Chero Chero!

I Was Kidnapped

And brought to Ipoh. To eat nga choi kai at Lou Wong. Period.

Haha thanks to the kidnappers Darren, Alicia and Pinky for not telling me accidentally on purpose that we were still going to Ipoh even after I said I couldn’t go and I innocently assumed that we were gonna eat at Penang.

No pictures cos yea…like I said, I’m not really into taking lotsa lotsa pictures even though I enjoy looking at them after that. Also I was kinda starving by the time we reached Ipoh..haha. Damn…the juicy, tender nga choi kai and the hor fun is making me salivate just typing about it T.T

Thank yewww Darren for belanja-ing and driving super fast so we didn’t take ages to reach lol.

The lengths we go to just for food =P

ps/ Another few more hours to go???? I don’t know whether I can sleep tonight. Wonder if the results are gonna be announced on the 15th or the week commencing it T.T

pps/ I wanna fly!!!! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let me fly!!!! To Aussie not to India. Please. Tolong. Qiu qiu ni. T.T


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  1. * pinkypong says:

    first tiime i heard ppl thanking their kidnappers lol
    had a bit of fun babe… hope to have more soon. ok no travelling XP

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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