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Cooking 101: Fried Rice

I finally learnt to cook. Practically I mean, cos I already knew the theory part some time ago hehe

I fried rice for the family’s dinner 2 nights ago with Mum supervising. The end results? Not bad I suppose cos tastes like Mum’s…uh but then she was the one who put in the condiments and stuff. I asked her how much salt, soy sauce and sugar and she said ‘agak-agak’ =.= How come all experienced cooks can ‘agak-agak’ while noobs like us fail?? Lol

Who knew so much upper body strength was needed to fry something..hehe. Mum kept saying ‘Fry from the middle!!!! Don’t burn everyone’s dinner!’ and I was like ‘Ow! kena ‘pun’ by the oil!!! Wah why so heavy one??’ Lol cos in theory it was very simple hehe.

Shrimps, sausages, lap cheong, cabbage

Bro: Eh go nearer lar

Me: Don’t want…scared kena ‘pun’ by the oil =/

I have an immense fear of being splattered by hot oil =(

Yay finally =D

Itadakimasu ^.^


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