Chero Chero!

This is for You, Pinky Pong <3

I finally know how you felt when I left for Shah Alam last year because now you’re leaving Penang for KL and this time it’s more permanent than ever.

I’m scared…in a way that I’ve never known. What if we lose contact? What if we no longer text each other almost every day? What if we no longer tell each other everything? What if we find new people to share everything with? What if we are so caught up with our new lives that we no longer have time for each other? You know how much I hate saying goodbyes, sentimental cry-baby that I am.

However, I know we have to have faith and this is only life and it’s normal and blablabla (the usual lol)

So babe, this one’s for you =D

The 12 years that we’ve known each other, and counting. First day of Standard 1 in 1K- you were so tall then and I was so short, and it’s still the same now

The burger patties that your mum always made for you to bring to school and ended up being eaten by me

The hugs

The laughter

The tears

The times in your houses- old and new, and mine

The phone calls that went on for hours

The random things we talked about

The boyfriends in our lives and the many more crushes lol

The one lucky dude both of us were interested in and I told you we shouldn’t fight over it cos girlfriends are more important than boyfriends

You were not only a girlfriend, you were and are a Babe

The obsessions we used to have- your’s was Hoobastank, graffiti and Sims 2 and mine was Jet and Simple Plan

The cheesecake that we baked in Form 3 and everybody thought we bought it

My first exposure to eyeliner thanks to you and all the subsequent super long text messages discussing make up techniques

The super long text messages that took such a long time to be fully updated

The changing room moments

The first person I called if anything happened and if I didn’t, you’d call me

The many telepathic moments

The piercings together

The movies together (even the black-and-white Just My Luck)

The times at Prangin Mall, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall

The music we shared

The makan sessions

The pancakes we shared and the many more to come

The same opinions we had on so many things

The weird names we gave each other

The pillow talk sessions

The camwhore sessions

I love you babe! Good luck in everything that you do =D I know you will be awesome in anything that you end up doing


Fancy Pantsy ❤


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  1. * pinkypong says:

    this brings up memories XD perhaps i cant say we’ll live like that forever and ever because nothing is forever lol but one thing is for sure that u’re the best memory and the best childhood friend i ever had
    i couldnt thank u more for the post, for always being there for me and being so caring and loving.

    love u babe ♥

    ps/ omg how many photos u have sumore?? lol

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  2. * dazzlecheryl says:

    hehe awww…hugs
    lol not enough pics lar…especially recent ones…cos you know i dont heng take pictures wad haha..everytime we hang out it’s mostly you who takes them. so i stole a lot from your bloggie lar hehe
    i love you too =D

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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