Chero Chero!

Chun boh???

Got this from CLEO (January 2009 Issue No. 159) hehe sorry la Mama Khai, wrong citation format.


(October 24th- November 22nd)

2009 From January refrain from being a recluse or you’ll miss out on brilliant inspirations. By March be careful what you wish for, because you’re likely to get it. In April, love will be light, fun and unpredictable. From early November if things you’ve always taken for granted start to shift, step up and stand on your own foundations.

OMG the January thing is so chun! I really was being reclusive. I festered at home lol. Okay no more festering cos me needs ‘brilliant inspiration’ hehe. No more luan luan kong ua @.@ scared le if I say the wrong thing. I will wish for cool stuff with no bad consequences haha. Whoa I’ll fall in love? And I won’t take anything for granted again lol.

5-Year Plan to 2014 Until October 2012 it’ll be a time for finishing projects but from then on you’ll start to rebuild your life. Love will become beautifully romantic, fun and equal from June 2011 but it won’t necessarily lead to marriage. A surge of creativity in July 2013 will bring a particularly lucky time but you need to take care of your health.

Probably some assignments for the October thingy lol. Aww I love romantic love…I’ve always been such a sucker for love stories hehe but even if I do get married it won’t be until I’m at least 27 lar..OMG suddenly I think some parts of this is quite chun.

10-Year Plan to 2019 From early 2015 to April 2017 you’ll be assessing what makes you feel secure and intuitively getting rid of things that don’t provide a sense of self worth. By October 2017 a new 12-year-cycle will bring optimism and you’ll be happy to leave the past behind and confidently move into a new and improved life. Things will change again in 2018 and 2019 when close friendships will begin to take you by surprise. You may start to feel that it’s hard to depend on people, including your partner.

A new and improved life sounds cool..but the last 2 sentences are oh-so-bleak =(

Koo is quite influential seeing as I’ve started reading about horoscopes after hanging out with her lol


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  1. * pinkypong says:

    lol i’ve gotta get a cleo mag!!

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