Chero Chero!


I reckon it’s a good time for random pictures, no? By the way…I LOVE Fridays..absolutely do! cos I have every friday off this sem..which means except for 1 week, I have 3-day-weekends for this whole sem lol.

Anyway…fridays means sleeping in, vacuuming, doing laundry, watching Oprah and eating ❤ Me love huhu

Nah…observe closely. On the left is Korean actor Jang Dong Gun (sorry…spelling?) and on the right is my housemate and jie jie Koorazy =P

The night before we moved from 2/162 Highland Tce to Indooroopilly. Celebrated by drinking vodka and Corona…but don’t worry la…the vodka had like 5% alcohol only..and it was guava! lol check out the easter bunny

Minum sampai muke merah huhu…so cute lol. Or is it just the reflection from her shirt?

This picture taken at the new house during our Shen and Haziq seriously look like siblings here..both eyes so small mia XD


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