Chero Chero!

11 Days..

..till I’ll be leaving for Brisbane!

Thank God for Shen and her Uncle Jovie who works at MAS lol. If not for him we’ll still be waiting for calls from the sponsors telling us when we’re flying. Apparently we’re flying on Valentine’s Day haha..9am flight so have to be there at 5am(!!!). The plane will transit at Sydney first before proceeding to Brisbane…by the time we reach Brisbane it’ll be like 10 or 11pm already.

My parents and I are taking Air Asia down to KL on Friday night. Bro’s not coming cos he has replacement class on Saturday..ahem I didn’t know school’s that important to him..which is a good thing and all, but I am after all his one and only sister. Le sigh.

I’ve started packing some stuff into the gigantic Samsonite luggage..leaving the brand new United Colors of Benetton one at home cos the Samsonite’s bigger. I’m so very afraid of overpacking…there is no ‘pack light’ in my dictionary. Chee Keong called me yesterday and taught me how to apply for extra 10kgs..God I hope it works. I feel so ‘mm seh tak’ so many things =(

So many people for that matter =(

And Penang too =( When I was young I used to say that I’d leave home at 18 (very influenced by Ang Moh culture I tell you..hehe). Back then 18 seemed like such a long way to my 12-year-old mind 18 seemed oh-so-worldly, independant and mature. Well I’m 19-years-old now (20 in November) and I don’t feel wordly..or independant..or mature. Leaving Penang for Shah Alam in 2007 made me realise how important my home and my family and friends was to me. But at least I’d still get to go back home during the holidays or even during weekends. Now I’d only get to do it once a year, at most.

Choong Xiang Xiang is growing up..flying off and leaving so many people and things and even a part of her heart behind. Sometimes I envy those people my age who are wayyy mature and independant and refined than me. I suddenly don’t feel that anymore. I want to be Mummy and Daddy’s little girl. =( Ok unrelistic and a waste of resources for that matter..what’s the use of a daughter that never grows up haha..butbutbut still Le sigh.

Don’t get me wrong..I’m blessed and I truly appreciate all the opportunities that I have..I just feel ‘keberatan’, know what I mean?

On a happier note, Lijia and Liyin are going to NZ at the end of this year and they asked me to join them too

Lijia: Eh come with us to NZ lar. We’ll go stay with Limin

Me: But I’m going home for summer hols

Lijia: Summer hols is like 3 months =.= Just go NZ 2 or 3 weeks nia ma

Me: Limin has extra rooms ar?

Lijia: Got!

Me: Yay!



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  1. * Hao Ning says:

    hey good luck with your studies, always here if you need advice about anything (except you know what)

    come to christchurch la…i also got extra rooms……the living room…:)

    nah just kidding about the living room, but you are always welcome to visit

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
    • * dazzlecheryl says:

      Hao Ning: I didn’t know that you read my blog haha. Thanks yea…when do you plan to come back to msia? My cousin’s doing her housemanship in I don’t really know where haha but she studied in Otago. Is it anywhere near Christchurch?

      | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Hao Ning says:

    Oh just recently came across your blog. It’s very well written…sometimes :). Really, some entries are better than my fiction novels, which is saying something.

    Uni of Otago is 300km South of Christchurch, but maybe her housemanship is in Chch.

    Sniff…a bit envious about people celebrating CNY at home…haven’t done that 2 years in a row…(hint: need someone to visit me to cheer me up 😛 )

    gripes aside, i know you will settle in well, with your aura and charisma !

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  3. * dazzlecheryl says:

    Hao Ning: Whoa..thanks haha I’m flattered. Do you blog? Wow you haven’t been back for soooo long? Well but at least your parents go there to find you and your sis right? 300 km is oh-so-far haha but my cousins and I might travel. I don’t even know anything yet cos it’s all tentative.haha but I really do hope to see you =D

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  4. * pinkypong says:

    omg tan hao ning reads cheryl’s blog O.O

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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