Chero Chero!

To Eat Or Not To Eat

Our family has always ‘lived to eat’ instead of ‘eat to live’. That’s what I think anyway. How else can you explain Ah Kong bringing us to Ipoh just to go on an eating spree? Nga Choi Gai, Hakka Meen, Beer Garden etcetc. Yup, if you asked me about Ipoh, I’d probably know more about the food than what touristy attractions there are. Ipoh’s not the only example- we used to travel quite far for any famous kinda food hehe.

But since going to Shah Alam I’ve admittedly packed on a few pounds (Duh if faced with soooooo many comments from soooo many people then of course have to admit lar hehe) due to a very steady diet of Shah Alam food (read: Mamak, McD, KFC, Malay food)

And once I came back to Penang for the long haul I’m proud to announce that I’ve lost weight =D which many people think it’s weird considering that Penang is a food paradise and all. However, mum’s cooking is definitely so much healthier than my Shah Alam diet hehe and I can control the amout of food I eat at home because for example, in Shah Alam, when you are paying 4,5 bucks for a plate of fried rice, you’d feel wasteful if you don’t finish everything.

However, I’ve been eating a lot again lately due to the presence of many Aunties and Uncles who came back to Penang from outstation. Hence, the degree of being treated haha. Add that to the festivities and you have a recipe for rapid weight gain.

20 Dec: Wedding dinner at Evergreen Laurel

22 Dec: Chinese 8 course at Midlands Court

23 Dec: Dragon-i for lunch and Ah Swee Seafood for dinner

24 Dec: Christmas eve celebration at Uncle Sin Hock’s house…turkey, stuffing, potatoes, spaghetti, barbeque etcetc

Chiakchiakchaik..eek…don’t wanna gain anymore weight but hmmm I guess this can be justified by the fact that I have to cook for myself in Brisbane. STOP! Stop justifying overeating! No more evil thoughts please. Tralalalala


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