about bones…it’s just really interesting. I know it is a pain learning all those names and remembering the functions and what articulates with what…but it’s all really interesting (muahaha I sound like such a nerd)

My prac partners: Diana from Singapore and Cindy from Hong Kong. Cindy’s getting married in June! She’ll officially be my first friend who gets married haha

Kitty cat

Hehe very cute la the horns…this one’s a goat

Piggy with a dislocated phalanges (?) haha. By the way…I seriously did not expect the pig to be so hugeee. Like for this one, if I stretched my arms from 1 end to another the length would still be shorter than the length of the pig skeleton


Moo moo

After that I had a 3-hour-break before the class at 1 and Cindy was going to Sunnybank which is an Asian suburb to have a hair cut so I followed her too..supposedly to check out the price

But I got a hair cut too! The hairstylists there were all Korean and only 1 of them really spoke English haha. It was $23 which is not super cheap la but I felt that it was worth it cos I was so happy =D

My new hair cut ❤ Whee I love how she so expertly made my hair curl inwards using a hair straightening iron. I was so unwilling to wash my hair that night lol. The following morning I actually semangatly woke up early and attempted to curl my hair like the hairstylist did using Shen’s hair straightening iron but I failed miserably and commencing from that day I was like ‘screw it sleep is more important’ hehe

Oh this is Phoenix from Hong Kong whose studying wildlife…he got a hair cut too =D After everyone had their hair cut we went to wait for the bus back to UQ but there was still some time so we went to yum cha =DDDD It’s my first time yum cha-ing in Brisbane cos I never followed all the times Shen and Koo went lol. We were all very happy after nice hair cuts and yummy dim sum =D What better way to start a Monday eh

Saw all these cockatiels near the UQ Lakes bus stop when we came back from Sunnybank haha

Had class and went to play with the cats I’m volunteering with…forgot to take pictures of them though. Will post them up when I have them haha

While waiting for the bus to go back to Indooroopilly

Wednesday (13-5-09)

In BIOC1011 which I am totally blur about. This is not my whole class though cos a lot of people already have credit for Biochem. Comparatively, vet science it quite small…my batch has around 120 people only

We went to Woolies to buy groceries after class and Sara Lee ice-cream was only $5.92 (originally $8) and the three siao char bors bought a tub each (yup…even though I already have another tub of lemon sorbet ehe…and the rate that I eat is wayy slower than Shen and Koo)


Obviously the tub on the right belongs to Shen..who else can eat at such a fast rate hehe

Thursday (14-5-09)

During our break Tina, Jillian and I had nothing to do so we went down to the lakes

Tina’s a happy girl when she sees the cute ducks haha

‘ Talk to the hand’ XD

Quack quack

Eel-like fish lol

Friday (15-5-09)

Went to Southbank for Ghost of Girlfriends’ Past with Tina, Jillian, Nellyn, Kai Xiang and Tina and Jillian’s housemate Connie. I have been going for movies like once every week with Tina and Jillian for the past few weeks…Woo and I wonder why my money disappears so quickly =/. But I love movies though…and I’m going for Angels and Demons with the Brissy Gang tomorrow lol

My favourite place in Brisbane is Southbank =DDDDD

Nellyn and I ❤

Heh heh heh…we eat Cold Rock everytime we watch movies at Southbank. Incidentally, I found out from Oriana that it’s called Cold Stone in US. Cold Rock sounds so much nicer la haha

Lotsa people enjoying the sun

There were quite a lot of seagulls at Southbank that day. I was so jakun-ly excited haha. I don’t remember whether I have seen seagulls in Malaysia. There are seagulls there right? haha

Huhu sho see I’m so jakun =.=….but seriously though…cute right? haha

Koo’s hubby City Cat!

Saw this building from the bus on the way back to Indooroopilly…so cool right? It’s so geometrical haha. The bus was moving but the picture turned out pretty good eh =D

I guess that concludes this week’s randomness hehe. It’s not really a week pun…cos it’s only Monday to Friday ehe


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  1. * mekmek says:

    interesting week eh? all those bones..i found the moo moo one particularly interesting. I wish they have asian hairstylists here too…don’t trust ang mohs skills. haha.. have a nice week yea. miss you. =)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  2. * pinkypong says:


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  3. * dazzlecheryl says:

    mek mek: haha yeah pretty interesting week…this week’s not as interesting…it’s been raining non-stop la sighhhh….how much does an average hair cut cost in dunedin? haha why don’t trust ang moh skills? =P

    pinkypong: hehe waaa?come here la and find me this year while i still stay in brisbane and i will bring u around and we can waa together…airasia pretty cheap. come here come here!!!!!! next yr i mite move to gatton liao…mite la not sure yet

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  4. * mekmek says:

    same here..rained the whole week. miserable wheather =/ hmm..i think it costs about 20-40. my hairdresser in penang said that ang moh don’t really know how to cut asian’s hair. I have a fren here who went to auckland to cut her hair. It was horrible and she had to trim it herself when she got back…lol.

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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