Chero Chero!

I Want..

my shopping mojo back!

Shopping used to be like my favourite hobby but lately I don’t seem to have the mood to buy anything. Which is a good thing, under normal circumstances. What with the economic crisis and all. But this is no normal circumstance- Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I only have like 1 set of clothes! Maybe whining about this makes me sound vapid and bimbo-ish…but I did have 15 tops last Chinese New Year (1 for everyday haha). On account of me not wearing new clothes directly after buying them and Li Jia bringing back a ginormous pile of awesomely cheap-chic clothes from Japan.

Lol I’m not like this haha

Damn everything I see everywhere doesn’t scream ‘buy me!’ and nothing seems to catch my attention even though sales are everywhere. Dad and Mum say I’m picky (No normal tshirts, only funny statement/graphic tees; Pretty dressy tops; Summer dresses etctec)  but if I don’t choose properly I’d feel like it’s just a waste of money, buying something just for the sake of buying.

So please…give me back my mojo. Thanks =) Before I have to resort to wearing old clothes for Chinese New Year, that is (I’m sorry, I’m sorry!! I know I should be grateful for what I have cos there are more less fortunate people around, and I am…it’s just that I’m getting desperate. And I’m scared if I get too desperate I’d just buy the first hideous thing I see that I’d only wear once)


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