Chero Chero!

Pink.. the colour of my new camera =D

Yupyupyup, finally got a camera of my own. Dad bought a Canon Digital Ixus 80-IS for me. Jusco had a sale: RM 799 for the camera, case, 2GB SD card and mini tripod. At first I was contemplating getting it from Fan Di who was getting it from his cousin who in turn was getting it from her friend. Phew. RM 699 for camera, case, 4GB SD card and mini tripod. But in the end Dad said no need lar cos very mahuan. Plus if got anything wrong have to go through so many channels hehe. Thank you Fan Di though..for the trouble hehe. Good luck in getting your pink one too =P

Random shots taken using my camera (it deserves a name, no?)

Lol a picture of my camera. Believe me lar it’s pink..though it looks silver here. And wow my mirror is dirty, I just realised that hehe. All hail pinkness! \^.^/

First official picture taken using my pink camera hehe. I wish you could see me wearing the plaited MNG shortshort skirt that you gave me, Pinky.

Mum with the Kryptonite-eyes alien beagle hehe

Our living room lol…Mum has brought out the Chinese New Year decorations. Dad was watching football =D

Testing macro shot. Lol the apples are fake la XD

Macro shot testing again. This is the Snoopy ear digger (believe it or not) we bought from Universal Studios Japan XD

More conventional souvenirs haha. The gigantic mugs belonging to Bro and I from Disneyland Japan.

My messy (eh I spring cleaned liao ok) table in my room =)

Bro sleeping (fakely) and posing with my Queensland guide book that I bought for RM 49.90 haha.

PWM wondering how Baby Gloria is? She’s doing fine hehe and I plan to bring her to Aussie with me =)

Lol of course I HAVE TO camwhore using my new camera. I hate pimples wtf.

My Pepper’s daily night-time activity: Bully the resident frog in the garden XD so cute lar when she concentrates so hard

The neighbours’ smiley dalmation =)

My Escada Sunset Heat and F by Ferragamo <3. MNG bag in the background lol.

My CLEO collection haha.

*sniff sniff*

I love my baby ❤

I love my yet-to-be-named camera hehe

Awwwwww Pepper don’t worry I still love you the most XD


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  1. * Fan Di says:

    Crap… I’m gonna spray mine pink soon… Btw, shud ask ur bro cover his whole face ler, dun scare ppl here… Lol…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  2. * dazzlecheryl says:

    Haha you bought your’s already? Is it silver? Aiyo just tell your Dad it’s no big deal for a guy to get pink lar even though many people will think that he borrowed it from his girlfriend/ sister XD
    Crap you very mean hor =P

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  3. * Fan Di says:

    Yeah, bought edi.. Gettin it from my cousin this CNY lo… Mine’s blue ler… Her fren said tarak stock edi… Who ask me hesitated 4 so long… I’m sure 1 day i’ll figure out how 2 turn it pink… Buy a new 1… Haha… Btw, CNY go ur house get ang pao lo… Now damn broke edi… Hahaha…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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