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Of Peeing In Cups and Having My Boobs Felt

Nah! Caught your attention? Haha

Another medical check-up yesterday (19-01-09). This time it was for the Australian Visa and I did it at Adventist hospital.

Only urine test and physical examination cos I just did my X-ray in General Hospital in December so they used that one. But then have to pay 40 bucks for the radiologist to rewrite the report based of the General Hospital report la lol.

My vision was checked first and OMG I have crap vision without my spectacles =( and then check weight, height and blood pressure.

Honestly…peeing in cups isn’t easy haha (I’m not a guy lar…I know it’s a piece of cake for you people). That time at General Hospital was..uh..disastrous. Haha let’s not get into details here but practice makes perfect lol so it was easy this time =P. I don’t know..something about peeing in cups is..embarassing? To me anyway.

After paying I still had loads of time to kill so Mum came to fetch me to Chung Hwa as she had a free period then (wtf I hate having a licence and not being able to drive =/). Muahaha and my high school teachers commented that I’m thinner liao (YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES) more comments like ‘Wah Xiang Xiang eh neh pui liao!’ or something to that effect. I’m realistic okayy…I know I can’t get back to my old weight of 45kg anytime soon but there are compromises..hehe when you are thinner other parts of your body are..uhm..smaller XP

Talkedtalkedtalked with many teachers and then had lunch with Mum at the teachers’ table in the canteen (felt quite paise lar cos I’m after all an ex-student of CHCHS. It’s different if I’m in Chung Ling or anything…cos I always went to the teachers’ makan place whenever I went to find Mum in Chung Ling last time). Anyway..the main point is *jeng jeng jeng* AN AFTERNOON-SESSION STUDENT TOLD ME ‘LAO SHI WU AN’ (Good afternoon teacher) AND GAVE A HALF BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I was so freaking shocked. Wow.Wow. Wow.

Anyway, at 3 Dad and I went back to Adventist to get the results and meet the doctor. Had the normal tongue, ears and eyes check and then he asked one of the female staff to come in and I was asked to lie on the bed thingy (what’s it called anyway?) and uh…I had to unhook my bra. Wtf very embarassing la cos he saw the length of my body from below my boobs to above my jeans and he put the stethoscope of various parts of my tummy =/. Sure many girlfriends have seen me with only my bra on but this was oh-so embarassing. And then when the stethoscope was on my chest I’m sure he heard that my heart beat like crazy lo. Not cos I was aroused lar wtf but cos I was seriously very very very very very embarassed. I’m sure if the ceiling had a mirror I would have seen myself blush like mad. And then after that the doctor stepped off and the female staff who was initially manning the information counter said ‘I’m going to check your breasts now. Sorry yea’. All I can think was ‘Thank God. Thank God. Thank God he asked a woman to do this’ when she felt my boobs for lumps and announced that everything was normal. Phew.

God I’m still embarassed. I’m gonna have to request for female OB/GYN next time.


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  1. * amir says:

    hey xiang xiang… haha… hvnt read ur blog in a while. oh btw, im doing great in Germany. the health is a bit shitty though but other than that im good.

    peeing in a cup? haha, i had to “choke” my “snake” because my pee was overflowing, then had to wipe it tissue so that it’s not that wet. Hahaha 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  2. * pinkypong says:

    eh lau shi XD lol the kid who thought you’re a teacher there must be some form 1 or 2 prefect i guess… bow thim! so cute >.< omg the breast checking thingy…i’d be very very very embarrassed too T_T alicia had a boobs checked like u too for the ns thing last time if im not mistaken

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  3. * dazzlecheryl says:

    Amir: haha that’s cos I haven’t posted new posts in a while. was in kl for a few days and then after that was kinda lazy lol. been shopping for stuff to bring to aussie but so far dont really know what i need exactly. hope to be able to buy a pair of levi’s and ipanema sandals soon lol. what’s with the health? sakit ar? got free panel doctors there?
    Pinky: omg haha yea methinks definitely form1/2…afternoon-session ma. but according to my mum lotsa temporary teachers also around our age so it’s not really a big deal…but i was wearing jeans and tshirt..which lao shi wears jeans and tshirts to school? hehe. n yea omg wtf so the embarassing. remember during std 6 we had the breast check too? that was embarassing too but we were much younger ma..woo

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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