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The Clueless Girl’s Guide To Men

Based on my extensive experience with men (ok, I’m lying), here is a list of things men do that we might find weird/ funny/ disgusting. Men in the context of people we’d potentially date, our boyfriends etc and not men as in dads, brothers etc cos it’d be really scary like that

1. Men watch porn. It’s a universal truth. The frequency that they do it is scary. But what’s even scarier is that if they don’t watch porn something is obviously very wrong.

2. The generalised image of women that men find attractive are (for Asians, at least): long hair, big eyes. fair skin, big boobs, acceptable waist-to-hips ratio, long legs. And yes, if all men had their way then everyone of us will become clones of Malibu barbie…the Asian version anyway (Langkawi/ Sentosa Barbie with sunblock? Lol).

3. Men are surprisingly very self-confident. While we may stress about bad-hair-days, ‘Honey, does this dress make me fat?’, non-conformist figures, jiggly arms, slight tummy etc, men don’t. To them, they look awesome. More awesome than awesome in fact. More like super-total-yummylicious-nice booty-I have six packs-I look like a model-I’m hotter than Chace Crawford, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Edward Cullen, Orlando Bloom combined. Yes, even if they are overweight, have six-combined-to-one packs and disgusting yellow teeth.

4. Although women are supposedly liberated now, due to feminism and all that and we’re considered as equals to men in the workforce etc, men still expect women to take care of them. As in like cook for them, clean after them, be their ‘whores in the bedroom, chef in the kitchen and maid everywhere else’. Oh yes, remember how they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? So true.

5. Men don’t like to be discribed as ‘cute’ even though that’s how we always describe guys whom we think are good-looking when we’re with our girlfriends. It’s apparently offensive and connotes that he is still a small boy instead of a manly-man. And yes, nobody hates being labelled as ‘handsome’.

6. Men don’t have heart-to-hearts like girls do. They generally talk crap then touch on an statement like ‘I don’t think she’s right for me’ then revert back to crap. Women, on the other hand, dissect every sentence the boyfriend said on the phone the previous night when he called for a break-up.

7. There are already women F3 drivers but to men, women will always be bad drivers. Oh and we have bad sense of direction too it seems.

8. 90% of guys prefer no hair down there (CLEO September 08). Nuff said.

9. If men get quiet, it doesn’t neccessarily mean they are upset or they have a lot on their mind. Chances are there’s nothing on it.

10. Although we assume that all men like sports, as in even if the closest they get to playing sports in watching ESPN, that’s not generally true. Some men, like most women, don’t understand the purpose of 22 men chasing after a ball (I do! I do!)

We generally accept the quirks of men, just like how they accept our shoe fetishes and shopping addiction. Some women marry their first boyfriend while others treat men like toys and change boyfriends faster than they change clothes (lol I don’t personally know anyone like that hehe) but at some point in our lives, every straight woman will attest that a golden retriever puppy or a box of Belgium chocolates can’t replace men.

Disclaimer: this post isn’t meant to offend anyone from the male species, it is meant to amuse and enlighten..haha I’m just crapping


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