Chero Chero!

Capital OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot believe it!

I just received an email from Miss Chua from IDP saying that JPA have already approved all 4 vet science students to Australia to go to UQ. Figures, UQ has the cheapest tuition fees among the 4 unis.

I’m a tad disappointed cos after realising that my chances to UniMelb are quite slim I completely put all my hopes to USyd. I mean, Sydney’s a cool city and I’m into cities…the hectic lifestyle, the crowds..they suit me. As opposed to serenity and tranquility anyway. I was fairly certain I’d get to go to USyd too.

Bondi beach and Sydney Opera House, I guess I’ll only see you when I go for vacations then.

Winter clothes, what am I to do with you?

I am fairly delusional now.

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

*tries to think positively*

At least Shen and Koo are going to UQ so PWM will still be alive in Australia. And the cost of living is lower so I wouldn’t have to work and I’d be able to save for holidays


At least I get to fly right? At least I don’t have to go to India. Sheesh I’m talking to myself


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  1. * amir says:

    hey… take it positively xiang xiang.. 😉 I’m sure you’d shine anyway.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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