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A Story

Once upon a time there were two friends named Charlotte and Karen. They were so close that they treated each other like sisters, and they even lived together.

Charlotte and Orson were in a relationship before but they have since broken up due to ‘irreconcileable differences’- to quote celebrities.

When all 3 of them ended up in the same university, it seemed to Charlotte that it was weird to be at the same place with her ex-boyfriend again, but they managed. And pretty soon they were like normal friends again. Also, Charlotte was glad that at least she ended up in the same place as most of her other college mates.

When Karen and another housemate started acting weird and secretive, Charlotte felt left-out and dismissed it as a figment of her overactive imagination, but a sequence of events followed and Charlotte accidentally found out that Karen liked Orson and vice versa. Also, Orson had asked Karen to be his girlfriend. Charlotte was in shock…she looked shell-shocked which prompted Karen to ask her whether she was okay and whether she wanted to talk about anything. But Charlotte only replied  mechanically that she was fine, all the while thinking to herself ‘I have to act strong and not break down’. Then, Karen said ‘I have something to tell you’ but Charlotte said ‘It’s ok I know I know and quickly left the room’. She then called a friend who said that he would come over. When Karen went to Charlotte’s room to ask her whether she was going out Charlotte said yes and as Karen was approaching Charlotte, Charlotte sub-consciously backed away- she couldn’t face Karen. Not that she still had any feelings left for Orson- that chapter in her life already had a closure, nor was she angry at Karen. But, to Charlotte, Orson could date any girl in the world and she wouldn’t really care (she might jokingly bitch about it with her girlfriends, but it was no big deal), but why one of her bestfriends? She felt betrayed. Utterly and completely betrayed.

When Charlotte’s friend came over. she left with him and went for a walked. She cried, he consoled her; she cursed, he placated her; she talked, he listened. And he made her feel much better. Without talking to him, Charlotte would have ended up as a mess. When Charlotte went back home, she found out that the other housemate was waiting for her and ended up falling asleep on the couch. Karen was sitting at the stairs, looking like she just cried. With false bravado, Charlotte asked the other housemate to go and sleep and told Karen that she was ok and that she needed to get her assignment done. She then escaped to the safe confines of her room and broke down.

The following day, Charlotte found out that while Orson and her were together, Karen had liked him all along. She never showed it and Charlotte never knew until then. Charlotte’s friend Hamish said ‘She never showed her real feelings last time cos she cares for you as a friend, and now it’s your turn to extend the same courtesy to her’ With that in mind, Charlotte talked to Karen and told her that she wasn’t angry at all, and didn’t mean to hurt her. She was just shocked. When Karen replied that she had told Orson a few minutes ago that she was calling it off, Charlotte was quiet. Karen said she didn’t want to be the person who ruined her relationship with Charlotte, and Charlotte’s relationship with Orson. When she asked Karen whether she did in fact still like Orson and Karen said yes, Charlotte surprised herself by saying ‘go for it’ and that she would try her best to be happy for her as she knew how important this was to her. Karen had always said ‘I want a boyfriend I want a boyfriend’. When Charlotte asked whether the reason she told Orson no was because of her, Karen said no, it was that she wasn’t prepared to be in a relationship. With that, and a lot of tears, both girls hugged and all was well again.

Or so Charlotte thought.

The next day when she met Karen in uni, Karen seemed sad but when prompted she said that she was okay. Charlotte then received a text message (I know this story started with ‘once upon a time’ but let’s assume that they texted that time’ from Orson asking where she was and that he wanted to talk to her. When Orson came over, Charlotte told him that she was shocked. But Orson said that she overreacted when she found out and made Karen cry, to which Charlotte replied ‘And I didn’t??’ Charlotte felt that she just needed time to accept the situation. Takkan when she first found out about this she would be happy and laugh and congratulate the both of them?She told him that she didn’t love him anymore and that he could date anyone at all but why did it have to be her best friend? He then incredulously asked ‘Why not???? It wasn’t me who chose’. What then? God??  When Charlotte tried to come up with an analogy Orson said ‘If I was dating my best friend’s ex-girlfriend I’m sure he would be happy for me’ WTF. Dream On. Charlotte thought ‘Why did I ever love this guy? He’s such an insensitive jerk. Anyone else could understand how I feel but why not you’ Charlotte told Orson that at first she was shock but after that she had indeed told Karen that if she liked Orson she should go for it and Charlotte would try to be happy for her. To which Orson replied ‘Don’t you think it’s too late now?’ Charlotte said  ‘Go ask her again’ and walked away. She broked down in front of her other friends who said that Orson was not worth it to cry over. But the thing is, Charlotte didn’t cry over Orson, she cried because she was frusfrated that Orson couldn’t see where she was coming from and that he made it sound as though the reason he was not together with Karen was all Charlotte’s fault. As if he was very tactful about it. As if he wasn’t wrong at all. As if he could come between 2 good friends. As if it wasn’t his doing that strained a perfectly good friendship.

When Charlotte went back home and checked out Karen’s blog (again, assume that people from ‘once upon a time’ had computers and blogs), she found out that she is still very hurt about the whole matter. On her blog, Karen said that she had hurt both Orson and Charlotte. But she herself was also hurt. She had thought that she was strong enough to get over it, but now she wonders how long it would take to heal. When Charlotte saw the words ‘I tell myself, you have given up on him for her, so just follow whatever you have chosen’, she cannot take it anymore. So Karen has been faking that she was okay while she was shattered inside.

Charlotte makes up her mind. She shall talk to Karen again later. And tell her to accept Orson because even though she would be weirded out by it, the friendship between Charlotte and Karen was very important to Charlotte and she wanted to see Karen happy. Even if it might hurt herself.

This story doesn’t have a closure yet


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  1. * jess says:

    a story commonly seen in dramas. i personally reckon Charlotte, Karen and Orson should come together one day when all have calmed down and talk things over. Communication is very important:p
    I hope to see a happy ending for this story:-)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  2. * izzy says:

    is this a real story? *wondering*

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  3. * Ahmaz says:

    At least Charlotte and Karen knew each other… imagine if they didn’t but knew of each other’s existence……

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
  4. * pinkypong says:

    orson said those nasty things to charlotte because all he can think of that time was karen, no charlotte, no charlotte-and-i-are-still-friends, and not even remembering that the charlotte he was talking to is a girl (and karen might love him to bits when she knows what her man can do for her…awww). and the best part is… he thought everyone can date his best friend’s ex and his best friend will still go “waytago man! that gurl is so finneee n i’d be sorry if you never had a chance to date her…”

    well, what can i say…
    at least charlotte was aware that her friendship with karen was important. it’s absolutely worthless to loose a friend because of a guy and especially for a guy like orson, it’s stupidity.

    lol why the story has no ending wan?? where u get the story from babe??
    hopefully it has a good ending *fingers cross*

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
  5. * dazzlecheryl says:

    Jess: I think I will see a happy ending too and lol how did you find out about my almost-dying-still-slightly-breathing blog huh? hehe

    Izzy: ahem…what do you think? hehe

    Ahmaz: Hey..haha who are you? I think if they didn’t know each other’s existance it wouldn’t matter so much. but cos they are close friends it makes it so much weirder. hmm…do guys really have a different perspective to the whole ‘dating best-friend’s ex’ thingy?

    Pinkypong: Ending soon kot…but it’s all good la me hopes ❤

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
  6. * jess says:

    facebook of course! i am stalker ( ops…shshshsh dont tel others) haha.

    update again if the story has an ending=) i’m sure a lot of ppl are interested.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
  7. * Julia says:

    Girl! How’s Aussie? Miss you! =)
    Interesting story btw. =/
    Tell me when you’re back! Char Koay Teow..Hokkien Mee..Laksa..

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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