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I Am Indeed Lucky

I think…I have awesome luck =D Not in the 4D-Toto kinda way but in many other different ways =)

I remember during SPM my Mandarin was undeniably awful and I’d be glad just to scrap an A2 for it. So it was a real surprise when the results were announced. I got my A2 alright, but everyone else whose Mandarin was tons better than mine…as in they represented the school in debating, public speaking and got 90+ in school exams got A2 too. Surely their A2 was a high A2 and mine was one bordering B but yup, an A2’s an A2’s an A2 =D.

A recent case would be all 4 Aussie bound vet science students got approved to go to UQ even though some definitely qualified for say, UniMelb. And yes, I was the worse among the 4 haha. And we all ended up in the same place lol.

Okayy this sounds really lame but yes I do think that I am lucky. Hmm or maybe I’m just justifying my not as awesome achievements compared to my peers. The moral of the story is that we should chillex and not stress ourselves out…or something like that. Cos I was talking to Mum that day about how fellow Ausmat 19-nians study and she said that she knew for sure I’d never study like that cos I’m the happy-go-lucky type that never ‘pia’s, which is true. But I just retorted that they studied like hell, never go out to have lame fun, never eat good stuff etcetc and sure, their results were better than mine but not by like a significant or drastic difference anyway.

Mann I am indeed one of those ‘I Don’t Give A Shit’ kinda person. Sometimes. I did care a whole deal about not going to India haha. Hmm

Now if only my luck would extend to me meeting awesome-hot yet not vain-single but not gay-smart ass but not proud-totally interested in me-guys. This sound weird, but Mum did indeed ask me to ‘look out for nice guys in Uni’. I kid you not. When did I suddenly grow up so much that she feels it’s Ok to ask me to check out potential boyfriends? Haha because I remember not too long ago (read: Form 1) that she forbid me from dating or something like that.

I have an honest, open, we-are-kinda-like-friends relationship with my Mum. I’m lucky like that too.


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  1. * amir says:

    told ya, everything’s gonna end up good. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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