Chero Chero!

Sien…Boh Tian

Wokay…here’s the thing…you know how excited I was a few days ago saying that I would move in to our new house etcetc?

Well..the thing is…we did move in but the house doens’t have electricity! WTF…I am dead serious. We moved in on Monday with the help of Shu Ning, Swee Kee, Danny and Kai Xiang. Manatau when we reached there was no electricity at all! We then walked back to Elite Real Estate Agency at Hawken Village and the person said that they would get it settled on that day. Well, Monday came and went and when we came back from Indooroopilly at night it was pitch black so we had to borrow a torch light from Swee Kee and go back and pack our stuff and walk all the way back to the senior’s house again. Kak Huda is awesome by the way! Not many people can be so tolerant and kind and patient =) ❤

Repeat cycle 4 times. Yup, this has been going on for so long. I’m sure those people at Hawken Village St Lucia are already used to seeing 3 Asian girls walking up from Hawken Drive to Highland Tce in the morning carrying bags and walking back down again in the evening,

Finally, today the real estate guy asked his friend who is an electrician to hook us up with a generator. Yeah, a typical oh-so-noisy generator. But the thing is, our house finally had electricity! But the joy was short-lived…about 2 hours or so? Cos at 7 a couple who was our neighbour came and knocked on our door and told us that it was very very very noisy and in suburbs like St Lucia you can’t be noisy after 7 (unlike Malaysia’s 12am huh?) They told us that if we still didn’t have electricity we could find them and they would help us complain. So here we are Huda’s house…we have been sleeping here every night since Saturday. I feel oh-so-paiseh >.< but we really don’t have a choice.

The thing is, I don’t understand how hard it is to contact an electricity company and ask them to come hook us up with electricity. I never expected myself to say this, but I’m sure Malaysia’s TNB would be 78979878 times more efficient =.= In Aussie we had to find the real estate agent, and then they had to contact the agent for the electricity company who then had to contact the company. Geez..what’s with the many many channels???

Oh by the way, you know my Aussie number +610430378936? Well, it’s not mine anymore…that’s cos I transferred it to a girl from Taylor’s who is in UQ too. And why would I not want such a good capped plan that even includes a phone? Well I’m moving to Gatton (85km west of Brisbane) next year as the vet school is relocating there next year and my contract for 3 (both phone plan and mobile broadband) lasts 2 years. Apparently, Gatton is super ulu (WHY?????????? I already feel that St Lucia is too peaceful for my liking and I have to go to an even more ulu place?????) *sob* and 3 doens’t have good coverage there. I would still be able to talk and text there but through Telstra that 3 automatically taps in. Whatever. I was super worried I called back home and asked my parents to come online and we video called and I cried and cried and cried and cried T.T cos I felt so foolish. However, in my defence when I asked the people working at 3 Indooroopilly whether 3 has coverage at Gatton the person said yes.

Anyway…I worried for quite some time until I met a Singaporean senior who told me to chillex and just continue using it and worry about it later. Well, I had the intention to do so..but yesterday a girl who was from Taylor’s told me that she would be willing to get my whole account transferred to her (phone plan and mobile broadband) and I thought ‘well, since someone wants both I’ll just settle it la’. Oh probably wondering why anyone would want my used-for-a few-days thingy? That’s cos my phone plan is a promo thingy whereby I pay $19 per month for the first 12 months instead of the usual $29. I happened to get that deal on the last day of the promo haha. So whoever gets mine saves too. So I met the Taylor’s girl at UQ just now and we called 3 care to settle it. We talked with the 3 personel for more than an hour =.= I’ll still be billed this month but she has already paid me cash. Just hope that there are no screw ups and that the following bills will be billed to her bank account instead of mine.

So I no longer have a phone nor do I have internet =.= Help!!!!!

I am using back my basic Nokia phone that I used for my secondary Maxis number back when I was at INTEC. The phone just has all the basic functions. I regret giving my better phone to Bro =.=

I’m using Optus prepaid now..don’t know what’s the number yet but will inform you guys soon =) Optus is freaking expensive but it has better coverage (yes, even in ulu places). Now I just worry how I am supposed to get internet =(

Le sigh


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