Chero Chero!

New House!

Hoho I should be doing my VETS1018 assignments now eek..but I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug again whee~

Update: I started this draft on tuesday and I have since finished those assignments muahaha

So yeah…been through a lot of shit regarding the whole accomodation thing. At first it was the lack of any houses that we could book online that scared us. And then we finally managed to get a lease under Elite Real Estate Agency for a house at Highland Tce. In retrospect it was foolish of us to get bonded to a place without actually inspectinmg it at first…because when we first reached there it was hell. The house was not really what we was underground, small and quite dark..and to add to that, it didn’t have electricity supply at all wtf. The first week there we managed to survive thanks to Huda and Ciktie who let us stay with them at Hawken Drive….seriously felt so paise cos initially we planned to stay there for like 2 nights until we moved in to our own place..manatau we ended up staying there for almost a week! Anyway, although we grew to like the smallish underground at Highland Tce, it came with its own set of problems like kaypo neighbours, bad reception for phones and internet and the fact that it was like a hidden house…as it the building has been renovated so that it has 3 units…1 on ground level and 2 on lower level…so our house was like the hidden secret one…if people walked pass it they would have thought that it was just 1 main unit.

Anyway…supposedly the kaypo neighbour went to report to Brisbane City Council about the house…and when City Council came to was found that our house did not comply with the Fire Safety Regulations. Apparently, a building can only have a total of 5 people and our’s had 9 (3 people in each unit). Therefore, we had to move out…seriously felt like shit that time. Can you imagine trying to find a suitable place to live in the middle of term? Thank God for Shen and Koo…they seriously saved us haha.<3  We were so angry at the real estate agent and the owner of the house…if it was not compliant with fire safety regulations then why did they rent it out to so many people in the first place, right? So unscrupulous. And when we went to Uni’s Student Accomodation Services to ask about our rights regarding this issue it seems that it is not the real estate agent’s fault and that we coulnd’t get back any compensation. total wtf right? So yeah…totally rugi on our bond.

We found a place at Indooroopilly though…and I think it’s a blessing in disguise..This new place is sooo much better although we are paying the same price as the old one. The only thing is that we have to travel every morning to uni.

Pictures of the old house:

Living room cum dining area cum Shen’s study area

Kitchen cum place where washing machine is…very weird la the structure…as in when you walk into our unit the first place you walk into is the kitchen haha

Toilet…love the lights

My old room was quite dark la cos sorta underground and there was only a small window..sounds quite sad right? But I did like it last time la…had a hugeeee built-in closet but no mirror

And now *drumroll* pictures of the new house!!!

Ahem first thing that greets you when you enter our apartment is the shoes haha…girls love shoes and there’s no denying that =D

living room and dining area. theme is dark wood and leather sofas…our pride and joy though, is the flat screen tv haha (maybe only Shen and I feel this way cos Koo rarely watches tv lol). Seriously, the tv is so canggih that it has a built-in DVD player and it has a USB dock where you can just plug in your ipod or pendrive and play music hehe. We haven’t figured out how to play movies directly from pendrives yet though. Also, the reception of tv channels here is wayyyy better cos probably this one does not need those antenna thingies…I dunno hehe. Oh yeah…we have 2 air-conditioners too…1 in the living room and another in Shen and Koo’s room. Also, we have ceiling fans (haha I know this is like no big deal in Malaysia…but you would be surprised to find out that the majority of houses here do not have ceiling fans)

Kitchen =D

With oven and microwave included. But the one time I tried to bake potatoes in the oven I failed horribly ahem…cos after an hour or so they were still cold…and I haven’t tried since then ehe.

main balcony with another table and 6 chairs

my room hehe. It’s comparatively smaller than the old one but wayyy nicer. I have my own balcony too but I don’t use it la..The mirrors are the sliding doors to my closet

Hehe budak quilt cover set…cos these kiddy types are the cheapest. My pillow says ‘Girls Rock’ =.= However, I have found out that most of my Malaysian friends here use the kiddy ones too haha…so maybe there’s no need to be embarassed haha

Ahem…I so rarely study…but these are my books lol. No more photocopying whole books like what we used to do in INTEC due to super strict copyright laws here so we had to buy them =/ Apparently, for some books not related to Veterinary Science it’s much cheaper to get them from Malaysia. For example, I think the BIOS Instant Notes for BIOC1011 cost $80 here whereas it’s only RM66.60 in Malaysia…But I only bought the Veterinary Dictionary, Dissection of the Dog and Wheater’s Functional Histology…if I need the others I’ll just borrow from the library…something which I haven’t done yet too…ehe. Shhh….but I think for the whole BIOC1011 I am completely blur =/

My toilet…hehehe my own bathroom aite =D Cos Shen and Koo share the masterbedroom and it has an ensuite bathroom so this one’s all mine except when we do our laundry. Yup, I have my own bath too but I just shower la…don’t wanna waste water haha.

So yeah…that’s my new house at Indooroopilly…not bad right haha

Here’s a picture of our resident turtle Titi Song Hui Ching



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  1. * mekmek says:

    haha, titi is sooo…cute. Nice house, don’t think can find such a perfect one here.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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