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Clouds Are Fluffy Cotton Candy-Like Things

Random title hehe

My parents organised a farewell party last Saturday. It was an on-off-on again-off again-on again thingy (sorta like Meredith and Derek’s relationship in Grey’s Anatomy lol). There were so many factors ie who to invite; what to order; should we cater or barbeque etcetc. In the end my parents just invited my family members from the paternal and maternal side and also my Dad’s PFS gang haha.

We had barbeque, nasi kandar, cakes and konnyaku jelly etcetc.

Blah I didn’t have any mood to snap pictures. I’m weird like that. I hate farewells boo. I guess part of me was scared that I’d see me trying to act oh-so-happy in all the pictures and failing to do so =(

I did get loads of ang paos though heh heh heh and also a Puma jacket, a Swatch watch and a cuddly furry soft toy. I am super duper appreciative of everything and so touched that people love me like that but when I unwrapped the presents I felt and strange sense of -I can’t put a word on it- Is is reluctance? I mean, I didn’t feel OMG MUAHAHAHA I GOT SO MANY AWESOME STUFF! LALALA I AM SOOOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED TO BE LEAVING FOR BRISBANE MUAHAHA. I WILL FIND HOT SURFER GUYS THERE MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, instead I felt homesick already. And veryveryvery reluctant to leave everything that matters behind. All the gifts made everything feel so real.

I find it difficult to sleep lately.

I toss and turn. My heart palpitates. It feels so full it gets heavy. I second-guess my decision. Should I have taken the safe route and go to Form 6 after SPM then proceed to USM which is a 15-minutes-ride from home? Then I think..nah hell no! I’ve always wanted this. I’ve always wanted to study overseas. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so suck it up and act like an adult. But I can’t suck it up. I worry about everything from the possibility of my luggage being overweight and whether our application for accomodation will be approved or not and why do other students get 30kg baggage allowance but we only get 20?

My heart. It is heavy.

The darkness consumes me as I lie awake at night.

I am starting to miss my family already. When my Mum tells me to be careful and study hard and always always ALWAYS wear sunblock and don’t smoke don’t drink look out for nice guys lol or when Bro tells me that he loves me then proceed to bully me or when I cuddle with Pepper I hold back tears. I do it so vehemently. So determinedly because I don’t want them to see me break down. Not yet.

The clouds. They are fluffy cotton candy-like things.

On another note, today’s a public holiday (Thaipusam) so the Dad’s PFS gang went for a morning walk at Sin Hock mountain (hehehe) and then for dim sum (Julia kept pronouncing the ‘dim’ like how you would pronounce it in this sentence: OMG how can he be so dim? and everyone kept laughing and she said ‘Then why is it spelled as ‘dim’ and not ‘tim’ ar?hehehehehe). And then everyone met again at 12.15 for a seafood lunch at Batu Maung. Super full today foo. Oh yeah, today’s Chap Goh Meh so Ah Ma cooked bubur chacha nomnomnom.

Ah this is the photo of the day! Presenting Lee Wey Lyn ❤

We were at Forever 21 and she was on the phone and I started piling the bag and the necklace and the hat on her hehe

p/s You know that you are over someone when you think of him and all you want for him is to be happy. And when your friends talk about him your facial expression doesn’t change. And when you hear that he is in love in your heart you wish him good luck =) hehe


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  1. * amir says:

    haha….enjoy ur last few days in Penang xiang xiang. U know i’ve been drinking a lot here. Shit….. hahahah

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  2. * dazzlecheryl says:

    amir: haha dude 3 more days man!!!! Damn i feel very heavy hearted =( wah you naughty naughty huh…haha but germany memang produces loads of beer wad…there’s the festival thingy also rite? lol so did you go to that concert the first night you were there? and have you learnt to cook?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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