Chero Chero!

Jom Jalan-Jalan Kat Gold Coast!

Haha Gold Coast this time! Been there thrice lol

Movie World

The Brissy Gang plus Danny’s sister who was visiting at that time went to Movie World one Sunday. We bought the promo tickts in conjunction with Queensland’s 150th anniversary, we just paid $70 for unlimited entry to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n’ Wild until June. So far we’ve only been to Movie World and Wet n’ Wild. Eh, Chong Hao, when wanna go Sea World? Haha anyway…this promo is seriously oh-so-worth-it..because like under normal circumstances it would be like ‘3 worlds in 2 days’ for around $120? But then you have to be a QLD resident to qualify for this promo..and we are muahahahaha.

Whee~ Group photo

Main Street…notice how so many themeparks have main streets? Case in point: Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan and Movie World Gold Coast haha. It was a Sunday so it was off-peak…haha completely opposite compared to Malaysia right? The weekends here are considered off-peak while the weekdays are on-peak…Translink tickets are more expensive on weekdays lol. Anyway, it was nice cos we didn’t have to wait super long for the rides and we sat like 90% of the rides hehe. Seriously, last time when I was in Disneyland it was normal to wait for almost 3 hours for a ride T.T But the Winnie the Pooh was worth the wait la haha

Superman ride! We took it twice…and back-to-back omg total adrenaline rush..

..still alive!

Speed racer’s car lol Moo Moo looks funny cute here XD

And another car..

And another one here haha…Batmobile lol. I have so many pictures of cars cos 6 of the 7 pictures above taken from Facebook and they were uploaded by and cars

Chong Hao XD

Harbor Town & Q-Deck

During easter break the Brissy Gang went to the trip organised by UQMSA (University of Queensland Malaysian Students Association). Honestly, UQMSA is pretty good I feel..quite active la. But most of the activities are either food-related or sports-related…so guess which ones are the ones I go to? ahem.

On the way there..woohoo so semangat!

Lol they look so cute la…Koo’s like the girl version of Chong Hao and vice versa XD

Harbor Town’s a direct factory outlet sorta heaven pictures of Harbor Town cos Koo we were all so excited and semangatly shopping. We had a time limit what..and shopping’s like every Malaysian’s favourite pastime…especially if it’s discounted. And hell yeah were the stuff discounted…2 Fossil watches for only $70, Havaianas flip-flops for only $10 etcetc. But I didn’t spend the most..ahem guess who did XD

On the way to Surfers’ Paradise

Hard Rock cafe

Intec girls! haha

We loveeee our ice-cream hehe. We didn’t go to the beach though, cos it was rainy and we were hungry so we went to look out for food…and we had lunch at a Malaysian Chinese restaurant…oh-so-yummylicious. Actually, honestly though, the food at home is always the best…but when we get desperate everything Malaysian/Chinese here tastes awesome

Q-Deck is the world’s tallest residential tower


View from Q-Deck…the strip of sand is Surfer’s you can see (or not) there are not a lot of people there due to the crappy rainy weather. And oh..I can finally understand why ang moh love the sun so much…cos now it’s Autumn and it can get cold when it’s windy…and the sun’s like a sudden warmth that we can bask in haha. But I bet I won’t feel like this when it’s summer lol

Obligatory group picture hehe

Blond hair and blue eyes omg so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought only girls do this kinda toilet-mirror-shots? Ahem sorry you guys hehe

“Why can’t come out mia?” T.T

“We will save you!” hahaha

So funny cute this picture lol

Balik! So tired that most of us just fell asleep during the 1-hour-plus bus ride back. Koo wants to show off her ‘mei tui’ muahaha

Wet n’ Wild

Went to Wet n’ Wild with Chong Hao, Danny, Jess, Ernest and Amelia during easter break too

This is the only picture I have of us lol cos it was wet and it was wild haha and we kept like everything in the locker. Seriously though, I experienced how it was like to be without cell phones and watches…to some very awful consequences =/. How did people survive last time? haha

Okay..I think that concludes where we have been so far haha


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