Chero Chero!

I Don’t Want To Be The Girl Who Laughs The Loudest Anymore

Yup, there you go.

New Year’s Resolution baybehs

This year, I resolve to:

– be happy

– drive better

– be a better daughter, sister, owner, friend and possibly girlfriend hehe

– learn to cook (which is inevitable seeing as I’m leaving Malaysia soon. OMG.)

– have more self-control

– lose weight (hehehe I’m getting thinner, did I tell you that? =D but my arms and butt resolutely remain the same lol)

– exercise *groans*

– make an effort to stay in touch with my friends scattered around the whole world

– prioritise better

– budget better (no more getting broke! and hopefully still have lots left for vacations =D)

Happy New Year! Cheers =D


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