Chero Chero!

Homeless No More!

One less worry haha. What with the floods in Queensland and worries about crocodiles and snakes that might get too friendly with me and anxiety at leaving my family and friends AGAIN, it’s nice to know that at least we are gonna have a roof above our heads.

The property’s at 2/162 Highland Tce St Lucia. Can someone tell me what Tce is? Anyway…it’s around 20 minutes walk from campus, according to Chia Yee. 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. $450 is honestly quite expensive for a 2 bedroom house but at least it looks quite nice online lol. That’s the thing, you know what I said about how you actually have to be there to inspect the houses and stuff before you can lease it? Well we didn’t..we took the risk and sent in our applications after seeing the pictures online and reading what the real estate agents wrote


$450 p.w.


2 bedroom fully furnished unit will sleep 3 people, 1 bathroom, new appliances, spacious bedrooms, each unit has private entrance. Modern furniture and fittings. Easy walk to UQ, bus stop and St Lucia Shops.

Please tell me we didn’t make a hasty mistake in a desperate attempt to get a roof above our heads

Some pictures haha

nice looking couch hehe

I like this room but I think it’s the master bedroom lol. I’m paying extra to have the single room cos I’m totally not used to sleeping with another person on the same bed haha and I like my privacy even though Koo and Shen are both awesome ❤

I think this is my room but I’m not sure lol

bathroom. I really hope it has a washing machine like the Sandford Street one we initially wanted. Anyway…to tell you the truth, my favourite part of the Sandford Street house was the bathroom. A bathroom’s an awfully inportant place haha and I do love those bowl-like sinks =)

3 more days till I’m leaving. OMG. And I’m 92% packed. My suitcase can’t fit anything more in it so I guess even if I had managed to apply for the extra 10 kg baggage allowance I would have needed another bag lol. Anyway..according to the bathroom scale my Samsonite’s 19kg…but I don’t know if there’s any defect…cos I always ended up heavier in other scales when compared to the one at home lol. But I reckon if it’s just a teensy bit overweight it wouldn’t matter, right? RIGHT????


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  1. * mekmek says:

    haha, glad you found a home. hehe..
    take care yea and do keep in touch. =)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Tan Hao Ning says:

    Tce is short for Terrace, like Jln short for Jalan, but I guess you’ll have found out by now. Bon voyage !(I know it’s a bit late)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Gabe says:

    Did you sign the lease without inspection while you were still in Malay? So, is it as good as the pics?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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