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I Wish I Had Perfect Vision

I’ve been wearing spectacles since I was 10 *gasp* so that’s like almost half of my whole existance. I guess it’s weird that I would lament about it NOW seeing as I had so long to get used to it. And I did get use to’s just I can’t help but feel life would be much better without having to deal with this.

Okay honestly, attractive people don’t wear speactacles (Johnny Depp does but he is Johnny Depp after all lol). The only models who wear specs are models advertising for spectacles. Aargh the list goes on…people look much better without specs (I’m not the kind of person who knows how to rock their spectacles..or those that wear awesome cool spectacles that make them look even better), they can play sports better (no fear of breaking them..and let’s not even talk about swimming =/), they don’t become helpless without spectacles, they can wear those oh-so-chic oversized sunnies that I cravecravecrave, it’s so much easier to make out without spectacles in the way etc.

Yes before you say anything, I have heard of this little invention called the contact lense lol. I’ve even tried them in Form 1 to disastrous results. My cornea was scratched =(. I tried the trial pack then and failed on the very last day about unlucky. But I’ll be the first person to admit that I am not disciplined. At all. I’ve fallen asleep because I was too tired without removing make up, brushing my teeth or washing my face first. So contact lenses would not be the best for me.

What about LASIK? I don’t mind seeing as the risks are not that high (there are definitely risks though…talk about ‘ai sui mai mia’ choichoichoi) But Dad says like if in the future I get long-sightedness and stuff I’ll have to get spectacles too. And my cornea will be thinner that normal peoples’ and if there are any complications in the future *touch wood* then it would be more risky etcetc.


Rant over.

I had another new pair of spectacles made (did contemplate about contacts but Dad reminded of awful past experience lol…sigh I really wanna be able to wear oversized sunnies) because Dad said it’s better to have one made now and bring the old pair as the spare one since it’s gonna be oh-so-expensive in Aussie. If not for this I wouldn’t have done ot cos I’m very attached to my candy-coloured-frames haha. The new one has photochromic lenses that change colour according to light intensity (cos I hatehatehate glaring sun especially when I’m in the car around 5pm when the sun’s almost setting) and the frame is from Swatch (lol yeah both Mum and I have this Swatch thing going on hehe). Not bad for 220 bucks =)

Old pair

New pair

I still think the old one has more personality haha.

Ok hopefully I’ll learn to love this pair too lol

ps/ Aargh damn tao tia accomodation. Hopefully Aunt J can help us =)


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